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Why we are afraid of stomatologists?

statistically are ill dentophobia (the fear of stomatologists which is also called as “odontofobiya“ or “stomatofobiya“) about 80% of the population of Europe and about 15% of inhabitants of industrialized countries. And in the countries of the former USSR it at all - nearly every second … So why we feel such fear of a campaign to tooth? Pedantic Germans among whom stomatologists come in bad dreams approximately to five million counted

that about 70% from them are afraid of stomatologists from - for far from an ideal of a dental health, 74% lost control over the health long ago and do not know what to begin with, and about 50% or had unsuccessful experience of dental care, or have heard plenty of burning stories from the relatives and acquaintances.

In our country the majority of the fears connected with stomatologists come from the childhood . Now to children even milk teeth pull out it under the influence of anesthetic when they watch animated cartoons on the big screen of the TV in an office of the doctor. In 80 - x - 90 - x even nobody dreamed of it. Parents were at work, and in policlinic there was a huge turn from shouting (already visited an office and only anticipating that with them will be done there) children. Therefore milk teeth most often tore independently.

One tied a thread which second end was reeled up on the door handle to tooth. From outer side of the room usually there was an assistant who sharply opened a door and forced escape of the native place the loosened tooth. The second option is when the grandmother (to almost all my friends it was done by her) as if “unscrewed“ tooth a nasal kerchief from what in a mouth there was extremely awful scratch. And the third option - when the child himself loosened fingers or language the zubik, and then bit on it a chocolate bar or apple in which he remained after this trophy procedure.

If sometimes occur in the list of human phobias rather strange (for example, an anatidayefobiya - fear of ducks, or an altokaltsifobiya - fear of shoes on heels), then the fear of the dentist - is quite clear and even causes sympathy. You will not tire out the majority of those who suffer from it even on planned routine inspection where definitely anything will be picked or drilled with a stick.

It is quite explainable. The fear reasons most often - psychological, and many - besides - from the childhood. When mother brings into policlinic and seats in turn on a shop, and from - for doors someone`s cries and crying are heard, the rich children`s imagination begins to draw to itself terrible pictures, and then - sincerely to believe that all actually and occurs as drew to us our inventive imagination.

For many the fear of the stomatologist is closely connected with fear of pain . And in spite of the fact that modern technologies allow to solve stomatologic problems quickly and imperceptibly for the client, memory of an old kind drill of rest does not give.

Despite all absurdity of the following judgment, dentophobia is often caused … by excessive intelligence . Yes, the educated and widely-read person knows that in the oral way - through blood and saliva - in a stomatologic office it is possible “to catch“ hepatitis B and C, HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis and some other infections. It occurs at insufficient observance sanitarno - hygienic norms clinic and the specific doctor. Of course, in modern clinics which value the reputation use disposable sanitary products to the maximum - gloves, napkins, towels etc., and also expensive devices of sterilization of the tool. Not to go in that case to stomatologists in general - not an exit. But if fear of dentists is connected with risk of infection with a serious disease, then it is better to be reinsured and come to reception with all the. And also previously to conduct survey about service of clinic among the acquaintances and to read responses on the website.

In general, dentophobia - is quite clear to . I will not tell that calmly I dial number of the stomatologist to register in reception. But actually fear of dentists - is irrational. In - the first, we always have an option of that professional who completely will suit us and in whom we will trust, and in - the second, without their help in any way not to become the happy owner (or the owner) the Hollywood smile. Therefore several drops of a valerian for bravery - and forward to treat teeth!