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As if to me to visit my mother?

June, 1986. At 10 in the morning big meeting of the furriers who arrived to Moscow from all countries of the socialist commonwealth had to begin. I was responsible for the organizational party of this meeting therefore of affairs it was full, as always, something went not absolutely and it was necessary to take measures urgently. to

Approaches me one person, obviously not ours: the I, in - the first, all know, and in - the second, is felt at once, I do not even know why that it is the foreigner.

- Forgive, sir Vladimir, I was told that it is necessary to address you.

Russian is good, but the accent is present, is more senior than me for about five years, ôsirô says the address that it either from Poland, or from Czechoslovakia arrived to us:

- I listen to you, - I answer.

- My name is Krzysztof Veselovsky, I was born in 1940, - it is necessary, was mistaken, is only three years more senior, I thought, - in a small small village in the territory of Belarus, parents my Poles on a nationality, so I am Pole too. War came to an end, your troops released us, but so happened that mother remained where we lived, and Germans took me and took away. I got on the West to a concentration camp for such here malyshn, then Americans got out us of camp. I on - Polish well spoke, here me one Polish family also was given, and those wanted to return home and achieved that we moved to Lodz. I learned that I am an adopted son very late, before the death my foster mother told me about it. When they arrived to camp for displaced persons me to take away, I decided that it is my parents the presents found for me, and they also did not deny it absolutely. I began to look for my real relatives, long it and very hard everything occurred, but here last year I in the area of the Red cross was told that my mother lives in the territory of Lithuania now, our village for some reason to Lithuania departed, well in it there is nothing terrible. I work as the director of shoe factory, here and asked on this meeting that to see mother. To me even business trip five days bigger was written out, and tickets for a way back at me too later, than at all, taken. Yesterday wanted to buy the ticket to Vilnius, and did not sell to me, speak, the visa only to Moscow is open. Help.

What in that case to do, I did not know at all, but noticed the chief of Technical management of Light Industry Ministry and approached it:

- Alexey Ivanovich, what can be made in that case?

It as the skilled bureaucrat right there hurried to transport me further:

- You see, the deputy minister on foreign economic relations costs, he is Lithuanian, he knows best.

And then, already more quietly, addressed only me:

- You do not climb there, let the Pole will try one, well it will not turn out, then you should work.

I and made, taught all sir Krzysztof and to the deputy minister and directed. I stand, I pretend that in other party I look, and itself is not present and I mow with an eye in their party. I see, the sir points to me, oh, in vain he made it, I do not know, than it is possible to help him. And itself already as attached for a long lead to the high administration I am tightened.

- I OVIR`A will sign the letter addressed to the chief, well, and you should run about.

I rushed off to look for how this chief is called and at the same time to think that to write - that?

Ran in technical management, to the head of department it was put, left an office - both the letter is written, and necessary two visas stand, accurately and quickly I worked, itself is happy.

Further everything began very much and very boringly, tiresomely and slowly. Continuous expectations. Hour stayed in one chair, spent minute in an office, at other door spent two hours, and in that office that it was behind a door at which I sat, for only three minutes was late. But though with advantage: got couple of autographs under the wide signature of the deputy minister. Three days I ran on Main Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow, and achieved only the instruction to admit to regional OVIR to production and to consider in essence.

The second circle of my wanderings on bureaucratic ladders began. The international meeting in our ministry was closed at 16 o`clock, there had to be a reception on behalf of the Minister further, here on this reception I also was with documents which allowed Krzysztof Veselovsky to arrive to Vilnius, for four days to go to such - that the settlement, to return to Vilnius, to leave for Moscow which to leave according to in advance coordinated route. At the same time all movements have to pass across the country of the citizen of Poland born in the USSR under supervision of a vigilant eye of the relevant organization.

And so tell me: the fact that we from this gold cage escaped, it for the good to all of us or.?