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By what car German Titov to the Commander-in-chief of the Air Force came?

After daily space flight can be considered in and in more detail on the globe. Somehow the father told this story which he witnessed. Perhaps, it will seem deserving interest of readers therefore I reproduce it as remembered more than fifty years ago... It happened to

in August, 1961 literally in several days after grand welcome of German Titov at Red Square after his space flight.

The building of Head Department of the Air Force of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR was approached by black “Volga“ and, without having found the place where it could park without violation of the rules, quietly rose directly under a prohibition sign. The inspector of GAI who was on duty nearby resolutely went towards the violator, but the driver managed to jump out quickly of the car, literally run vzbezhat on a wide stone ladder and disappeared in a building subsoil.

There the young major with the Gold Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union on a lapel of a single-breasted coat went to a ladder, but at this moment the elevator approached, its doors opened, and the elderly elevator operator came to the platform, inviting inside the small line of generals and the senior officers standing at the elevator. Having seen the major, the turn parted, giving way to him, and the young officer, rather by inertia, than as necessary, went directly to the elevator.

The lift attendant in enough - to a sharp form straightened out the major:

- You what, you do not see, here generals stand?

The become puzzled officer stopped from such pressure, looked round and practically run went to a ladder.

- Well that you so, - one of generals addressed the lift attendant, - to him the Commander-in-chief appointed to nine, and now without two minutes, here it also hurries.

- And who it? - the confused woman asked.

- German Titov. You what, was not learned?

The poor old woman tried to catch up with the second astronaut of the world, but where there, he, most likely, did not even hear her exclamation:

- Herman Stepanovich, Herman Stepanovich, excuse!.

Almost all officers of Management gathered at the windows coming to wide Bolshaya Pirogovskaya Street. There at the car by which there came Titov the vigilant GAI officer kept watch. Those who watched it from the moment of the parking of “Volga“, noted the strange metamorphosis which comprehended the militiaman. In the beginning he quickly went to the car which violated rules, then shortened a stride and suddenly pripustitsya by run somewhere aside. In a few minutes it appeared again in sight of the officers watching it and when it was convinced that “Volga“ did not disappear anywhere, already quietly approached it where stiffened until doors of the Central board did not leave the owner of the car.

Having risen on a rack is “quiet“, saluting Titov, the militiaman with a certain similarity of bow stretched that the photo of the astronaut in which Titov also undersigned.

The car was turned directly through the continuous line and slowly went towards the Garden ring.

- It is interesting how he learned that it is Titov`s car? - someone asked a question.

- Well, it is that just simply. As soon as the group of astronauts was created, the decision was made that “Volga“ will be presented to everyone, and in Gorky on automobile works decided to carry out small modernization of this series of cars: slightly raised a forward suspension bracket so the car as if in the sky began to aspire, and on the top of back wings laid a stripe from a stainless steel which was directed slightly up too that to strengthen effect of take-off. Such car from a distance it is visible. And the fact that there Titov, but not Gagarin, so it on number is written, at Yury Alekseevichi 001, and at Herman Stepanovich 002, - the father as the car had number the most usual joked.

- Probably, just in case bought both photos, and already understood on the ground, - someone told.

- And here where the GAI officer behind the photo ran - it is a question. The closest booth of Soyuzpechati almost at the Novodevichy Convent is.

Note. Further the decision on allocation for astronauts of the car numbers assigned to them special forever, in the beginning with letters MMO (Moscow, the Moscow region as all cars at astronauts are registered by the Star city), and then after the T re-registration *** MR was made, now for Gagarin number T 001 MP, and is assigned to Titov, respectively, A T 002 MP.