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Why the child needs to attend kindergarten?

Parents want the best for the child. But whether they know when to stop in a pursuit of the seeming wellbeing whether they are capable to estimate real needs of the child soberly? Or everything is reduced only to own requirements - to what so was not enough in our childhood?

So, let`s begin with the most important - we establish a reference point on true needs and desires of the child. And it is not important, one and a half to it years or four.

The reasons for which our children begin to visit preschool institutions exists much. But all of them keep within two big groups: the first - need of parents to come to work and, actually, need of the child for communication and social development. The second reason in most cases is optimum, but in the modern world all on the contrary - we are forced to earn money, to improve skills and “not to lag behind the world“.

Even before receiving the treasured direction into place in kindergarten parents should begin to prepare the kid for the fact that he will not spend a lot of time together with mother any more. However it does not mean at all that she began to love less it.

Talk and explain! And it is obligatory positively. Reflect over it more, look for the positive moments. You will be able to communicate more with fellow workers, and the child - with peers that, undoubtedly, will do good to his intellectual and physical development.

If to speak about advantage of stay of the child in preschool institution from the medical point of view then it is possible to address statistics. The most unpleasant moments - diseases which are “attacked“ in the first several years of life at the correct and timely treatment pass into nothingness. And when visit of school will begin, your child will be much easier to study. Many researches show that the person who is seldom ill in the childhood because of a peculiar isolation more often and heavier has diseases in an adult state.

If parents, being afraid for health of the child, refuse visit of preschool institution, then process of adaptation in more irregular and severe form takes place in initial classes of school. Bad progress, more serious violations of health and psychological adaptation becomes result. Therefore everything has to be in due time and gradually.

So, having tried to find a maximum good that your kid should attend kindergarten, you also feel all importance of such changes.

Now it is necessary to prepare the soil. You approximately know in what garden will make for you room? It`s cool! Walk with the child in this area, tell that very soon he will also be able to run on the platform with the new friends, to eat with them at a table, they will have various morning performances and very interesting occupations by a molding or drawing. Tell as much as possible, but do not go deep: you should not rely on the memoirs, and here it will be simply offensive for the kid if expected by him and described by you just does not occur.

It is also necessary to be engaged in registration of medical documentation beforehand. Results of analyses are valid a small period therefore postpone them for later. Visit all necessary experts, get advice and recommendations. During preparation try to avoid an emotional overstrain at the child, the family conflicts should be constrained.