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The librarian is a profession or a thoughtway?

That working day came to the end for me unusually Everything from - for sudden a call of my beloved girlfriend Vera which distracted me from the delightful world of statistics, reports and plans. Vera convinced me to interrupt the concentrated analysis of documents and to rush urgently on a meeting with it in new restaurant on the Embankment to note the long-awaited end of its repair and still something mysterious... It is interesting what she meant? However, it is not so important, we did not see each other so long ago and, at last, we will have a good long talk much As is remarkable

here: fresh air, youth walks in an embrace, flowers!. Here white spike of the necessary restaurant! I rise by the third floor, I ask the waiter to show our little table. I study the menu, and then pensively I look round: river trams run on the river, on the right side a monument to Mikhail Sholokhov, at the left a monument to Maxim Gorky. The epic picture

Ya suddenly thought that my attentive girlfriend chose this day and the place is not casual: the other day exactly 25 years as I began to work as the librarian were executed. On hours exactly seven. I do the order, I call Vera.

- Well, you soon? I already made the order, I wait for you.

- Tanechka, the chief asked to take away sketches. Forgive me, I will a little be late - do not take offense, sit, have a rest. It will be boring - call to

There now. To leave it will not turn out, made the order, I will not upset the waiter. He so lovely smiled, at him will subtract my order from a salary. I will remain: can, it will quickly finish affairs and will arrive. Sipping cocktail which to me was brought very quickly, I with affection was lost in contemplation of the kid sending pigeons. From this lovely picture I was distracted by a man`s voice.

- Girl, you one? I can sit down by you? All little tables are occupied, and I so wanted to drink coffee... If I do not prevent you, then I can keep the company.

Yes, without exaggeration - everything is occupied. He intends to get acquainted or really wants some coffee - can, houses of coffee ended or the coffee maker broke? While I doubted, the man smiled and resolutely sat down on a sofa opposite to me, having regarded silence as a consent. The waiter brought it the menu.

- May I introduce myself: Dmitry. Whether it is possible to learn your name? Why such beautiful woman whiles away evening alone?! To you it is sad? You miss?

- You asked so many questions No, I do not miss, I admire a view and I wait for the girlfriend. And call me Tatyana as - having smiled, I decided not to specify.

- You look magnificently! What are you engaged in? Probably, you have the business

Do not, you did not guess. I am a librarian!

- Cannot be! The librarian is an old maid a wearing spectacles and gray dressing gown And here the name Your very much is pleasant to me and I understood what literary heroine you meant of

- Yes, and your name causes associations in me

- I Understand and I am proud of the of the namesake in honor of which the fortress on which place our remarkable city is built was called. But give from legends of old times deep we will return to modern librarians? I am sincerely intrigued

phone Suddenly rang out. I was delighted: probably, Vera already nearby. But it was one of my employees, the young and direct, Tayechka.

- Tatyana Kasimovna, I can come a bit earlier tomorrow? You showed me how to shtrikhkodirovat books. It is possible I will graduate from new party of books independently and I will fix ability?

Oh as she reminds me in youth! When I came to work to library, too tried to grab everything, attentively listened to councils of the senior colleagues, absorbed knowledge as a sponge. Now itself turned into factory on production of cool shots. After a year of work with me the purposeful employee can quite head small branch and grow further.

I with a smile answered:

- Of course, but do not forget to remove object from protection before opening, and shtrikhkodiruy it is attentive. You remember that in OPACE it is necessary to begin process with circulation?

- Yes, yes, yes! Thanks, tomorrow I will make everything, I will not bring you!

Having said goodbye and having finished a call, I raised eyes on the new acquaintance. Its obviously puzzled look made laugh me, and questions did not keep themselves waiting for

- Tatyana, you play me? Now I am sure that you joked about the profession. Judging by remarks - forgive that listened - you precisely direct some confidential logistic center.

Yes, in the conditions of modern libraries which are perfectly completed with new valuable editions it is necessary to think also of reliable protection and to own specialized programs for the accounting of visits and a knigovydacha. However, it is unlikely my interlocutor needs such detailed explanations therefore I just answered:

- Any jokes Everything is simple: OPAC is a name of the special library computer program by means of which we consider both storage of books, and their delivery, and visits of readers.

- Really now librarians and the computer have to own?! You continue to pull down my stereotype

- And own perfectly, believe! I also continue to study - recently finished the next courses of increase of computer literacy. And some of my employees are in general experts.

- All the same I do not understand, really it is impossible couple of hundreds of books without any bar codes on places to put, and to count readers on fingers?

Yes, very long ago Dmitry was not in library

- Dmitry, more than 100 thousand editions are stored only in our library center: books, magazines, disks - for every taste and inquiry. To us both students, and pensioners, and experts - sometimes to 500 people a day come. And to everyone we find necessary for study, work, leisure. Here not to do without modern technologies.

- Always considered that in library people follow classics and criticism for the school program. And other information can be obtained anywhere

- you mean the Internet?! And it is available for us. We even equipped a recreation area with Wi - Fi. Now the concept of library only as storages of books became outdated. Present libraries do not lag behind current trends. The library is open for all. What do I mean? Well, for example, in our library it is possible not only to read books of any genres from female novels to comments to acts, but also to play chess, a backgammon, to learn a foreign language, to communicate to historians, to discuss policy, with comfort to settle on a sofa with the tablet. At us even doctors free of charge advise, and Herzen`s museum is - usual and virtual

phone and as if in confirmation of my words, Natalya, my PR - the expert (speaking to the modern language, and in general - the organizer culturally - mass actions) asked a question rang out Again:

- Tatyana Kasimovna, the Administration of the area specifies the list of actions to the City Day. I listed them all our ideas, including video - installation and performance of the book about Rostov. To send you scenario bastings to an elektronka?

I noticed Natasha on one of large actions which she organized, and decided to entice her, having provided creative freedom and having entrusted powers. Cooperation with independent people with a broad outlook inspires me, helps to realize courageous projects. Here and to the scheduled anniversary of our city we decided to present to readers a new type of a theatrical performance

- Tatyana, you with such love speak about the work, - having interrupted my thoughts, Dmitry addressed me again, - and how you came to the profession?

- My choice was influenced by my ex-husband. He was well familiar with this profession as he spent the childhood among shelves with books at work at the grandmother, and with such hobby told me about all subtleties that he could carry away also me. I am very grateful to it for it to

- Tanya, I very much would like to continue our communication and further

- I Will be glad to see you in library - especially, you already, probably, understood in what? - with a smile I answered. - I wait for you in Bibliotechno - information center of Herzen! And our meeting will begin with a gift

- Yes, I already very much want to present you flowers!

- No. I intend to continue destruction of stereotypes and I want to give you a gift of the first! I will present you the electronic library card which will open for you a door to the new world! - easy pathos of my statement was softened with a share of the irony which is not belittling sincere pride that I am a Librarian