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How to learn to draw? Whether you Can draw

? You do not hurry to answer negatively - you did not try yet (children`s experiences with a water color and colored pencils it is not counted). Even if you forgot when you last time held a brush in hand, to you quite in power to create the real picture. Look at

on illustrations to this article. They are not exceptional, but whether you can believe that their author of any day did not study at art school? The only lesson during which these pass - pictures were, there was a training on pravopolusharny drawing. Intentionally I do not spread drawings on which worked after training that you estimated the first attempt. In my opinion, for the first time it turned out not bad …

Right and left

to understand that such pravopolusharny drawing, it is necessary to remember some facts from anatomy. All of us know that the human brain has two hemispheres: left answers for abstractly - logical thinking, right - for spatially - figurative. Words and figures, the mathematician and the logician, the speech and the text - all this a prerogative of the left hemisphere whereas the right hemisphere is focused on creativity, imagination, original perception of the world. Agree, it would be healthy if both hemispheres at us were developed equally … by

Unfortunately, at most of adults the left hemisphere is active. Honestly: in everyday life we write much and we speak, often we put and we will read, but we practically think out nothing, we do not compose, we do not invent and especially we do not draw and we do not mold. But our children who did not master either the alphabet, or the multiplication table yet perfectly cope with it.

Why in process of a growing the leading role passes from one hemisphere to another? The matter is that the right hemisphere is necessary for us for knowledge of the world and for definition of the role in it: on each new incentive it develops original response - it is and there is a creativity. The left hemisphere thinks of ready logical chains: if And - B, if B - In … Such scheme is repaid at the solution of sample tasks, however when the speech comes about a non-standard problem - it is necessary to address methods of the right hemisphere.

Complexity is that thinking - extremely power-intensive process (the brain consumes 20% of all calories which get to a human body), and the nature tried suit our body so that we under any circumstances use the least expensive way of action. And if the brain has a choice - to use a template or creative approach, he will always prefer the first option as simpler. Besides, over time we cease to trust the right hemisphere: if there are repeatedly checked decisions - why to generate new?

So, maturing, all of us use the left hemisphere less more - right. And as a result we lose ability to creativity.

Whether it is possible to return this ability? Fortunately and - it is necessary “to stir“ the right hemisphere only. It to make the most effective way - to master new types of activity. It is important that new occupations were, in - the first, quite difficult, and in - the second, physical, but not intellectual. The bicycle, a skateboard, skates, juggling, even knitting by a hook - all this will approach perfectly, and here learning of foreign language - any more is not present (in this case adults “on a habit“ use the left hemisphere).

Drawing - too good option, but drawing pravopolusharny when all conscious and logical is disconnected (we forget about prospect, about “golden ratio“, about Fibonacci`s number and other knowledge to which teach at traditional art schools), and hands work - as it seems to us - in itself.

In all paints

Class in pravopolusharny drawing begins

with the fact that you learn to feel paints - to feel, but not to reflect: what color is better what will approach better … At the same time practically all sense organs are involved: sight (naturally!) touch (in paint it is possible to dip a finger, and it is possible also all hand), hearing (for occupation the light music is selected) … Then you begin to create

- at first simply to put blots on a sheet of paper, then - to paint over it in the different flowers. In passing you master important skill - ability to overstep the bounds. Remember how you usually draw (if, of course, in general you do it): before you the clean sheet of paper lies and you fill it with images, trying not to concern edges - especially if you work with paint. Here all a little differently: your “canvas“ (as a rule, in its role the cardboard acts) fastens to a leaf of the bigger size - a so-called diaper, and it, in turn, lies on the table covered with the newspaper. Thus, you can not hesitate in scope of movements and to go safely beyond edges - not only “canvas“, but also “diaper“. It is not terrible to be soiled in paint - before training polyethylene aprons are given, and hands can and be washed up.

The teacher draws together with you. More precisely, it shows - one behind one - several simple receptions by means of which it is possible to create many interesting compositions, and you try to repeat - but as a result at everyone something special turns out.

One more important skill - overcoming of fear to spoil what already turned out. This fear pursues many beginning artists. To cope with such fear - all the same what to learn not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Drew the sea and the sky? Walk from above brown paint (as it is possible?! - the consciousness protests) - receive the rock or a tree. Well there was a landscape? Put a little brightly - red blots (about horror!) - and here against wild flowers poppies …

Feature of class in pravopolusharny drawing that during it you learn in themselves to resolve a lot of things were already dismissed: to soil, spoil, do much harm - yes even just to choose that paint which you want (for many, by the way, first and it is difficult). It is possible even to put out tongue (and some teachers say that not only it is possible, but also it is necessary). Only one is forbidden - to talk. The left hemisphere does not doze (and the speech is its sphere), and It is necessary to tell or writing though the word - it right there joins and pushes aside right on a background.

From training on drawing each participant usually carries away not only several with own hand created pictures, but also good mood. And activation of the right hemisphere promotes development of creative thinking which, undoubtedly, is useful in many areas of life. Well, and the left hemisphere during such occupation has simply a rest - it is useful too.