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Whether the newspaper has a future?

Now many people are interested in a question: Whether “The newspaper has a future?“. I tried to conduct survey among hundred people, and answers received different. 63 persons consider that the newspaper will stop the existence, and the others 37 on the contrary trust in its future. I, somewhat, agree both with those and with others but nevertheless there is a wish to be defined which of them the rights.

Newspaper history very ancient, for the first time it appeared in the 17th century in Venice. Since then there passed many years, and now the newspaper began to lose the value.

And let`s try to be defined why the newspaper is not necessary presently. It is possible because people began to read all information necessary to them from the Internet, or to look on television. I, for example, almost do not read newspapers, and here when there was small, my family always bought the newspaper with TV program, and now all it is only necessary to enter the Internet and “voila“ all program before your eyes much more simply. Despite it, people continue to buy newspapers. Their improbable quantity is printed every day, week, month, and worldwide. I like to read foreign-language newspapers, such as New York Times and Morning Star. So it means that newspapers nevertheless are necessary, they will not die, and on the contrary will exist further.

Then we will consider the second option. Within the next years, the newspaper will continue the existence, will remain to one of mass media which many representatives of various sectors of society will use. It will remain both an important element of market economy, and means of receiving profit its value will even increase in it. But it will significantly change both according to contents, and in a form of the look. Radically also process of its preparation, release and distribution will change.

We understand that the newspaper very strongly is inferior to the Internet efficiency. News about an event appears in a network already in a few minutes after occurred. In the newspaper, for example weekly, news of Tuesday can be learned not on the same day but only next Tuesday. Therefore information genres in modern newspapers will not be able to survive but print media which will place emphasis on analytics, on the thorough analysis of events and a problem will be able to be in demand. Besides newspapers will have advantage there where the Internet does not work: outdoors, in mountains, on vacation, on the beach, in transport, in the subway.

So, the newspaper will have a future presently? Will be! It is possible not to ask this question even. Earlier, the newspaper was the main source of information and the main mass medium. By means of the newspaper people learned a lot of information: political, economic, social news. Now, of course, began to be published in newspapers advertizing, announcements, posters more and more. But all this is necessary for the newspaper to survive. And to us, readers, it is necessary to reconcile to it to obtain qualitative, detailed information.

It is necessary to change together with the newspaper and to her journalist. Now it has to be not just the reporter, and the serious analyst. I hope that with such real professional journalists the newspaper will have not just the future, and will become elite mass media for the reasonable and erudite reader.