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Clever uphill will not go?

the International day of mountaineering is celebrated On the Eighth of August. This date is chosen not incidentally. This day 1786 Swisses Jacques Balma and Michel Pakkard the first got on the highest point of the Alps - Mont Blanc. From here also the term - mountaineering was formed.

of the Mountain is not the pride Babel tower. If someone created mountains, so it is necessary for somebody. Unlike the Babel tower, in mountains the chaos is not expected. Conquest of mountains is a charismatic destiny of a small elite handful of climbing knights without fear and reproach. As one unknown author told: “The mountain as the woman - both is attractive, and is inaccessible, and is artful, and is changeable, but test vain ecstasy at her gain“.

Mountaineering - one of the most dangerous sports. Very truly the first chairman of the Soviet Climbing Union N. V. Krylenko noticed: “The mountaineering is a school of courage“. Really, it is necessary to be the brave person to dare to storm whimsical and whimsical mountain tops. And what the route is more dangerous and more difficult, that more hazardous to overcome it.

The king (to be exact, the queen) among mountains is the highest peak of Earth - Chomolungma. Its conquest is equated to the Gold Olympic medal. But Everest (since 1856 the second name) - and the most dangerous mountain, here mountain Moloch as a tribute devours a large number of climbers. However, in percentage terms Annapurna is considered the most blood-thirsty mountain.

In tennis the most prestigious award is the cup of “Grand Slam“ where it is necessary to win four large tournaments. In mountaineering a powerful award and top of skill (and luck) conquest of all fourteen eight-chiliarches (the mountains exceeding height of 8 km) is considered. This prize is called “Earth Crown“ - only thirty successful climbers managed to win it.

Generally it is about professional climbers. But there is also an amateur mountaineering where the minimum preparation is required. For example, many Japanese make ascension on a svyashchennuyugor Fujiyama. Or with the pilgrim and tourist purposes climb up Mount Sinai. The route on the mountain of witches - Brocken is also popular. There is also a set of other mountain places where the tracks which are specially adapted for fans are laid.

But Day of mountaineering - all this is a holiday for professional subjugators of mountains. If in many countries alcohol is sold (officially) since 21, then on storm of mountain tops people not more young are allowed than 24 years. The mountaineering is, generally a group sport. Alone mountains dare to submit only the most fearless people. In mountains friendly support is very important. As at Vysotsky it is sung: “Let it in a sheaf in one with you - there you will understand who such“.

What pulls people on such risky experiments? Someone just wants to test himself. For someone it is a peculiar religion: it is necessary to climb up on the mountain temple and there “to pray“. The parachutist tests an adrenalinic shake-up, jumping from heaven on the earth. And the climber receives the “narcotic“ portion, clambering to heaven. Mountains is a riddle. And the person - too a riddle. Here brave mountain eagles also try to solve these riddles.

What can be better than mountains? Any climber will answer with Vysotsky`s words: “Better than mountains there can be only mountains on which did not happen yet“. Usually wish to hunters “neither down nor a feather“, and we will wish to hunters to mountain tops that the friend not “appeared suddenly both not the friend, and not the enemy, and so“.