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How to prepare a sour-milk holodnik on - Polish? Your rescue in the hot summer of

For me Poland - as that elbow. Here it, is close. A … In any way! You will not bite it.

Still the pioneer sent me few times to the aunt - the elder ottsovy sister, to Volhynia. The city in which she then lived - Novovolynsk stood on the most Polish border. Well, not absolutely so that she from our window was visible, but …

But the ordinary Soviet TV, on the most ordinary, store room antenna with two shtyrevy horns without what noise and dust (absolutely quietly!) took both Warsaw, and Krakow. Which, themselves, the Polish movies showed. You remember? “Four tankmen and a dog“, “The Italian in Warsaw“, “The rate, is more than life“. Well … Which about the captain Klos. There still the password was - “The Slavic case is not necessary to you?“. Such movies! Itself when they went, us with local boys, was not to tear off from the TV.

Naturally … Naturally, the Polish television conducted the transfers in language, native for it. Only, Volhynia … Same former East Cress! The territory which till 1939 was a part of the Second Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. And language there, though Ukrainian, but very very different from on what talk at us, in the south of Russia, in the Ukrainian villages. Polonizmov in is mute quite a lot. Also I picked up them from local boys.

Generally, the first, second movie or a series - it is heavy. But as you watch usually not one, - will help, will prompt, will translate. And to the third, fourth series itself also you begin to get the idea slowly.

From there, from Volhynia, at me and small knowledge of Polish. To talk I do not talk, but to understand about what these are characters of the movie, or to read half-pages, a page - I will be able. Also got to me the other day retseptik. Polish sour-milk holodnik. I also caught it.

In - the first, the heat is not going to fall down somehow. And on weather a holodnik - most - that.

In - the second, shaltiborshchay whom I nearly bucket pan prepared, it is already eaten. Of course, it would be possible and to repeat. Only … I repeated already! Probably, time to somehow diversify the menu approached. And here, let and same cold soup, but … Another! However, the last, it already - in - the third.

The matter is that in a compounding of a holodnik, as well as in a shaltiborshchaa, there is a beet. But! It prepares absolutely differently. If in the Lithuanian cold soup we needed beet and we cooked it so that all taste remained in a root crop, then for the Polish holodnik beet broth is necessary. And have to pass all delicacies from the beet into it. Therefore also technology of its preparation for the first and second course differ cardinally. If for shaltiborshchy we before cooking only washed a root crop (and that, accurately, that - God forbid! - not to damage a thin skin), for the Polish holodnik not only we clean, but also we cut straws.

Considering these features of the Polish dish, I was also engaged in it. Directly since the morning. Before a breakfast cleaned beet, cut it with straws. Filled in in a pan of water slightly more than a liter with it, poured in it in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Prisolil, added a sugar half-teaspoon, brought liquid to boiling. Lowered fire to small, covered a pan and … Was engaged in a breakfast.

So far that yes syo though collecting was also short, but managed to cook beet. I disconnected fire under a pan and left on a plate. Let cools down.

During the lunchtime rode from work … Poured the cooled-down broth in a one-liter jar (the part of water everything is evaporated when cooking) and put it in the refrigerator. Drew a pike perch whom since evening cleaned and removed to it gills, cut on pieces, put in the saucepan suitable by the size, threw to it there into the company the cleared onion, about ten peas of black pepper, filled in with cold water and put to cook. And near a saucepan attached still a cup. With three eggs. Too let cook.

Well, and I also will manage to have dinner. Ormanshagsky stuffed cabbage with stewed sauerkraut. Has dinner, washed for itself the dishes. Eggs - are already ready. I them am under cold water. Let cool down. And itself got couple of average cucumbers from the refrigerator meanwhile, cut off at them tips, rubbed on a large grater and already here in it, a grated look - in glass capacity and - back in the refrigerator. There - and eggs, previously having pulled out them from water and having dried a little.

So far pottered with a lunch, eggs, cucumbers, and the pike perch cooked. I under it disconnected fire and left to cool down on a plate. And - again for work.

In the evening, on the way home, dropped into shop, bought gram 200 buzheninka, curdled milk liter, packing of sour cream and good, pleasant, a bunch of the most different greens. Fennel, parsley, green onions - a feather.

And as got home … A pike perch sorted, separated pulp from bones and … And as began to cut to pieces everything - to crumble … On the smallest pieces! I crumble and - in a pan. I crumble and - in a pan. Pike perch, boiled pork, egg, greens. And the cucumber grated added then to all of them. And for a while away set aside a pan.

Took other capacity. Poured in it 2/3 from standard packing of sour cream. It turned out gram 300. Shook up them a nimbus. Slowly, continuing to shake up sour cream, added to it all curdled milk. Prisolil, poured in beet broth, again used a nimbus. And how he made the business, poured out the liquid painted pinkish in a pan where everything already lies it is crumbled - pokromsanny. Mixed contents, covered and - in the refrigerator. Let it will stand there, will become impregnated with tastes from all products and different liquids. So that they became not in itself, and together - a whole. Well, and cold weather additional was gathered. And after it …

Can and be spilled on plates. To take spoons in hand. There is them a sour-milk holodnik on - Polish and to remember that taste that he at shaltiborshchy was. To compare: probably - no? Here only I am not sure that it will turn out at you. I am afraid how the first spoon of a holodnik will get into a mouth, and you will forget about everything. All the rest, besides it. A sour-milk holodnik on - Polish.


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