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Sensibleness or how to live here and now?

Sensibleness are one of the main abilities which allows to change our life and to live here and now, giving understanding of and world around. Honesty with itself - here that conscious life gives, drives deception in illusion first of all ourselves, but not people around. Conscious strong-willed efforts - the main factor capable to change our destiny. Read in article what gives sensibleness how to become conscious and how to come back to a state “Here and now“.


Signs of unconscious life, questions which himself need to set also the recommendation on the way to conscious life:

Unconscious life: I live as everything, not especially thinking of that, to live properly (life will teach everything), as a reference point society in general and those people who surround me acts, as a rule. In professional activity - the main thing that well paid, without listening to itself, without realizing strong and weaknesses, skills and preferences. There is no understanding of meaning of life, the vital purposes are washed away or at all are absent.

Questions: What my desires and the purposes on life. Whether they are imposed by someone: environment, family, friends or society in general. Whether I before myself set the conscious vital purposes and that I do for their implementation. Whether really I want to work by that profession as which I go to study, would answer yourself a question “With what business I was engaged if I had enough money for comfortable existence“. In what meaning of life.

Conscious life: I realize that life experience plays an important role, but that on the way there were less problems and sufferings to learn to pass correctly the hard vital periods and to move in the necessary direction, it is necessary to study how it is correct to live. Seeing results of this or that behavior, it is possible to understand, properly and as it is not necessary to live instead of blindly living as all. I ask the question “In What Meaning of Life“ and that the most important - at understanding and understanding of meaning of life, I try to live as appropriate.

At choice of profession I give an important role to the skills and abilities - in each branch there are no professional shots. If it is not possible to be disaccustomed or go to work in the interesting direction, the person has to have a creative outlet where he could do favorite thing not to feel a dissatisfaction on life. I set before myself the purposes and I make purposeful efforts for their achievement.

Unconscious life: Constantly I follow the tastes of the emotions and desires. Instead of listening to the person concerning the behavior, I try to justify myself, mind revolts, does not recognize the wrongfulness, there is a desire to criticize others, rush to extremes, continuing to prove only the, without accepting that I can be mistaken, trying to depreciate words of other people, without assuming also thought that the interlocutor can be right. Desire everything to control

and then there to squeeze the word that everything was in my opinion, at any cost to prove that I am right, to show the superiority, without turning on the fact that my words can humiliate others. Inability and unwillingness to understand other people and to be indulgent - I try to discover flaws, I condemn others, and for myself I notice nothing bad, or I consider that my shortcomings are not so significant in comparison with people around.

Questions: Whether I realize the feelings in this or that timepoint whether they are subject to me, whether I remember myself at that moment, my actions are how conscious at this time. Especially It should be noted the moments when strongly overflow emotions that moves me at this time that caused rough reaction - arrogance, envy, truth eye colitis. Whether I am free in the actions and reactions to the events, or I act most often spontaneously and unconsciously. Whether I am capable to control the emotions / desires / behavior.

Whether I operate the life or it completely depends on actions of people around in whose hands I as a puppet at whom pull different strings. Whether I am capable to forgive mistakes and shortcomings of other people, or it causes in me a storm of negative emotions which strive to come to light at once. Whether I assume that I can be mistaken whether to recognize capable I the wrongfulness and to listen to people around, or I do not even wish to listen to them, continuing to consider that I am absolutely right.

Conscious life: I realize and I accept that I can express negative emotions - it is part me, suppression of emotions does not lead to anything good, they will corrode me from within and sooner or later they will come to light with a bigger force. On the other hand - I try not to express own emotions tactlessly and roughly, taking feelings of other people into account, restraining when that is demanded by a situation and, without allowing to collect emotions, I share the emotions and experiences with those who can accept them.

Sometimes I can break, but in too time, I try to remain the keen observer, without allowing to plunge into this state, without allowing emotions to get the best and to overflow in the stream. After the wrong behavior I am capable to recognize and realize the wrongfulness, though mind often resists and thinks out thousands of convincing arguments in the protection and thousands of convincing arguments in favor of the fact that others are guilty, but the connivance does not bring to the mind any positive changes in my life.

If some situation causes in me intensity of emotions, resistance or desire to prick another, especially, if it occurs out of the blue, means in me there are qualities of character which resound on the events that pushes me glancing in itself. I understand how hardly sometimes most it is correct to behave therefore I try to be indulgent in relation to people around, but in too time it does not mean that I allow others to do everything that to them will take in head, closing to everything eyes.

Knowledge and ability to adhere to the vital principles and standards which would regulate our life - it is good, but the relations and love stand above any principles. Most often people need neither the truth, nor our morals, first of all they want that they were understood and, showing love, accepted their such what they are, periodically closing eyes to mistakes and shortcomings.

Unconscious life: I do not notice lessons which are sent me by destiny, or I consider at all that there are no lessons of destiny - the world is unfair where one just unfairly were lucky, and me, unvalued the world on advantage, no. I continue to live as lived, is frequent natykayas on the same rake again and again, but I do not notice it. Certain similar situations pursue me on life, but I do not consider that it is some regularity - this mere coincidence of circumstances, continuing to blame for all troubles of others - the government, parents, friends and in general the imperfect world, but only not himself. I live with thoughts that when others begin to change (to improve), and my life will be adjusted, constantly shifting responsibility for the life to others.

Questions: Whether I am attentive in the life whether I what I am taught by life to whether I notice signs which conduct me on life whether I listen to myself and the intuition am capable to realize and accept. Whether there are I in fetters of destiny which holds down me and does not release, keeping in hard conditions, throwing up similar vital problems which disturb me and haunt. Whether I look in myself, applying forces on change of, but not someone another when on my way there are hard situations, or I constantly wait when others begin to improve in the character and behavior. Whether I consider life unfair where the chaos is created and there are no laws of the Universe, or I recognize existence of God, trying to conduct intelligent life, realizing destiny lessons which are directed to improvement of my character and cultivation of love for God.

Conscious life: I am attentive to life, turning the look on these or those things and events around, I begin to realize better in what direction it is necessary to move. When I am pacified on life, trying to treat quietly the events, observing where life conducts me, and in my mind there are correct thoughts - sometimes for this purpose it is enough to stay in silence alone with himself. I learn to listen to myself, though to listen to myself this art which needs to study. In itself there are so much contradictions, temptations and just false signals that it is possible to be mistaken easily.

The destiny conducts me and each of us on life, many events and subtleties of our character are predetermined since the birth, the main thing is to learn to host vital events, to accept the character with all its weak and strengths. Remembering that conscious strong-willed efforts - the main factor capable to change our destiny, along with humility production, I continue to use the efforts on change of the destiny, but I do not forget that on everything will of God. Accepting the fact that everything in the world occurs not casually, it is much easier for me to accept this world, and I am capable to notice destiny lessons thanks to which there is my development.

Each test in my life is a push to development, but at the moments of difficulties it is hard to remember it therefore sometimes I forget about it. But in too time I try to remember every time it. I am responsible for the life, I do not bear any offenses throughout the life, forgiveness - release me if you constantly consider that the problem in others, means a problem in you. It is conscious to live - means to give the account to all the actions, acts, desires and words.

“ For this purpose, who bridled mind, it becomes the best friend, and for this purpose who did not manage it, mind remains the worst enemy “ Bkhagavad - Geeta, 6. 6

Earlier I did not realize fully expression “All answers are in us“. But now I begin to come to this understanding. When we are quiet and balanced when our mind is weakened, we begin to become more attentive to life, in us the correct thoughts, the correct ideas as inspiration begin to be born. As well events which happen to us - speak about something, and sometimes having even looked at events which at first sight seem bad, actually slightly open a lot of positive, it is only necessary to be attentive. In this state the intuition joins and it is higher than any logic as Mother Teresa spoke, the intuition is a dialogue of God with us, that is dialogue of supersoul which is in heart of each living being, with us.

But some people can be slaves to the mind, and the wrong thoughts and desires which to them will seem true can come to their mind. That to avoid it, it is necessary to ennoble the consciousness, sometimes so to speak to recheck from where these thoughts came - mind just can is repaid and drives us in delusion, can these thoughts go from our ego which wishes happiness only to itself. It is necessary to return the mind in a state again and again “Here and now“ that he did not wander and did not lead us and that we owned over it, immersing it in a condition of a pacification. Learn to listen to yourself, I, for example, lately began to listen to the feelings - sometimes want to tell something, and the body drenches with a certain cold, and feel that these words really here are not pertinent, and it is better to keep silent.

And with situations which were described above concerning those feelings which in us arise in response to this or that behavior of surrounding people - try to glance in yourself, it is much more effective, than than to reproach and look for shortcomings of people around. Especially trace any critical spirit - sometimes I notice that when I depreciate someone`s merits, so in me tells envy, or, saying that the person incorrectly behaved, I feel how the arrogance is shown in all the beauty. Heard about when you rise in development of the consciousness, negative thoughts and discussions enter into an unsatisfied state - yes I will not become proud of myself, but I began to watch similar myself. Sometimes, when there is a discussion which is smoothly passing into criticism, at me begins to press in the head, on a body the easy shiver runs, I begin to feel some dissatisfaction, there is a pessimistic spirit and become simply broken. For me it is a strong indication of the fact that similar dialogue has to be complete at what, on that note that that person as if did not arrive, we should not condemn him, also in a similar form.


Is very important to learn to live &ndash here and now; it allows to trace the behavior, the state, the thoughts and feelings, gives ability to receive happiness from the process, and not just from result. The state allows not to live in offenses and disappointments of the past “Here and now“, allows not to live in dreams and dreams of bright future, allows to live in the present, allows to realize fully the actions and to be attentive to life.

Recommendations about return to a state “Here and now“:

Concentrate on the breath. Just begin to monitor the breath, trace each breath and an exhalation, slow down the breath, it is possible to cover eyes if you feel that your mind continues to soar in foreign thoughts. The similar equipment can be practiced in any place - it helps to return our mind to reality. Also, it is possible to practice it daily in the mornings.

Is similar practice when we, sitting in a comfortable position, begin to concentrate on some one point before ourselves - it can be in advance prepared clean sheet with a point in the middle. It is important that even pupils did not move at this time (it is allowed to blink, but do not scratch). Literally 10 - 15 minutes of similar regular exercises will help to calm considerably your mind not only this day, but also in general.

Concentrate on what you do now. Try to be involved in this or that process, completely direct all the attention to some one occupation or business, learning to find happiness in each event, in every moment. If you eat - you do not watch TV if you watch film - plunge there, are busy with some business - be given it.

As an example, it is possible to remember those moments when you listen to music. When it plays at a background, from listening there is no so strong pleasure - plays and plays, it is possible even to pass also the favourite song from which at you goosebumps on a body. And in life happens quite often - when our mind is anxious with other questions and we do not manage to live here and now, we not in forces to receive happiness from in what we are engaged now.

Return the mind from the past. When our mind wanders in the past, he often regrets for the missed opportunities, or carries with himself offenses which you cannot release in any way. Never late to start everything anew, never late to begin to change something in the life, many people become successful sometimes not in 20, not in 30, and even not in 40 years. Instead of living regrets about the past - direct the forces to the present better, do not think of what you cannot change, concentrate on what you can change.

of Offense - if whom they also destroy, then first of all ourselves, it is possible to hold all life offense and rage on some people or events, but it only continues to spoil to us life. Offenses most of all take away mental forces, the offense creates feeling that with me managed unfairly, but a karma - as the letter which we sent to ourselves. Abandon the role of the victim offended on destiny, you do not blame other people for the troubles, you should not play on pity of people to you, wonder better that was made by you that your life became better. Otherwise, so far you will be dto erzhatsya for old offenses, life, most likely, will not change to the best.

Return the mind from the future. When our mind wanders in the future, it often flies in clouds, in dreams of the sweet future, waiting for when everything suddenly changes, or on the contrary - it is pursued by excessive alarm about what will be therefore there are experiences and disorders. Dreams of bright future are good when they are supported with the action plan and efforts for its implementation, otherwise it can not come, continuing to expect from the sea of weather. But in too time we should not forget that on everything will of God, not all our desires are fated to come true, but as speak “God gives sometimes to us not that we want, and the fact that it is actually necessary for us“.

As for alarm for the future - that somewhat it is necessary, but it should not reach yes paranoia when you begin to worry in each occasion, building in the right mind again and again a negative outcome of events. Try to remember after a while how many from this bad that your mind built, came true actually, and you will see that this percent will make no more than 5 - 10%, the rest only our rough imaginations caused first of all by disbelief in God. Yes, fear for the future - absence of faith in God, desire everything means to control is an absence of faith in God, we have to it no trust. To live here and now, direct forces in the present and trust in God, weaken the attachment to those objects about which you worry - it is, as a rule, only egoistical attachment which causes in us pain.

Realize the thoughts. Pay attention to the thoughts as an example when you stand on a stop. You quite often mentally attract the bus, complaining of where this left unfinished bus driver goes, from - for whom you are not in time on an important meeting. Or when you go by the bus, mentally being somewhere there, but only not here and now. Begin to trace the thoughts, observe yourself, and at the same time try to come back to a state “Here and now“, straighten out yourself. It is extremely hardly simple to be disconnected, all the same these or those thoughts therefore try to occupy it with something useful at least will continue to visit our mind. I, for example, always when on the way, I listen to audio of lecture - 90% of knowledge of how it is correct to live, I gathered from these lectures at what, similar activity does not take away minutes of an extra time in addition considerably changes our life.

Realize the actions. About it it was much told at the beginning of the article - to realize and to soberly estimate the actions time extremely hardly, emotions sometimes overflow so that you do not realize that you do, and mind gets up it that sometimes there are no chances to see the wrong behavior in themselves and something light and good in other people. It is necessary to learn to live here and now to realize the actions to give the report to this or that our behavior. Try to look in yourself, trace the state, the feelings that moves you in response to this or that behavior of surrounding people. Become

the simple observer. Try to enter a condition of the bezotsenochny observer, calm the mind, plunge into a state “Here and now“, watch the events which are taking place around, try to reject all foreign thoughts, having concentrated on the present, slow down the mind and feel this state, experience the real timepoint in all its paints and details.

the Parable “the Dzensky monk and a tiger“ of

Went the monk on a footpath in the wood. Suddenly, the huge tiger pursued it. The monk started running away from him and jumped in the gorge. Slides on a slope and sees that in the bottom of it other tiger waits. What to do? The monk caught thin twigs of the bush growing on the rock, and hung over an abyss. But its misfortunes did not come to an end: two small mice - one white, other black began to podgryzat branches which it held. Absolutely the monk became sad. And suddenly saw how on the rock, directly before his nose, berry - wild strawberry grows. He gave a hand and began to eat it. And to what berry is tasty - the monk told, having forgotten about all troubles!

This fine Taoist parable about art of life, about ability to be in a state “Here and now“. Reflect, time passes directly through you, the only thing real that you have - it is this timepoint, here, on this place.

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