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What it is necessary to know about ethylated gasoline?

Now in many cars it is possible to see the warning that it is impossible to refuel ethylated gasoline. Many do not even know that it and in what its difference from not ethylated.

Ethylated gasoline began to be applied widely as fuel for automobile and trucks, tractors and self-propelled combines. Later scientists established that the ecology therefore the bill which limits use of this type of fuel was adopted very strongly suffers from such gasoline. Also the bill forbade to import ethylated gasoline on the territory of Russia.

Ethylated gasoline is a usual gasoline to which in the technical purposes a small amount of ethyl liquid is added. Poison, dangerous to the person, - tetraethyllead is a part it. To distinguish ethylated gasoline from usual, ethyl liquid is painted in red color, and gasoline gets a pink shade.

Ethylated gasoline if it is rational to use it and it is accurate to handle it, will not do harm to health as ethyl liquid is added to gasoline in rather small amounts. But the one who does not follow rules of precaution“ can get poisoned.

Vapors of tetraethyllead and its mixes are capable to get into an organism through airways, through skin; tetraethyllead can be soaked up by a mucous membrane of a stomach. Getting to an organism even in small quantities, tetraethyllead can collect and cause frustration of nervous system. It is shown in pulse delay, decrease in body temperature and arterial pressure. People are hurt by the head“ the general weakness, sleeplessness appears, they grow thin, become irritable.

Of course, similar changes of nervous system and health can be caused as well by some infectious diseases, a head injury, nervous shocks and other reasons. Therefore the course of treatment can distinguish a disease and appoint only the doctor.

Treat the patients who got poisoned with ethylated gasoline, in a complex: pour intravenously in glucose with vitamins, appoint coniferous bathtubs, apply treatment by the extended dream.

But the main task in fight against poisonings with ethylated gasoline - the prevention of poisonings.

First of all, it is impossible to apply ethyl liquid and ethylated gasoline in life - to coloring of floors and walls, extermination of domestic insects, bonding of rubber footwear, cleaning of clothes. Drivers of cars cannot wash hands with ethylated gasoline at all, to store in a cabin the rags moistened with it, and also foodstuff. For blowing off of petrolsystem it is possible to use only the pump. Mudflows on skin got drops of ethylated gasoline, it is necessary to shine accurately their rag, and then to wash up this place. If as a result of accident ethyl liquid or ethylated gasoline got on considerable part of a body, it is necessary to rub off a body the rag moistened in kerosene and to take a shower. Before food it is necessary to wash hands - in the beginning with kerosene, and then warm water with soap.

Ethylated gasoline is the most real poison! You remember it and be careful.