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How cook the Belgian chocolate in the city of Dubna?

Chocolate … A little, probably, will be people at whom at this word slobbers in a pleasure anticipation do not begin to flow. Ourselves are such so we know how it happens. Here you now also present our state when the representative of travel agency from Dubna suggested us to visit chocolate factory.

the Most unusual was the fact that this factory made not some usual chocolate, but Belgian, more precisely from the Belgian raw materials moreover and on the Belgian technology. Here it should be noted that Belgium is famous for great success in this tasty production.

We expected to get to big light shop in which air will be literally impregnated with magnificent chocolate smells and if somebody tells that chocolate does not smell then it means that it has just a stuffy nose. We - that are sure on all hundred that chocolate smells moreover so that crazy it is possible to go from its smell.

However we were absolutely disappointed when we were led to a usual house on one of suburbs of Dubna, is more faithful to the small porch stuck to a face wall of this house. The modest plate confirming that the so-called handicraft trade of chocolate called “Alexander“ is behind a door was sideways attached. Whether the name of the commercial director Aleksandra Harchenko was used for this purpose by the owner and the CEO of the enterprise to Thierry Petya? Let it will remain for us a small intrigue, we solved, and did not begin to point this question.

Behind a door we were waited by the apartment remade to the production room, but as it is impossible to get rid of main walls, traditional planning remained: on the left in the former premises of kitchen there is a locker room now, we there at once were invited, pulled sinteponovy caps on our heads, and only after that we entered in sacred Saints - the room where create chocolate delicacies.

We were in the usual big room, externally even not converted into the production room. A big table with the thick granite polished table-top, a small little table with a single-section oven and a microwave oven aside and the big refrigerator stood for some sins in the corner. Here practically and everything that was in this room.

Very friendly worker of factory - a shokolatya met us there. She told that it was sent to study to Belgium to this specialty after mister Tyerri Pete decided to open this enterprise in Dubna.

It turned out that the factory has the boutique in shopping center “Mayak“ that on Bogolyubov Avenue, and in the near future they are going to begin conquest of Moscow. However, for this purpose it is necessary to broaden production rooms and to increase the personnel.

Well, and then a beginning shokolatya demonstration of how from the ordinary-looking chocolate granules brought as it was already mentioned, along with all other ingredients from Belgium, turn out such charming, just you will lick fingers, candies. In the beginning from an import package small granulka fill in special plastic capacity, I would call it a bowl, and place it in an oven.

From time to time the master got capacity from an oven and showed us what happens to granules. Here some of them, being at the edges, began to become swollen slowly, process was thrown on their neighbors, and further everything went, as expected.

At last weight became uniform, and to a shokolatya, having measured temperature the special electronic thermometer, poured out it directly on the polished surface of a marble table as she explained, for averaging of temperature.

Using the wide pallet, as the mixing tool, the master within several minutes at continuous control of temperature, drove viscous weight on a smooth surface, but, eventually, returned back everything to the same plastic capacity, and then poured in the special container with the confectionery syringe by means of which filled a special many-placed form.

Well, up to this point everything was seemingly clear and habitual: melted, termostatirovat, poured on molds. And here then something began absolutely strange. A form turned also everything that with such works was placed there, ruthlessly returned on a surface of the same marble table, having left in shape only a thin layer which stuck to walls.

Surprises proceeded. The master got from where - that “from bushes“ in advance prepared culinary syringe and began to fill only again - only the released form with some weight, is slightly lighter than previous. It turned out that it is a stuffing which to a shokolatya, carefully tapping in a form to force out all vials of air, lowered in form cells.

The main processes of preparation of truffle candies showed us, the rest, according to owners, is not interesting at all therefore to us suggested to carry out tasting of production of factory, and somewhere “on the quiet“ cleaned a form.

It is known that to work without any mistakes in konfetno - chocolate production it is impossible, and by tradition marriage goes to visitors yes to personnel. This time we got it. At once, to avoid additional questions, I will tell, it was very much and very tasty: the gentle truffles in literal sense melting in the mouth dark and white chocolate in the best Belgian traditions and all the rest was rather tasty.

Just by this moment in the hall there was the Aleksandra who was driving off somewhere on urgent matters and began to tell us all story of creation of this production and prospect of its development. While Aleksandra told a story of factory, for us prepared a box with truffles. The matter is that visitors are offered to acquire production of factory at wholesale price.

Well, naturally, not one truffles make in “Alexander Shokolad“, the range of products which are turned out there is quite extensive including chocolates, on a surface or packing of which your photo or a logo of your company can be placed.

Excursion ended, we with regret abandoned the hospitable staff of factory. At parting even told many thanks to a portrait of the owner mister Thierry of Pete.