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How many it is possible to wait? I was so tired. It came from the cycle “Shuttle Baizes from Karpov“

in the winter of 1991 when shuttle business promptly achieved of rates, and restrictions for import of goods were not yet.

We sat at the Istanbul airport and waited when the plane arrives. From Moscow reported that it took off long ago, but neither the plane, nor additional information was. The people worried whether it happened that, but Turks kept silence. Passed even more than an hour, and here a call from Moscow which - that cleared. At the disposal of airline by which planes we flew there were three boards SILT - 86, in turn wound from Moscow to Turkey, at one documents, on crossing of air border of Turkey ended. The authorities already warned that if documents do not put in order, then they will not allow the plane landing in Istanbul, but so far the thunder will not burst … It burst

when we were going to return home. The plane flew up to air space of Turkey and requested permission to an entrance to it, the answer was negative, it was necessary to be developed and to return to Vnukovo. So far prepared other plane until translated passengers there until it arrived to Istanbul, there passed about five hours. Loading of baggage began. Hammered all cargo compartments, loaded free third passenger salon, filled the third and second ladders, and on the earth rather notable quantity of baggage still lay.

After meeting of the senior groups, one of which was also I, made the decision: to begin landing of passengers, and to load the remained baggage into the first ladder. Information for ignorant. Then it was the biggest in the world the passenger plane, it could transport 350 people of passengers, it did not need additional ladders, everything that is necessary, it carried with itself(himself). Passengers from the earth on a wide ladder rose by the second floor, and such ladders was, as well as passenger salons, three, here all of them also were killed with baggage.

Loading went very long and slowly, any passenger plane did not transport so much baggage yet.

All behind, we fly, Moscow which below is dimly lit, time approaches five o`clock in the morning.

The plane approached as it is possible closer to the left building of air terminal. Perhaps, it does not exist any more, and then there was the international sector. The plane approached so that the place remained for analysis of baggage. At each passenger was to ten various bags, boxes, bags and all similar. Everything them should be found in the general heap which is thrown out of all plane holes in the beginning, to drag aside, and then when everything gathers, to begin dragging of this good on customs.

If there were several people, then so far one search for things, somebody already identified protects baggage. There were handymen who pushed the small things left unguarded in the bags which are laid up for such a case and remember as called.

To us it was simple. Goods at us special, or boxes with the sorted chandeliers, or very heavy boxes with crystal suspension brackets. Who can attempt upon it? Here we have all whole and came, and some were not lucky.

But my story about another. The matter is that when you with bags, boxes, bags and other capacities with the purchased goods to an entrance to “The international sector“ will reach, there comes the heaviest moment. Someone attached a long ramp to an entrance that there in the summer on electric trucks to drive about. In the winter the ramp iced over so that it is possible to drag a heavy thing only from dispersal. Here so you cling one hand to edge of a bag and you run that is forces; was enough - reached, is not present - you slide down, carried away by that bag, and it is necessary to begin everything with the beginning.

Here on that ramp we also noticed a small female figure, whether caught a bag slightly no more her, and heavier precisely. With persistence she tried to overcome this hill, but did not reach also a half as already slid down. We watched the events while we dragged to that point with which it was necessary to begin storm of this hill, the numerous boxes and boxes. It did one attempt for another until any lucky person who reached top grasped it by a hand and dragged on the platform behind which began customs and passport control. The girl was developed, slid off down, ran off aside and grasped the following bag. My God and them at it four more lies below how it will be able to pull out their everything - that? Nobody helped with that world each other, to survive most, but there was some sostradalets who, dragging the bag, a free hand picked up edge it, and they together managed literally over and over again to fly on this ramp.

It turned out so that in the customs hall we appeared with this girl together. On the exhausted person eyes feverishly burned, in them was so much, for boundless fatigue to fanatical persistence that was unknown how it is necessary to treat it: with compassion or admiration.

At a wide door behind which it was restricted meeting we left rather almost crept out. Hands already refused, something and where - nibud to move, forces abandoned everyone, it should have appeared only in a waiting room. Even there was no wish to look at goods which we brought, but after its realization, we could feel like the people living properly almost without refusing anything to ourselves. This normal aspiration also moved us, forcing to overcome both fatigue and pain and in general everything that trapped us and there and here.

The girl was met by very tall and obviously physically strong guy, her age, it towered over her as the powerful rock over a small hillock, and it had such voice loud that even if he would speak in a whisper, it would be all the same heard it very much and very from far away. But he addressed it so loudly that I nearly became deaf. Perhaps, it so simply seemed to me, but and all people around turned on this roar which it published:

- Well where you so long were, I was so tired to wait?

In the beginning all became silent, and then the Homeric laughter began, the people could not calm down in any way, to all literally there was a hysterics.

Then - that I realized that it was the laughter through tears, and all of us laughed over by itself, put by the native state in such ridiculous position. There were people having, as a rule, the highest, not the worst education in the world - doctors, teachers, scientists, engineers. They were to nobody necessary in the country which began to destroy once again everything that again and again to try to build the new world in which all these specialties, apparently, will not be necessary to anybody any more.