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How to develop thinking?

We everything think. It is one of the main differences of the person from animals - ability to think with difficulty with use of various words. Our behavior in many respects depends on our thinking. So, developing the thinking, we develop how we live.

What in general it is “development of thinking“? It is worth beginning here with the fact that ways of thinking - an infinite set. Actually, any intelligent combination of words is way of thinking. And about the same phenomena and events it is possible to think absolutely differently.

Example. Let`s say on the street solarly and hot. How it is possible to think of it? In - the first, as two offers back: “On the street solarly and hot“. Or: “On the street excellent weather“. Or: “On the street an intolerable heat“. Or: “Distinguishing weather for bathing!“ Or still somehow. And how we think of weather, our further behavior will depend.

But there is one problem. The matter is that usually we do not think of one phenomenon in the different ways. We always think of it in the same way - it what we got used to think, perhaps, in the childhood. And we never think that it is possible to think in a different way.

A little paradoxical situation turns out. Billions of people live side by side - and everyone considers the way of thinking unique and true. He does not understand that it is possible to think not as he thinks. Though people around often think not as it. And each of them thinks too that its way of thinking - only true.

Therefore development of thinking also is just in learning to think absolutely differently.

Try. Take any problem which you cannot solve long ago, and think of it in a different way. And then the third. The fourth. The fifth. The tenth. You will not find yet that way of thinking which solves this problem.

As a matter of fact, the problem also arises - that always from - for the wrong way of thinking. You went not on that road and therefore rested against the deadlock. You think in the wrong way and therefore you cannot find the solution. Though other road can quickly lead you to your purpose, and other way of thinking will help to understand a situation quickly.

Try to formulate a problem differently. Try to describe a problem in other words. Try to note other details in a problem. Try to look at a problem from other point of view. Try to draw other conclusions from a problem. Results can be very different.

You all the life thought definitely. This thoughtway led you to that situation in which you are right now. It is good if this situation completely suits you. And if is not present? Then you should beginning to try other ways of thinking.

Look how think (for example, argue aloud or on the letter) other people. Try to think the same as each of them. Try to study what ways of thinking are described in different literature. Try to invent the ways of thinking. Any of them can be suitable for your situation.

And that is also very important, do not get stuck in one of ways of thinking, new to you. Different ways of thinking are suitable for one situations, and - are not suitable for others. Therefore it is not opening of a “ideal“ way of thinking, and in learning to think most variously. And constantly to increase this variety.

Speak, successful and unsuccessful people differ only in way of thinking. Speak, happy and unhappy people think differently. Learn to think in a different way and, most likely, you will find ways of thinking which will make you successful and happy!