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Why many girls after a marriage change or lose girlfriends?

After a marriage in life of girls occur change of vital values and priorities. Family duties, communication with new relatives and the husband`s friends - everything requires attention and time. But most often not only in it the reason that newly married it is forced to leave the unmarried girlfriends is covered. Sometimes it comes to it consciously, and that is why …

What forces married girls to reconsider the relations with lonely girlfriends more often?

Fear of change

the Young wife often is afraid of the fact that idyll of their relations can be destroyed for any reason. Sometimes inexperience and fear causes not to please the husband in young girls such fear. Subconscious uncertainty in the newly made spouse or mistrust add doubts in durability of the union to sincerity of the girlfriend wishing newlyweds good luck too. Before a wedding many girls try to finish the relations with unmarried girlfriends in order that those did not glance at their future husband.

Girlfriends can be invited to birthdays and other family holidays. Not each woman will allow to consider, glance and especially to undress eyes of the spouse (for fear even the polite attention can be taken for the increased interest). It is unknown still as your man can react to frank behavior of the free girl, having appeared in the close company. It is considered that the real girlfriend will never take away the husband from a family. But how to distinguish a true friendship? Suddenly all this time she just envied?

Envy to you or to your happiness

If after a wedding your relations with the girlfriend did not change, but in the presence of the husband the girlfriend behaves somehow strange - reflect. She tries to look better than you? On a celebration notes that chops are dryish, and at it always turn out juicy. It is time to put softly it into place. Criticizes your new hairstyle in the presence of the husband. Does compliments to your beloved. What to do? It is necessary to say goodbye to the girlfriend.

Envy is dangerous that it can push people on bad acts. If the girlfriend since early years envied you, then there are no guarantees that with age everything can change. Perhaps, it will not take away your husband, but the dissonance will be able to bring in the relations. How? Inciting you against the husband … I think, such masking of envy under sympathy is familiar to much.

the Girlfriend - “competitor“ of the husband

Sometimes from - for jealousy or envy the girlfriend tries to quarrel you with darling. Such girlfriends can incite you against the husband, aggravating your doubts or small family quarrels. At work such girlfriend will always interpret a usual delay of the husband as change. It will begin to wind you, and you will splash out the negative on darling.

The girlfriends who do not have family experience can hardly be experts in the field of marriage. Therefore before calling such girlfriend, think - why you do it, and be ready to what standing you will not hear. If she encourages you and will not begin to add fuel to the fire, giving “valuable advice“, then you were lucky - she the good friend. There was a misunderstanding in a family - talk to the husband, but not to the girlfriend, especially - unmarried.

The man will understand at once from where wind blows and, as a rule, will ask to stop communication with the girlfriend who incites you against it. Here it is worth obeying to the husband or to reduce communication with it to a minimum. Opposition of the girlfriend and your husband can strongly affect you. But there are also other cases when the lonely girlfriend herself ceases to call you …

Awkwardness for her loneliness

there is no

of your fault in it. You found the happiness, married, equipped the love nest. And the girlfriend perceives your happiness not always adequately. Some lonely girls are depressed when the best friend marries. Feeling forgotten by you, she also tries to understand why it does not have relations with guys, it is not worse than you.

Ideal relations, kisses, textures of hands … Most often lonely girls, being confused, look down, pretending that nothing was noticed. So it was moved that in such situations too delicate girlfriend herself will stop communication with you not to feel the third superfluous. But there are cases that the reliable and right friendship renews after your girlfriend finds the happiness too.

the Divergence of interests

B some, apparently, ideal cases, after a marriage you continue to meet the girlfriend in cafe, relax behind a glass of wine, discuss new movies or a failed affair of the general acquaintance, share secrets and gossips … On Saturday even you manage to persuade the husband to release you on a hen night in night club.

But there passes time, you change. You become the careful wife, you have children and to run with the girlfriend on shops or night clubs of time, and sometimes and there is no force left. Most often unmarried girls try not to keep in girlfriends “obsessed mummies“, but also it not always so. Sometimes it is difficult to girlfriends to find to you replacement. They constantly call, persuade, take offense, having heard refusal, come on a visit at the wrong time. Here you should make the decision …

Any of the given situations - only an example. In each case there are exceptions, sudden turns of events and unexpected manifestations of nobility and fidelity from all directions. I do not want to be the categorical adviser too. Having isolated itself from companionship, it is possible to get into even more difficult situation. Let`s listen to the heart and to hear each other, not to bring doubt to paranoia, discontent - to a boiling point, the conflicts - before quarrels, love - to hatred and marriage - before divorce.