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How I became the fan of “Spartak“? Remembering Vadim Sinyavsky of

This history occurred more than 65 years ago when my father served as a military representative at big aluminum plant in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky in Sverdlovsk region. In our apartment there was radio. For those times it was very big rarity. Is not present

, in the form of a big black plate all had loud-speakers almost, but there transferred only one program. And here we had the real radio receiver, and it was possible if very much to try, catch many various stations.

It was such box with round handles. If to twist these handles quietly (only very carefully and slowly - if quickly, nothing turns out), music will play or someone will begin to say as though behind a wall: to speak speaks, but it is not visible who. I liked to twist handles, to listen to songs or someone`s talk, and once listened even to the fairy tale.

And here is how - that I on a habit twisted the handle, very much - is very accurate, and suddenly even jumped aside from radio. From there the loud voice which very quickly, but it is very accurate, each word is clear reached, told something well absolutely unclear. I even laughed, it was so interesting that this voice told. It was approximately so:

- Beskov passes a ball to the right, but is not present, is slightly inexact, and here a ball at Simonyan. Blow, Homich, as always, on the place. Quickly enters a ball into game ….

I could not understand what is it. But listened with a sinking heart. Very often the name of Spartak sounded for some reason, but it was a leader of slaves, I read the book about revolt of slaves recently and about Spartak why the voice often repeats his name? Same was long ago, and the voice speaks as if it occurs now.

Transfer went very long, there was even a break when music played and sang songs. But I knew that it is a break, the voice told it, and I did not twist the handle, was afraid that I will not find any more and I will not hear this beautiful voice which tells such interesting stories. The father came from work, listened and told:

- What, Vova, interestingly?

- Very much. And what is it?

is a football reporting. The commentator conducts, his surname Sinyavsky, and play “Spartak“ and “Dynamo“.

I, of course, did not understand what is “reporting“ and “comments“, but did not begin to ask again, thought that I will understand. But did not ask because this “reporting“ did not end also the uncle`s voice with a surname, ridiculous for me, yet - Sinyavsky, still sounded.

What is soccer, I, of course, knew, we in the yard often played a rag ball, and even we had gate from two sticks thrust to the earth. But that adult uncles played and spoke about it on radio, I, of course, even could not imagine. But it turned out that the reporting which I incidentally caught on that not perfect radio receiver was kept by my most favourite commentator Vadim Sinyavsky. The TV was not and it was necessary to tell so that listeners could imagine the picture of the real moment. And only he could make it is Vadim Sinyavsky. And so, this reporting made me for the rest of life the fan of Moscow “Spartak“.

Who such was Sinyavsky? The Soviet journalist, the country`s first radio commentator and the author of the first football reporting on television in 1951. It began the activity of the sportscaster in 1929 when it created and conducted the first gymnastic class on All-Union radio. On May 26 the same year he carried out the first sports reporting from a football match of national teams of Moscow and Ukraine on the Soviet radio. The first reporting on the international football duel between national teams of the USSR and Turkey which took place in 1935 was kept, naturally, too by Vadim Sinyavsky.

After end of the reporting which Sinyavsky kept with the Red Square where historical parade took place on November 7, 1941 he left on the front, was seriously injured, lost an eye, but returned to a system. For the radio reporting from the besieged Stalingrad in November, 1942 reykhministr promotion of fascist Germany Goebbels entered Sinyavsky in the list of the personal enemies. But, despite it, at the end of January, 1943 Sinyavsky kept the reporting from the cellar of Stalingrad city department store at the time of capture of the commander of the crushed fascist group of the field marshal Paulyus. Sinyavsky carried out the reporting and from the burning tank which conducted a battle on the Kursk arch.

Whether it is necessary to speak about that, as the reporting with legendary Victory Day parade from Red Square was also kept on July 24, 1945 by the major Vadim Sinyavsky.

In 1944 when Sinyavsky incidentally appeared in Moscow as the military unit in which he served, going to Baltic for liberation of Kaunas, passed through the capital, he managed to carry out the first in war football reporting - there was a final of the Cup of the USSR, and on all-Union radio its voice sounded: “Moscow speaks. Our microphones are installed at the central stadium “Dynamo“.

All Sinyavsky carried out more than one thousand football reportings, the figure impresses in itself.

Probably, not superfluous will be to notice that anyone hear Vadim Stanislavovich`s voice, unique with easy hoarseness, can make easily it, having watched remarkable Soviet animated films: “A silent glade“ (1946), “Champion“ (1948), “Who the first?“ (1950), “Time machine“ (1967). All them was sounded by Vadim Sinyavsky.

Vadim Svyatoslavovich Sinyavsky died on July 3, 1972, it is buried on the Don cemetery.