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You sometime went by the present to a rickshaw?

This history happened to us on a trip across India which was, it is terrible to remember, in 1988. The trip began in Calcutta, and only in this city you can still have the same feelings which we had. We were placed by

in magnificent, one of the hotels, best in the city. It should be noted that everything on this trip was from the category as it is now told, the VIP, and the fact that “All Inclusive“ is called, was without any eases true “All inclusive“. However tourists of cash had one difference, namely almost total absence.

To us handed out twenty rubles on the person in the Indian currency - the whole pack of the multi-colored pieces of paper punched by a puncher. Was money much or not, I still do not know. Was enough for souvenirs and beer Indian somewhere at excursion drank, for service on the All inclusive system of this quantity was enough for all.

In Calcutta at us was given a little free time, and the guide advised us to go behind souvenirs to the market. He told what should be passed on a straight line of meters 100, to sit down on a rickshaw, to tell him the magic word which of memory now at all evaporated and he will take you to the market, will wait and will return back on the same place where you sat down on it.

Rickshaws, namely two-wheeled carts for transportation of people so are called, on that platform there was a set. They were not motorized, and usual, with a rickshaw as draft force. Having seen the white person, they threw the carts and, parting forcibly each other, rushed to us. Aside there was a person elderly already who it is somehow indifferent, without paying attention to all this bacchanalia, silently looked at us.

Imagine our reaction - thought that it is possible to get on the cart to which the living person will be put, literally killed, but to see at the same time such eyes and it was necessary to react. If to add to it that I will read creativity of the Nobel Prize laureate (1936) American writer Pearl Buck who wrote the fine novel “Earth“ about rickshaw life, however, in China, but it does not change business, rickshaw life in any country at that world`s end is life of a rickshaw, and so our reaction was programmed.

We felt sorry for this person, and I beckoned him a finger. All shouts and gestures around us instantly abated, the white person made the choice why to spend precious energy especially as on the street it was not cool, now it seems to me that degrees about 35.

We got on soft pillows, nestled there, having corrected the rag peak tense on thick a wire that though to disappear a little from the exhausting sun, a rickshaw lifted shafts seized them and ran - where and why, it was not clear to us at all, we did not tell it where it is necessary for us. But he ran evenly, without pulling the vehicle on which we poluvozlezhat, and to our amazement, brought us on the market.

There in the market it was also noisy, but hubbub which stood there was some deaf and almost monophonic as though somebody the huge size howled by the deep speaking hoarsely voice. In narrow ranks nobody grabbed us hand, all as if became silent in our environment and silently looked at us, from time to time being scratched. It was terrible, but we were afraid not of these people, they - that just could not pose any threat, but here those who live at them on the head or on a body, - these insects, only one thought is more right that they can be found there, caused loathing.

Without having bought anything, we shamefully retired, understanding that, probably, nothing terrible can occur, other white people go, choose something, buy something, but we could not overcome the weakness, generally, we returned to ours to a rickshaw. The driver stood in the same pose in which we left him, shafts of the cart lay on the earth, he looked somewhere aside, but once we approached closer, he started as though noticed us lateral sight, and turned the cart so that it was convenient to us to get up on it.

This time we called our hotel, it could not be done at all, but nobody warned us that rickshaws cannot call hotels where there live white people. Having waited when we accept the most comfortable position, a rickshaw lifted shafts and again ran. Through ten minutes it reached that platform where other rickshaws still crowded, but did not stop, and turned on the left and continued the way towards the hotel which seemed over trees.

Through ten meters the police officer standing on the sidewalk in a faultless snow-white form sharply told something, brought our driver honor in a stupor. He did not begin to explain anything, and was sharply developed, reached the parking, turned to the right, the whole quarter rushed and again curtailed to the right. He decided to reach our hotel on the other hand, I thought. The roof of hotel arose in the distance again, and our cart roared on the uneven road. But here nearly the same police officer, at least, appeared the whiteness of his form was not worse than the fact that blocked us a way earlier. Again the sharp word, again a sharp turn, so sharp that we nearly fell down the earth, and again run around hotel. It became clear that there we on a rickshaw will not be let, but how to explain it to him?

We tried to stop it, but it was not the person, it was the real robot programmed on achievement of the purpose - it has to bring us to hotel, and all here. Still few times there were police officers, one sharp word - and a rickshaw, as got, did sharp turn and again ran. He absolutely grew weak, to him - that, probably, appear, that he runs quickly, and actually he hardly - hardly moved legs. At last, when it for an instant stopped to take breath, I managed to jump off from the cart and to rise before it.

It was a pity to look at a rickshaw, sweat streamed on his worn-out face, and from eyes tears flew. He understood that he could not execute the order of the white person and will be punished for it, but decided to transfer it stoically. I helped the wife to get out of the vehicle, we, not long deliberating, gave to a rickshaw nearly a half of that money which we had, and, without looking back and trying not to listen to those exclamations which sounded to us following, a fast pace went to hotel. To us was very much and it is very a shame...