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How I rushed in the airport on rotten “kopek“? From the cycle “Shuttle Baizes from Karpov“

at the beginning of the dashing nineties in the Vnukovsky airport from where shuttle flight to Istanbul flew, I usually went on old, decayed almost to the basis and continuously threatening to be scattered on the road, but in all the rest trouble-free and reliable Zhiguli the first model, in the people called “kopek“. Such choice was caused only and in this regard, naturally, by the main reason: on three or four days it was necessary to leave the car directly on the street, no paid parking existed yet.

However, sometimes to me it was possible to attach it on the covered area where had the right to put the iron horses only members of crews for the period of flights. But it was not guaranteed at all. Here it was also necessary, that though somehow to secure themselves against any bad people whom at that time divorced, to tell what is nothing much to tell to drive such car which if attracts attention, then only awful appearance.

It becomes is a pity for the owner of it, if one may say so, vehicles: the beggar, probably, and picked up the car on a garbage can - here what thought first of all comes to the normal person to mind. I even left a zapaska at home in the beginning, but after the first puncture of a wheel refused it. Found somewhere in garage absolutely bald tire, the rusty disk and this good placed into place, justly intended for a spare wheel. Removed brushes together with leads and under a rag on a floor behind placed, and that it is necessary to go to bad weather, and the windshield even could not be cleaned. Life was strange in those days, but at the same time interesting some, not only day per day had no, and each hour some surprise waited for all of us.

And so, I rush somehow to Vnukovo, I am afraid to be late to instructing of the senior groups which every time before a departure at nine in the morning is carried out, nothing new is told, but the order is an order. On the right side before MKAD a post of GAI glass such stood on the departure from Moscow. Usually nobody on me turned attention, they tried to discover only loaded vehicles that some to take money for illegal transportation of goods, and here it is boring, possible, it was, and stopped me. I jumped out of the car, and the GAI officer slowly so, a stick poigryvy, approaches me and speaks:

- Dear, as you to drive such rotten car - that you can?

- Companion lieutenant, - I answer, - another, probably, now until the end of life I will not earn, and now here it is necessary mother old to Vnukovo to meet, by bus which once an hour goes will not carry it. And the car I already agreed on recooking of a body to give, but it only in a month will be, the master so told, he is busy now very much.

- Here in a month also you will go to meet mother, - it even copied my lisping, will tell nothing, it is dexterous at it it turned out. - Nearly every week here you ride, and everything you cannot meet mother, perhaps, in any way? On a post come, companion driver.

It was necessary to obey. Climbed a short flight of stairs, two in shape sit there, the reek of alcohol bears, my gentle nose nearly died on the spot.

- So, rooms should be had, - stretched one, made a pause such significant, and then addressed the workmate. - Wan, take the tool, walk.

- How many? - I asked, having understood that want from me.

- Well, you so directly want to bribe us? - asks with curiosity and interest one, that who Vanya was named.

- No, of course, just I want to help people who since morning in a mouth had no poppy dewdrop, and notice, quite voluntarily, without any coercion.

- Well and where this voluntary your help? Show.

I got three rubles.

- Wan, you are the tool - took that what you pull?

I added one more three.

- Wan, well you go, you see, the person waits, inconveniently somehow it turns out.

It was necessary to get one more same piece of paper.

- Wan, look, the person competent got, understood that two pieces of paper for three do not share, - and almost in a voice both literally began to neigh.

On instructing I was in time, however, for this purpose it was necessary to exceed the high-speed mode considerably. But my offenders gave the charter of immunity to me, so they called that piece of paper on which they wrote only one word it “is POSSIBLE“ - quite so, capital letters, and put some flourish. It is a pity that nobody stopped me, I could not check force of this “diploma“.