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How it is possible to use textiles in interior design?

Everyone wants to see furniture of the housing beautiful. There are materials by means of which it is possible to change a situation fantastically. Among them textiles, it is capable not only to make the house cozier, but also to completely change appearance and style of an interior. Use of fabrics opens a big scope for creativity - as a result the furniture can become the real work of art. the room Is still very important to fill with a certain mood

. The textiles remarkably help with it. It gives to furniture any emotional coloring - from quiet to cheerful. Curtains, covers, pillows can be not only functional objects, but also remarkable jewelry of an interior. It is not difficult to be convinced of it at all.

the Stylish frame

Fabric in an interior - some kind of scenery. The texture, an ornament, color - everything matters. The choice demands reasonableness. The warm palette is good for the shaded room. On the solar party it is more expedient to give preference to coldish shades. It is interesting to try to create effect of a peculiar overflowing - for example, from turquoise to brightly - green, from lilac to saturated - violet.

Curtains give to all image of the room completeness. They can be solemn or, on the contrary, easy and air. The mood in many respects depends also on drawing on fabric. The atmosphere of luxury will be created by draperies of walls and a ceiling. Such “clothes“ not only decorate the room, but also mask defects of a surface. In tone to an upholstery there can be a carpet on a floor.

The textiles help to divide the room into functional zones. The screens fitted by fabric are quite often used. They can be decorated with an embroidery, a list, application. Such details add to all room of a note of exotic. Besides by means of screens it is possible to update quickly a situation - their mobility allows to change the organization of space easily.

Refined strokes

are made by

Of textiles remarkable accessories. Graceful napkins are used as supports under vases, candlesticks, figurines, caskets. Throw pillows can be placed effectively on sofas and chairs. Soft toys will perfectly add an interior. They will be suitable not only for a nursery, but also for quite adult room. You should not forget also about flowers from fabric.

Unusually poetically lace looks. It can be used in the most different places of the room. Elegantly the lace tablecloth on a small round little table looks. It is worth thinking also of wall jewelry. Gobelins - woven pictures are extremely expressive. They give to all furniture nobility and refinement. The gobelin becomes a peculiar emotional center of an interior.

Unusual jewelry

the Imagination of designers knows no limit therefore new methods of application of textiles in the house appear. Sometimes fabric meets so beautiful drawing that there can be a desire to insert it into a frame and to use as a picture. Some designers advise to arrive quite so. Similar ornament will be suitable for any style of an interior. The main thing here - to pick up fabric with the pertinent image.

There is a lot of options. The accessories made with own hands will give to an interior an originality. It is very interesting to experiment with textiles. It will help to place accents indoors. Bright strokes will recover even a strict situation and will lighten mood in cloudy day.

It is worth trying to try on on himself a role of the designer. It is important to remember sense of proportion only. Then the interior will become rather stylish and unique.