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How cheap spoons nearly became “gold“? From the cycle “Shuttle Baizes from Karpov“

this Sunday to be engaged we in Istanbul since morning absolutely have nothing. Yesterday Muzafer, the owner of shop where we stock up on crystal chandeliers, declared to us that it will come only after a lunch, put at it some were therefore we should collect chandeliers till the dead of night.

Assembly of such chandeliers - business very troublesome and long and as we to the return departure have no other occupations, Istanbul already bothered, money there is no wish to be unsteady without any sense on shops, is not present, all are spent for chandeliers, we also decided to collect a set of suspension brackets and chains here especially as Muzo very much dexterously does it, and does not take money for assembly. In general he says that he sells chandeliers assembled and does a discount to us not for the fact that we in unassembled form take their, and for the volume of purchases. Even the favourite introduction is available for Muzo - “wholesale cheaper“, he inserts it everywhere so bothered already. And chandeliers we take much, pieces on fifty every time from Istanbul we carry, it is exactly so much how many we can drag in the plane.

Well it is fine, good even that morning was released, for a long time we wanted to look at a Sunday Turkish market. There is such “big“ gathering of small producers of clothes and any economic trifle here. There you will not meet Russians, trade for liras, in general not interesting, but nevertheless entertainment. Aleshka, my absolutely young workmate, also began to stick:

- Anatoly Ilyich, give we on this market we descend, to me the wife of any nonsense for the house charged to buy. Where here to look for it - I do not know, and on a market it, maybe, and is.

To go to a market of minutes twenty, weather good, we also relaxed. Of the people on streets it is full, and we go, loudly discussing our plans in pure Russian. Here this way that is recommended to act not really - you never know into whom it is possible to run, but I repeat - we relaxed very much, here and lost vigilance.

We reached a market, all as usual - noise, hubbub, a crowd, Turks - the people east, at them it turns out even more loudly, than at us, it is possible to become deaf. We wander between ranks, we consider everything, they some trade in nonsense, often it is impossible to understand for what all this. But they have orders, customs and habits so such small things, probably, in economy are required to them.

Suddenly Leshka speaks:

- Anatoly Ilyich, and give we to yourself we will take a set of teaspoons in office, and that our big very much, them in the Turkish glasses it is inconvenient to stir.

We brought these glasses which in Turkish are called “mess“ long ago and very much we like to drink from them tea, it is possible to drink the whole days on a draft as it is Turks do, here and we conceived a liking too. And to mix in them our spoons really inconveniently.

I looked - on one of wooden folding tables the whole mountain of cardboard boxes with small such spoons tea, just right for these “messes“ adapted lies. Here I in a pocket breast climb and 20 - the dollar note just in case postponed, I get, I give Aleshke`s box, and itself delivery I wait when her Turk in dollars at all the neighbors ponabert, for lira to us to anything. Minutes five he on ranks ran and I kiss a heap 1 - dollar notes dragged. I counted them for form`s sake and thrust into a pocket back, and clasped a button.

Only we departed from a table and appeared in the crowd as I hear behind, with characteristic such accent, someone addresses me:

- Slyushay daragy, you give this money to me now.

I turn around, there is behind me a young guy in a black leather jacket with characteristic such appearance, of them on the Istanbul streets full - was full, they directly at all on a look plundered the Russian tourists. Two will approach so - three, will drive into the corner, on pockets will walk, money what will find will remove and in crowd will be dissolved. Every day somebody complained of this lawlessness. The Turkish authorities it did not disturb, and here got us, and very much even. You know how it is unpleasant to go all the time in tension therefore we tried on the street loudly in Russian not to communicate that it is dashing not to predict, and here it is necessary, relaxed.

There are I, being silent the head extensively I twist, and it continues:

- Do not look out for police, it is lured by us, do not make noise, cops will come running and at you will find a bag of a poroshochok in a pocket. You do not know what term in Turkey for it is given, learn quickly. So undo a button, get money and give me. The boy has no money, on a muzzle it is visible, he with what greed on rich looks, too hardly still are available for you, and these give, they it is more necessary to me, than you. You - that still will earn, and me where to take as not at you, - and he meanly so laughed.

Most of all I was afraid that he will search me. At me in trousers from within the big pocket was attached, and in it 6000 dollars lay, the rest which we had to give to Muzafer for goods. By agreement, on arrival we gave a half to it, and the second - in the last day. This day also came today, so I foolishly and by the laziness, hotel took away all money from the safe and with myself took, the shop lyustrovy near this market is that idle to go, I thought, here and it was reached.

I looked back, but noticed only two children identical, very much even similar to my vis-a-vis, at least, black leather jackets precisely in one place were bought from them. Probably, his brothers - it was thought to me. One of them smiled to me and is so friendly that even distorted me, at the same time it twisted a finger that means give somewhat quicker that you pull, all the same it is necessary to make as we demand.

I with such sigh undid a button and got this filthy pack of pieces of paper that these guys had to have only one desire to leave, without having taken these real pennies, but they took away them and disappeared as a heavy dream or vision.

Through ten minutes we together with Muzo already removed heavy veils from shop-fronts, then to two o`clock in the morning collected crystal in the poured snakes, or in the large suspension brackets consisting of the raznorazmerny sparkling details. There was no wish to remember what occurred on a market at all.

There passed two days, and here in the morning the secretary brought in our office a subnose with nice glass glasses. Leshka got a cardboard box from a bag and, is thoughtful looking at it, said:

- Expensive, however, spoons turned out.

I kept silent, but thought: “It is good that did not search, and that gold these spoons could become“.