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What is basic clothes? We expose myths

Basic clothes - it is the clothes set consisting of neutral things which are a basis for a combination. The owner of clothes can easily combine them with other contents of the case. Roughly speaking, these are such things which can make a nice set with any other things which were extended from a case at random.

If it is jeans or a skirt, then they have to be combined with all shirts, t-shirts and sweaters in clothes, to approach all outerwear. There are three main myths about basic clothes.

Myth the first: one correct option of basic clothes which is suitable for all is. On the Network lists in the spirit of “25 things which each woman has to have in clothes“ are multiplied. It`s not true, just because different people have different styles and different functional requirements to clothes. The clothes of young mother in the decree, naturally, differ from clothes of the working woman, the artist`s clothes - from the lawyer`s clothes, the journalist`s clothes - from clothes of the secretary.

Most often the typical basic clothes are suitable for the woman working at office who does not experience almost any physical activities, she has no need to go long on foot, to move actively. The clothes in classical style go this “spherical in vacuum“ to the woman, it has a figure like “rectangle“ and it possesses high-contrast appearance (black hair and light skin).

The fact that the most part of young users of the Russian-speaking Internet - target audience of these lists - have low-contrast appearance, figure type “pear“ “drops out“ of this picture, are forced to go in public transport and have children. That is often fit into “base“ not really.

In practice basic things are, simplifying, those things which you most often carry. If you on “spirit do not transfer“ jeans or to you there are no skirts - pencils, then in “base“ they also are not necessary to you. It is worth being guided by the fact that you carry daily. If you, in principle, have no business suit or a cocktail dress and you quietly without them live, or you had the last couple of sports shoes at even school age, then there is no sense and to buy it.

Myth of the second: in basic clothes. Usually them call black, white and beige, sometimes adding gray to this list. However these colors not all go. It is possible to choose any other light and dark colors which are combined among themselves by the same principle.

For example, instead of black it is possible to take darkly - green, it is dark - blue, is dark - brown, is dark - red, is dark - violet and other colors. Instead of white can approach dairy, light-gray, color of an ivory, light-pink, light-orange, it is white - green, faintly yellow. And also all is possible at once - in that case important only that they were identical on lightness and on a saturation. Colors of identical lightness look absolutely identically on is black - a white photo.

Myth the third: basic clothes always enough. There is an opinion that the girl can buy this conditional above-mentioned list from 25 things and to look always fashionable also variously dressed. Alas, it not absolutely so.

In - the first, from outside often it is visible that a shirt, a skirt or jeans - one if they are one. People around can not pay attention to clothes or, on the contrary, admire its skillful combination, but if the person sets to himself the purpose to create in such a way at others visibility of a large number of different clothes, then it cannot almost be made, having really small clothes. In different “ videos how to carry so many - ways such - a thing and to look every time differently“ very few people notice that usually except the most “central“ thing any more nothing ever repeats - either jewelry, or accessories, or footwear, or other details of an image.

Well, and in - the second, clothes it is banal it wears out and washed off therefore seldom what things will serve long if to carry them daily and often to erase - “analogs“ are necessary.

Therefore, actually, basic clothes and are called - it is only a basis of everything, a link of different interesting things in sets and rescuing from a situation when the case is hammered, and there is nothing to put on.