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Metropolis XXI

the Train arrives to east platform of of XXX precisely according to the schedule. Without waiting until mine with - travelers assemble the numerous containers with things and the first protisnut the strongly deenergized frameworks in narrow run of the car, without waiting with easy impatience on the edge of the reserved seat plank beds when with easily recognizable gnash of wheels and obvious concussion of the passenger stock the train, at last, stops, I hurry to fall out one of the first of a musty iron box, and all thorax crushed for sleepless night I involve in myself a big portion of station oxygen mixed up with high content of the diesel, oil and the fulfilled exhaust ashes.

Under legs, despite the early hour radiating from one thousand impatiently alternating legs of pack zhivotnochelovek of 1 all colors and breeds, the platform, and over naked - about - about - y … krr … prr … (me korotit again) pure, is pale - blue, without uniform hint on a cloudlet, the July sky. Such sky usually happens by the sea, high and pure in bright splashes of dazzling gold - the sun, and to me suddenly seems that I by the sea, and once I pass some meters hundred, I will appear on the golden edge impregnated with dizzy iodic aromas and a rustle of lazy waves, that, familiar since the childhood by all means promising some miracle - no matter what, main miracle is close - an infinite reservoir under the laconic and magic name, clear without the translation almost in all languages of the world, “sea“.

In the distance, almost at the horizon, like a mirage, looms a snow-white sail, gradually rocking on slow waves. Over the head the seagull hysterically zaprichitat, it was answered by another, also complaining of destiny. Solar patches of light on water are scattered on thousands of dazzling diamonds, building on a sea smooth surface the sparkling path from water and light which conducts directly on the sky. I languidly close eyes, and I am extended on hot sand. The wave rolls behind a wave - whether leaves of a birch rustle on wind, whether sheets of my antecedents where I was happy. I in captivity at pleasure …

… krr … prr … (in the opinion of a spark) I disconnect a brain and by effort of will I banish from myself all this phantasmagoric nonsense caused by game of not recharged brain, weaved from surreal pictures of the warm sea, gold dust, sincere luxury and corporal languor, and I plunge into nonsense real, from so realistic uneasy zhivotnochelovek, suitcases, bags, the excited voices, semaphore sirens, a scratch of train brakes, a gasoline smell. Having pulled out

itself from embraces of the zhivotnochelovek which are obediently expecting I throw myself into a black stone belly of the station, into embraces of avtomatochelovek 2 prompt, the automated bodies escaping from each other in a stream in all directions. It seems that the stream of bodies carries me that my hands and legs work by inertia, on the automatic machine as if know that they should stop, have a rest for a second as the body will be swept away by a stream, it is indifferently crushed and crushed by other avtomatocheloveka. Having come up

on a surface, trying to recover the breath a little from zombie stay underground, I switch to slower transfer and, having reduced speed, I find that button which activates the mechanism under the name “brain“ - function which was not necessary to me before. A brain, buzzing and clicking, begins to work slowly - it needs more time to wake up, than to other shaft and gears. The mechanism is gentle, slightly that - “ malfunction “ 3.

Where to move further? The right extremity I get from that place where securities on refueling by food and drink and the maintenance of the mechanism in a condition of serviceability, a scrap of a piece of paper &ndash lie; judging by roughness of signs and symbols, written by a hand of the person - my wife. I scan 4: “Embassy of Ukraine. Receipt of a visa. From the station to come over to other side, to take the 4th tram, to pass 13 stops, having reached to a stop of “Androshot“, to reach Tekhnobank bank and to curtail into an arch, to pass to a stall with fruit, to ask the road further“. Judging by value of symbols, and my wife not an imunna to viruses this more and more automated and kompyyutoriziruyeshchegosya the world. Though, please wait 5: “I put to you your favourite ham and salad sandwiches. I kiss“. Means, distribution a metastasis of this fatal illness, yet, did not come as far as it seemed to me. And, so there is a hope on the vyzdorovl - e - e - - and - and - e - e - e … Aha, the battery sits down. Urgent refueling is necessary. I slowly look back, I look for the place where to lean the framework and to swallow power sandwich … The place is found, I go there. Automatically and almost without having felt taste of food, I swallow of a ball of fire, I wash down it with the hissing concentrate of power tonic. The accumulator passes with “battery low “ 6 in “ battery half full “ 7. Feed by energy took place successfully, thoughts come back to habitual focus, extremities are ready to work further. Having passed

to the other side of the street, I buy coupons on the drive, I wait 4 - oho for the tram, I sit down, I go. On the road, I catch myself that my brain loses count of stops on figure 6 and not really attentively reads out names of stops from a noutisbord, instead of that he eyes examines the entering and leaving passengers, paying more attention to young nice women. “Ah, what harmonous figure, here, at this … krr - prrr … the android of the 8th feminine gender“ - korotit a brain, or “And what beautiful hair and gentle lines at, here, this young lady … krr … prr …, that is robot“ and so forth. It means that the technogenic virus under the name “Sayber 21“ affected yet not all surface of a cerebral cortex and remission are possible though to hope not to fall on an absolute recovery any more.

Having reached the 13th stop, I descend from the tram, I switch to the highest speed, I move. I see an arch, I scan, I enter it, I see a stall with fruit, I scan, I ask how to pass further the shop assistant. “Directly, the second turn to the right, through 200 m embassy“. Judging by information and a blank look, the shop assistant too the android, a terminal stage 9. Remissions 10 are excluded … suddenly I feel

Ya that I all got wet, the person sticky, in sweat, the backpack rubbed a shoulder. I run a hand over hair, they are not brushed, and I hasty pull out a hairbrush from a backpack and I will see off it on hair. I feel more cozy. Strange, but I do not want to go there where I go, I have feeling of alarm, I want to turn home, to be washed, to eat, be extended normally slowly on a sofa, to hear a familiar nightingale in a garden in pre-dawn hour (at me the nightingale lodged in a garden and now every night it sings of God`s beauty!) . Almost forgotten feeling of awkwardness before forthcoming seizes me.

Ya I do not want to stand in a queue, to see the embittered faces of people, to communicate with automatic machines - officials … The automatic machine passing by suspiciously looks at my person full of emotions. Strange … Attack of a normalepsiya 11. The virus affected not all sites of a cerebral cortex …

Ya I recover. The brain sounds alarm: “ Alert! Brain malfunction! “ 12. Gradually all my mechanisms return to normal. I do not feel blows of heart any more. The look is not mobile, directly before itself. Sensibelny reflexes 13 are absent. Movement speed high. Passing

through Taras Shevchenko`s park, I, however dump speed, and remembered that I somewhere read about this android, in my opinion, even read his books about people, our near ancestors - functions of my mechanisms, most likely, were not absolutely stabilized yet - but, having switched transfer, in 4 min. 35 pages I reach Embassy of Ukraine. Hours show 9 h 36 min. It means before opening of consular department of exactly 24 min. Ahead of me six people. I ask who the last. The dark-haired automatic machine of the southern race says that it. I say that I behind it. In 4 minutes three objects - the android of a masculine gender, the android of a feminine gender and the android - the baby approach us. They it is cheerful (!) talk. I with astonishment scan them. My visual receptors broadcast to a brain the following information. “It - 32 - 35 years, it - 25 - 28 years. Are dressed not on - gorodsk, simply. Apparently, arrived from the province. How to behave do not know yet“. She asks

who the last. I answer that I. “Prompt, please, and to receive the visa - we, from Ukraine - what needs to be had at itself what documents, and?“. I report: “I do not know. The turn will approach - all will explain to you“. Mechanical views of other automatic machines are habitually indifferent.

In 37 min. My turn approaches. An unclear rush I wanted, was, to pass forward a family from the province, but will power easily overcame this strange feeling. (The atavisms which got to us from ancestors sometimes with an unclear force remind us of themselves). “Show to

your passports and copies of your passports: page 1,2,4,5,7,8,12, 15,16, the copy of the passport of the person, the following with you: page 1,2,4,5,7,8,12, 16,16, and also 2 photos,

of 8 receipts on payment of 86 thousand in “Tekhnobank“, birth certificates and copies of birth certificates you and the person following with you, two completed questionnaires on you and on the person following with you“ - by an automatic voice in the receiver the ambassadorial android wearing spectacles and a tie snuffles. I accurately and quickly put all necessary in a metal case for transfer and I turn on myself the handle. Wearing spectacles and a tie everything attentively studies object and in 1 minute 24 sec. monotonously says: “At whom you will live? Who, in emergency will give you material support? What time you will stay in the territory of Ukraine? From what number and as far as to open for you the visa? In what place you are going to cross border? When you arrive back?“.

Near me, couple from the province emotionally explains to the android of a feminine gender behind the next partition: “Mi from Ukraine! We live also pratsuy here, and infections to us an occasional office to go back, bo at exchange MATI, and to us the occasional office quarrystone on a funeral died. Zrozumiyete?“ “You need to take the visa, having shown all necessary documents according to points 3. 2, 4. 2, 5. 1 and 8. 4. To pay the visa in bank and to wait for opening of the visa“ - mints the automatic machine, without looking at the man and the woman. “And to cut skilk?“ - the woman asks. “From 3 to 7 days“. “Mother of God! So if we on a funeral vstigny?“ “I do not know. Read, on a noutisborda everything is written“.

Is strange, whether the heat, whether the paroxysm which already had today were the matter is that, but my brain starts glitching over again, I feel unusual irritation on all these foolish questions. I want to shout to the automatic machine behind glass: “Yes, I having arisen also it is live on Ukraini, Wuxi my ridn live there! For chy it is so rich zapitan and a vazhka procedure to zjizdit taka to my old granny?“. But, I overcome myself in time and, having answered everything the raised necessary questions, I hear: “The visa will be ready 18 - go numbers. Business hours on an entrance door“.

Having left embassy I mark working hours of embassy, then I go to the closest point of rest for the purpose of refueling by liquid and firm food.

In 55 minutes I come back to the station again, I stand line of 18 people, I buy the ticket at 18:10 and I sit down to wait for the determined time. To the appointed term three and a half more hours, and I decide to wander a little on the station square.

Though my batteries function in the « mode; battery full “ 14, I, nevertheless, buy to myself ice cream and a bottle of energy drink. Having taken seat in a shadow of a station construction, I begin to absorb bought, watching crowds, generally zhivotnochelovek, uvyyuchenny various load, and other androids who are scurrying about to and fro. All of them are at a different stage of development. Some are quite primitive: tonics and snekov15 are almost not consumed, the yellow press is not read, by mobile phones 16 almost do not communicate. The look is also pathetic for them: they do not go, is proud having thrown back the head, showing the superiority of an external cover, a hairdress, a manner to be expressed stylishly. Some even read books! With me the talkative grandfather who reads “Idiot“ Dostoyevsky settled down! Even not to Dontsov, Ustinov or still that, and such sediment as Dostoyevsky! Customs and development of some retardny individuals 17 in our country just strike!

Though, a level of development of the majority of automatic machines also leaves much to be desired, nevertheless, it is possible to assume that our society, nevertheless, is on the way to progress, but not regress. It is positively noted that most of androids near the station, without ceasing communicates on mobile devices, in large numbers absorbs beer, to “Forfeit“, “Stake“ and other energy drinks, spends the most part of time behind a konsumation of the 18th high-calorific food and behind scanning of useful information about stars of cinema and a platform. The cover them also inspires trust: many are dressed on the latest androidny fashion, do not shun piercing in a nose, lips, eyebrows and other parts of a body, indumentum at androidny race, both a feminine gender, and man`s, has mainly artificial color from issinya - black to violet or pink.

Occur, however, among the blessed tribe of automatic machines and mechanisms and absolutely backward individuals which the civilization did not concern at all. I had to spend for supervision over one of such representatives of savages 25 minutes. Here description of its look and behavior.

By sight years 25 - 28, below the average height of the developed android, muscle bulk on a framework is almost absent. An external cover of 80 - 90 of the last century, careless, it is visible that the every minute attention to the exterior the 19th individual will not be paid. Has no the mobile device for transmission of ezhechasovy communication signals to other individuals that speaks about extremely low, primitive level of development, I will not be afraid of this word, the PERSON!

Is visible that the individual works. On its framework the jacket with the inscription “The Station - Service“, and stands nearby a bag in which the PERSON, most likely, collects empty bottles.

However, the speed of movement of the considered individual extremely low, it does not hurry anywhere, does not overtake, does not try to snatch, hapnut, snatch, inflate, to put and that the strangest - the individual has frequent spasms of face muscles as my grandmother spoke, the person smiles. It is absolutely incomprehensible. The look of the person is comprehended.

Having met other same representative of the savage tribe, these two individuals begin to communicate briskly that could give chance to assume that some rudiments of civilization nevertheless are available for these savages. However do not hurry to draw conclusions, dear automatic machines and mechanisms as though these two persons also spoke on similar to us language, let and without the eksklamation 20 accepted in our high society, like “Uau!“, “Super!“, “Cool! “ and to that similar, their konversation 21 does not make sense as these two individuals not say about what orders modern bonton, for example about the last gossips, rumors, conjectures, news, or at least about a material aspect of things, and about philosophy, religion and meaning of life! Present what loss of time!

For example, one exclaimed: “The death of the world is predetermined! About it it is written in the Book of books. Look around, dear friend! Everything that does our society - it consumes and gives nothing in exchange. Look! Impetuous consumption! In total and now! People are proud, ignorant, they ceased to read!“.

to Admit, I was struck by these two barbarians, and even wanted to approach them and to ask not to be expressed. However I decide to replace the place of the temporary stay and I move back to the station where for pleasure I buy to myself a big hamburger, a bottle of tonic and chips.

However and there my pleasure is broken. Savages, apparently, will never be translated. However, quietly. Indifference, as we know, - the highest virtue of the android.

on a scene appears This time the being of years of fifty shabbiest look who is not brushed, unshaven, in the recent past of forcesno intoksitsirovanny 21 - the typical dustman. And so, this okurkosobiratel not so much tries to give to the public place a decent look how many to talk profusely! Imagine, the dustman - the philosopher! More opposite did not see anything!

the Audience of this theater of absurdity of one actor are all of us, the respectable mechanisms and automatic machines sitting on benches or grandly the last rumors strolling to and fro, peacefully chewing, drinking, scanning (nearby were two disorders with all necessary literature) communicating by mobile phones - in a word, the most decent public. The dirty cleaner, without being confused the cover and behavior at all, acts: “My mother, that to her it was empty in the next world, threw me when I was 12 years old, and went to Moscow. Here, padla! Told what to work, and itself to the lover! Here you, respectable fellow citizens, know that it to be left without mother and the father in 12 years! What means to live at the dear aunt who has the three mouths whom both to feed, and to dress and it is necessary to learn? No, you do not know, the dear public! Also do not want to know!“ - “What shame to expose all the rusted nuts on a public inspection! As soon as such automatic machines the earth carries!“ - a prochirikala the sitting next well-groomed android of a feminine gender, having once again got the mobile phone and briskly zashchelkav buttons.

To the next stall moves a full look the automatic machine with the purpose to buy something tasty to itself and the family which expects nearby, it fashionably the dressed wife grandly speaks by phone. At a stall of the well-fad android the worn-out dustman intercepts: “Here you, dear, know what means grow without father and mother? What means to privorovyvat on stations and squares that in a stomach did not hum? What means to sleep where it is necessary? And to be despised and driven by all?“. As well as it befits any decent citizen, the automatic machine even an eyebrow does not conduct - the habit developed for years affects - he buys several packs of some miscellanea and is slowly developed to begin the movement in the opposite direction. “Well, give on hlebushka, perhaps“ - already not so aggressively the station clochard asks. Without turning the head, sedately, the automatic machine comes back to the place, unpacks one pack, another for the wife, the third for the son, and all three with unperturbably - a happy look begin to chew. The audience giggles enough.

In an hour I already shiver back, home. The brain is disconnected, but sensors show that it is quite good to podzapravitsya, however, I think that energy will last out to the house. The fellow citizens sitting ahead and behind me first are silent, then some of them get acquainted and begin a small talk. Talk is the most usual: how many cost the ticket that managed to be bought in the capital, where to spend holidays. One young woman brags another as successfully she got in the nearest boutique a bluzonchik and to it bosonozhechka. As it is pleasant to hear the live speech. I pass into the « mode; Sleep “ 22.

In four hours we arrive to the destination. I fall out of an iron box and I warm up numb extremities. Krr … prr … The sky over the head blue - blue … krr … prr … korotit again. It will be necessary to be tinkered. I buy by

In the next stall a pack of coupons for journey in public transport, I visit the room for discharge of the fulfilled oil, I see the transport, I sit down, I go. In an iron box it is insufferably stuffy, on sensors I see, accumulators sit down again. Despite the “battery low“ mode, I include a brain - pleasantly, all - to come back home … krr … prr … well, and let korotit,

the Sun majestically sits down to spit …. The sky everything zardetsya. And at the horizon clouds gather - can, there will be a rain. Well. Will wash away all this dust, will refresh trees and flowers, will fill with oxygen air. Precisely there will be a rain - swallows fly at the earth. to me it is joyful

that I will see soon the wife and the daughter whom I did not see the whole days. Here it is silly, isn`t that so? Only 24 hours did not seem, and I all yearned, even tears in the eyes. If only nobody saw, and that, still who knows, will suspect of humanity.

Ya cheerfully I jump out of the trolleybus at the stop and I almost run towards a lodge detached. Our cherry orchard is from far away visible. At a gate someone`s figure. They are two - one is more, another is less. Well, of course! It they! Mine wife and daughter! How they guessed what I will arrive right now? And? Probably, human heart prompted, not still turned into automatic machines.

1 zhivotnochelovek - an undeveloped type of pack semi-people, semi-animal, related to both robots, and people. Resemble the android superficially.

2 avtomatochelovek - the look which was more developed in comparison with zhivotnocheloveka. The same that android.

of 3 malfunction - refusal, failure of the mechanism (ang.) to scan

4 - to read, read out information

5 please wait - please, wait (ang.). The standard phrase during the loading and information processing.

6 battery low - the battery sits down (English). Standard phrase.

7 battery half full - the battery is half charged (ang.). Standard phrase.

8 the android - the robot resembling the person superficially.

9 a terminal stage - the last stage (medical)

10 remission - improvement (medical)

11 normalepsiya - the “human illness“ which is characterized by frequent attacks (bus).

of 12 Alert! Brain malfunction! - Alarm! Failure of a brain! (ang.)

13 sensibelny reflexes - sensitivity (medical, nauch.)

14 battery full - the battery is charged by

15 snack (ang.) - literally snack: various chips, crackers and so forth. The obscure foreign word which are so loved by producers of any harmful miscellanea.

16 to communicate - to communicate, talk (that.)

17 retardny - lagging behind in development (medical)

18 konsumation - consumption. One more new word.

19 an exterior - external, an exterior, and not only animal

20 an eksklamation (ang. from armor.) - exclamation

21 konversation (ang.) - conversation

22 intoksitsirovanny - simply junked

of 23 sleep (ang.) - literally “I sleep“. Waiting mode (fur.)