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How the cinema influences subconsciousness of the person? “The cinema has to force the viewer to forget

that he sits at cinema“. If to reflect, then this phrase explains a lot of things. We really appreciate that cinema in which the world of the movie touches us, influencing our mind and heart.

With confidence I can tell that the cinema is a mass medium because it carries out all its functions, namely: information, educational, entertaining, organizations of behavior and, of course, communication function. Having such status, the cinema very strongly influences society. The viewer captured screen images endures destiny of the hero as own. And then the person stops being the simple observer of events, it as if enters the world of the movie.

Ya I want to cite as an example such movie - accident as “2012“. For 3 hours each person plunges into the extraordinary world of planetary accident, only occasionally distracting from impressive special effects. The movie of 2012 forced to worry not only about destiny of heroes but also about destiny of our planet. This masterpiece on the present touched heart of each viewer. And as this is a lot of such movies, and here from the point of view of critics all on the contrary.

For example, very often arises a situation when magazines and newspapers are crowded with negative critical reviews of some movie, and tickets for this movie cannot be bought. Critics abuse the audience for lack of taste, and the audience with mistrust begins to treat critical literature.

So happened also to the vampire saga “Twilight“. While fans of Stephenie Meyer express admiration, it is difficult to call comments of film critics on the website Rotten Tomatoes positive. For example, according to Suzan Granger it is the superficial, fresh, weak movie which proves, as eternal subjects can be impregnated with boredom densely. Usually all critics understand that millions of fans will ignore their opinion. Continuing to tell

about cinema I would like to touch one important problem, it is the embedded advertizing. Most often advertize food, cosmetology goods, cars, phones, hotels, resorts and another. So, for example the embedded advertizing of Ford Explorer in “Jurassic Park“ considerably increased sales of this car. Movies about James Bond which advance novelties from BMW carmaker remain one of unsurpassed examples. Carbonated drinks are also very widely presented in world cinema. Use of production of Pepsi in the trilogy “Back in the Future“ became one of the first examples of placement of the embedded advertizing.

Feature of cinema as arts consists in that. That it unites in itself all transmission media of emotions. The cinema influences the viewer by means of the bright picture, unsurpassed actor`s game, deeply philosophical texts, shrill music and an unexpected plot. Cinema united all known art forms. For this reason, the cinema has that not overworking force and an opportunity to influence each of us, despite age, sex, a profession, a social status, tastes and preferences. Whether however depends only on ability to critically perceive, analyze and subject to doubts we will derive pleasure from viewing, or we will give in on manipulation, are put by directors and producers of the movie.

Thus, I am sure that the cinema is only one of ways of management of feelings and emotions of the person therefore the cinema and is one of mass media.