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At some moment of the life I thought of nonsense of

: what is nonsense? silly person?

Also formulated the point of view in this respect: nonsense - the statement which does not meet our expectations at present (the same treats also acts). The silly person - the one who speaks or does something, not meeting our expectations of what he has to tell or do.

“Yes he is just a fool!“ is (does not say) about the person who constantly does not do what from him wait for. At change of circumstances the attitude towards the person can change, but not because he began to act (to speak) in a different way. Results of its actions (talk) convinced an environment that everything is not so silly, and even on the contrary.

Sometimes speak “Odd fellow“, but it almost does not change the meaning of what was said. At nursing home I worked with 85 - the summer old man who sat in a wheelchair all the time. It could stand a couple of minutes, but did not go, and none of personnel never saw it going. I said to it that it can go what he answered me: “Boris, you odd fellow!“. But nevertheless, after a series of exercises it could go (did up to 50 steps with support)!

Though so happens not always. That is not always compliance to one another comes. On the one hand, expectations can be overestimated, with another - limited ability in understanding is available: that wait for people around.

Examples? Yes as much as necessary! If you speak in love in any place and at any time to the spouse (spouse) - as it will be apprehended by people around? And if it in addition is not connected with a topic of conversation in any way? From you wait for participation in the general conversation - and you say about how to you it is good with the half! You (from the point of view) - in a full order! But what people around think of you? Yes, you are right: “There is a fool! “

Similar situations repeat at work every day! You think one, your interlocutor - absolutely on the contrary, and each of you considers another if not as the full idiot, then the silly person!

Your chiefs - with rare exception - consider you not that full numskulls, but something like it. Notice how many times they to you repeat the instructions: 3, 4, 5? It not only because to you on your place there was a person who needed it (but to you - that enough once!) . Your chief just considers all as fools, silly persons and in general, only he understands as as! Familiar picture?

On the other hand, he considers himself by perfection! If at its presence speak about fools, he can even take hot part in conversation. But it never has even a suspicion shadow that the speech can go about it!

I had such here chief. Before he held quite high post (and, perhaps, was an expert), but on a new workplace it was negative size.

In those days Arkady Isaakovich Raikin gave the well-known performance with big - in all scene - a bed on which such philosopher lies and argues: “And what if I absolutely do not go for work?“ And throughout: “Yes me from the state interests in this bed it is necessary to bind, screw, weld that I, God forbid, for work did not break! Otherwise I to them such affairs will heap up, I will commit such follies, I will stir up such trouble - three institutes will disentangle five years - will not disentangle!“

Who most loudly laughed? You guessed - the chief!

It was conversation on the office relations.

As for life, … Word to Great Erasmus:

“Tells Nonsense:

“The certain husband born for affairs of board and therefore presented with the particle of reason necessary for maintenance of man`s advantage, addressed me for manual, on the custom once, and I immediately gave it council, worthy me: to contract marriage with the woman, skotinky dull and silly, but amusing and lovely that she seasoned with the stupidity and sweetened sad importance of male mind“.

“If to think properly, women are obliged to me (Nonsense) that they without any comparison are happier than men. Let`s begin with external beauty which they fairly put above all on light and by means of which the most proud tyrants are subordinated to the tyranny. What is repellent and wild appearance of men, their hairy skin, their dense beard, all this shape of a premature old age which they drag on themselves almost all life explained by? All this no other than defect of wisdom whereas chubby cheeks, the thin voice and gentle skin of women imitate youth eternally. After this, to what women in this life how not to be pleasant as much as possible to men aspire?