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“Uncontrollable 3“: war, will not come to an end popcorn yet?

Barney (Silvester Stallone) and others Uncontrollable met Conrad Stounbenks (Mal Gibson) who based once together with Barney team Uncontrollable again. Tells the charming tattooed skull on an internal surface of a forearm of each her former member about participation in team.

Subsequently Stounbenks sharply changed and from the desperate fighter for justice turned into the heartless dealer in the weapon. Uncontrollable have to catch it now to transfer to court in the Hague as war criminal. Stounbenks whom all considered as the killed needs to destroy Uncontrollable. That is task for destruction. Anything special, at Uncontrollable all tasks such. Barney makes new team because old... became outdated. And it is a pity to send good friends to a certain death. But, as speak about an old horse, he does not spoil a furrow. But only, on the contrary, decorates. Uncontrollable while they are living, cannot do nothing. It is boring for them.

Ever nobody collected so many stars in one movie.

- We made inhuman efforts to gather all actors, but game cost candles. Such actor`s troupe never was. The fact that at us it turned out to agree with all is just some miracle, - Sylvester Stallone shared.

And the producer Les Weldon added:

- Equally well it is possible to try to reach the sky and to gather the real stars in a bast basket. Planets had to be built properly that all our actors gathered in at one time in one place. It occurs not every day and can not occur in general from now on any more.

If to take into account that Uncontrollable are the superbrave, dexterous and not killed people, their enemies - faceless bad people, the angry and artful, in a word, “real enemies“ who sometimes samounichtozhatsya by tens from one appearance of Barney and his team in a shot, then the movie “Uncontrollable“ can quite be considered kind, humane and self-ironic. Adult uncles constantly compete in coolness and playfulness. Sometimes it occurs only in words, but all the same “in captivity nobody gives up“.

They are not able to tell human words because also they had long ago no occasion to tell “thanks“. They very much are afraid to be written off:

- I bought the ticket to final. than

- the One way ticket - it is better, than in anywhere.

From the words “in the future we do not have the place“ they amicably fall into melancholy. Well, all as at people. And are jealous of talented youth as children. Also is for what. The new team “Uncontrollable“ not only has superhuman opportunities and irrepressible energy. They are very competitive with old men.

- You will shoot some of them itself, - Barney “the youth instructor“ says.

And they keep with old men provocatively. Instead of respect literally offend veterans:

- Filter words, the old man! What, at nursing home is not sat?

Young people Uncontrollable perfectly own computer technologies, than successfully outdid old men. Which on the computer only watch weather. Barney, nevertheless, sincerely worries about members of team though “the marauder - the marauder“ externally behaves. It did not even undergo testing for compassion when the friend joked about presence at himself of a lung tumor. Barney periodically has such touching look that the viewer is sure, the tear rolled down. Just it was not included in the movie.

The movie “Uncontrollable 3“ - about the fidelity and friendship avaricious on words, not sentimental and self-ironic.

- You in vain with me departed.

- Of course, in vain. Even loonies need companions.

Or such dialogue which only in lips of the magnificent actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and in the movie - the parody to own movies, sounds thinly and harmoniously:

- And you what here you do?

- I the one who rescued all of you.

Spectacular tricks, fine panoramas of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Turkey, psychological duels of people against hand-to-hand fights do the movie by classics of the thriller and the fighter. Even the generalized image of the enemy with elements of the Russian military symbolics too is perceived by the viewer as would be to hold “classic“ because without strong enemy Neuderzhimykh there is nobody.

To describe star structure of the movie it is useless. The movie should be seen. Because after such movie, strangely enough, all real wars seem artificial, far-fetched and stopping as soon as popcorn reaches a limit. They are played by magnificent actors. Which do not want any war, except that which was played on the screen.

In roles: Jet Li, Jason Steytem, Dolph Lundgren, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mal Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snayps, Kellan Lutz and others...

Genre: fighter, thriller, adventures, 2014.

Director: Patrick Hughes

Country: The USA

of the Prime minister in the Russian Federation: On August 14, 2014

of the Prime minister world: On August 13, 2014

Duration: 02:06:16.