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How it is correct to carry out process of adaptation of the child to kindergarten?

you are for certain familiar with several mothers who are going to send the child to the same garden, as you? Unite, and process of adaptation at already made friends kids will take place much easier. should not leave to

B first of 1 - 2 week the child for a long time in a garden. At first be limited several hours. For example, leading the child to a breakfast, you come by the time of day walk and together with all children walk on the platform. The child will feel your presence, and during games it will be much easier to distract. To have dinner go home. Gradually increase a time interval.

For adaptation of the child to preschool institution month is allotted though all perfectly understand that in reality these terms vary. One enough several days, and another will also cry a month later while mother says goodbye with it.

We approached the most heart-breaking moment - tears. Heart is broken off when the kid clings to clothes of the parent leaving for work, shouts and cries. Mothers try to be repaid: “... It is too house... I for it the only authority...“ etc. In practice it turns out that parents did not take any step towards simplification of a situation. They leave in English, and the child regards it as the most real treachery. They late take away the kid when that sits already one in group, and earlier on his eyes met all friends. Any justification will not help with such situations. It is absent simply.

The road to kindergarten, as well as a way home, should not pass in silence or be followed only by nods of the head of the parent. You have to take an active part in conversation with the kid which in a day, undoubtedly, had a lot of interesting. He with someone quarreled, made discovery, he for something was punished... Ask, be interested, learn, admire, you praise, you become angry... Only you are not silent. Children very vividly miss interest in it at people around, and together with accustoming to new collective and “disaccustoming“ from mother and the habitual house it can quite provoke a severe stress.

Doctors give several “signs“ which existence allows parents to prick up the ears.

In - the first if the child, having come from kindergarten, does not rush to toys, and sits down to a table or gorges on for the night, you do not hurry to abuse the management of kindergarten. They have standards. But nobody cancelled “jamming of a stress“ at kids. It is quite serious messenger of unsuccessful adaptation most often demonstrating that the kid in general “not sadovskiya“.

In - the second , surely pay attention to the changed behavior of the child. Emergence of addictions needs to be discussed with tutors and teachers because at this age children very often copy behavior of people around at once.

In - the third , listen to the child. Or, apparently, senseless babble it is quite possible to distinguish from imaginations both the general spirit, and alarming signs.

And the last, but not less important: do not forbid the child to take with yourself a favourite toy or do not deprive of the kid of a baby`s dummy. Do everything gradually, explain, speak and be extremely patient with the dearest little man on light going into a path to it still to others, but very interesting world!