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“Important years“: why you should not postpone life for later?

Generation of Y - the people born in 80 - x - the beginning 90 - x, which now for 20 - 30 years. They study, work or “enjoy life while they are young“. But often do not feel happy at all. Why? Yes because mass culture and public opinion heated up a lot of myths about what should be done aged from 20 - 30 and that is “normal“ these important years. Who is guilty

- clear. But what to do? Mag Jay is a psychologist and the doctor of science - found the answer... to

there are Main ten years of life

the Age from 20 to 30 is extremely important - 80% of fatal events take place in human life till 35 years. Two thirds of growth of level of the income fall on the first ten years of career. By thirty years more than a half of people marry, begin to meet or live together with future partners in life. The identity of the person changes most actively from twenty to thirty years, but not to or after this age. By thirty years the brain of the person finishes the development. Reproductive function of the woman reaches peak by twenty eight years.

Crisis of middle age in the 21st century

our main problem is an understanding that, trying to take as much as possible from life, we miss sometimes the most important. This understanding of what to make something later not always means it is better to make it. When we leave everything for later - after thirty on our shoulders huge freight lays down: we need to achieve in something success, to make a family and children, to buy the apartment, to derive pleasure from life or to base business - and all this in very short time. Many of these tasks are simply incompatible; besides after thirty it is much more difficult to be engaged in all this at the same time.

People - as planes in a turbulence zone

Young people aged from twenty till thirty years are similar

to the planes which are taking off from New - York in the western direction. Minor change of a course after take-off can lead to the fact that the plane will land either in Seattle, or in San - Diego. But when the plane will already come nearer to San - Diego, he needs to make a big hook again to turn on North - the West.

The same occurs also this critical decade: the slightest shift leads to cardinal change of our life after thirty. The age from twenty to thirty is the period when human life reminds the plane flying highly in the sky in a turbulence zone, but if to learn to operate it (even if a little), it is possible to reach further and quicker. Force weak

Once I found

in cookies such prediction: “The wise person himself creates the destiny“. Perhaps, the best that we can make for own destiny in more than twenty years, is to tell “yes“ to the weak communications or to give them a reason to tell “yes“ to us. Our friends can bring soup when we are ill, but people with whom we are hardly familiar (weak communications) are capable to change quickly and radically to the best our life.

of the Opportunity are not boundless

to Young people constantly repeat that before them a boundless set of alternatives. When inspire in them that they can be engaged in anything or go in any direction, - it is like to face a little table with twenty four grades of jam. But I did not meet any person yet are more senior than twenty who would have twenty four real options of the choice. Everyone has at best six possible options.

What is eccentricity?

Eccentricity - one of the factors doing us by those who we are is. But the fact that we know about ourselves is frequent - it is the one whom we are not. We designate ourselves as “not that“ or “not it“.

But self-identification cannot come to an end on it. Identity or career cannot be constructed on what you do not want. It is necessary to pass from feeling of the one whom we are not, to feeling of the one who we are is. But determination is for this purpose necessary. To be against something - it is simple. But in what yours pro?

All counters - on red!

If creation of career can be compared to game in faded - Jack (when it is necessary to see cards, making decisions; to play two hands, remembering at the same time the current prizes; to be ready to risk), to choose the partner in life - it is like to approach a roulette wheel and to put all the counters on red.

Your choice of the partner and all aspects of adulthood connected with it depends on one decision. Money, work, way of life, family, health, leisure, pension and even death - everything turns into run competition in couples (when the leg of one runner is tied with a leg of another). Practically all events of your life will be closely bound almost with all events of life of the partner. Also let`s look to the truth in eyes: if marriage is unsuccessful, it cannot just be thrown as the bothered work.

“My life in my hands“

Cannot live the life in thoughts. The only way to understand what to do, is to do at least something. There is something inspiring fear in the statement “My life in my hands“. It is terrible to realize that miracles do not happen that it is impossible just to sit and wait for. Ignorance of what you want to make with the life is a protective mechanism against such fear. It is a way to pretend as if the present does not matter. The unwillingness to make the choice is no other than hope for existence of some way to live life, without conferring on itself any responsibility.

The future is not written in advance. Take the responsibility for the life. Your destiny should not depend on the fact that you did not know something or something was not made.

On materials of the book “Important Years“.