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How not to be ruined in the summer? All of us know ten ways of economy

firsthand that the price of any thing or service differs seasonally. Now, in hot summer, I offer you ten most effective ways to cut down expenses in the summer.

1. Purchase of the house, apartment.

In the market of real estate summer - “a dry season“: for some reason all prefer to get apartments either to, or after summer. Since the end of May on the beginning of September of the price both on new, and on secondary real estate strongly fall, and there is an opportunity to buy or rent the dwelling cheaper. The exception is made, of course, by daily rent and seasonal dachas - in the summer in these niches rise in both demand, and the prices is, as a rule, observed.

2. Warm winter clothes. by

It is sure, great ladies know this fact from the bottle up: and other a winter attire it is better to buy fur coats, raincoats, sheepskin coats, fur caps in the summer as the prices of it during “not a season“ can fall nearly to 50%. This law, of course, belongs also to easy summer things which are favorable for buying in the winter.

3. Equipment for winter sports.

Of course to think of New Year`s vacation and ways of their forwarding still rather early, but already now it is worth being bought by such seasonal goods as skis, a snowboard, skates, various equipment and protection. In the summer of the price of similar goods about 60% - and as well as in “land“, and in the Internet - shops fall.

4. Winter car tires.

If you are the proud owner of the car and love the vehicle, then you for certain regularly change rubber - winter on summer and vice versa. Strangely enough, it is favorable to buy both summer, and winter tires in the summer: the goods are in shops much, and there is no demand in the summer for rubber. And discounts, as a rule, reach 30%.

5. Heating devices.

As fans and conditioners in the winter, the household appliances which are popular during one season lose in demand and the price during a season another. Having bought a heater now, it is possible to save up to 30% for its costs.

6. Membership in a gym.

the Real boom of activity fitness - the centers test in the fall and after New Year`s holidays when the fat gathered during rest has an effect. In the summer when it is not necessary to be engaged either any more, or already late, attendance of gyms falls, and institutions such most often try to attract visitors with discounts for the subscription.

7. Tickets, hotels, permits to New Year`s vacation.

Of course to think of it for the present early, but in all airlines and hotels there is an unspoken rule - the order is farther from date of booking, the cheaper there are tickets and numbers. The rule this even not summer, and rather, universal - give couple of winter hours to choose and cheaper to order the permit.

8. Fruit and vegetables.

I Think, here everything is obvious also without excess explanations.

9. Spontaneous purchases.

in the Summer when everything, including your feeling of thrift, are relaxed, we afford much more favor and priyatnost: a campaign on torgovo - to entertainment centers, ice cream in park, sweet to tea. Not to spend all the money for pleasant, but expensive trifles, it is necessary to control itself - going to walk, take light meals and water with itself, to shop to go to a full stomach and with in advance prepared list of purchases.

10. Bicycles, boards, motorcycles.

Even, apparently, on summer sports equipment in the summer discounts - the truth happen, they begin by the end of August. If to walk on sports shops, it is possible to find bicycles, rollers, longborda and other the summer sports equipment at low prices.

11. Beauty shops, sunbeds, massage and SPA.

in the Summer when all go to sunbathe and luxuriate to the sea, popularity the relax - institutions falls a little, and their owners not against to lower the prices of the services. If you did not manage to go to holiday, you will be able quite to arrange yourself rest and within the city - besides, for lower price.

12. Public transport.

Finally can give one more effective way of summer economy: to go on foot! Benefits are incalculable: it both improvement of health, and regular kardio - loadings, and the best acquaintance to the city, and, of course, economy on daily transportation costs.

As you can see, it is possible to save on such imperceptible, at first sight, trifles significantly. Good to you summer!