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Bakery at home. How to choose the bread machine?

the Morning sated with a smell of fresh bread - one of the finest memories of the summer vacation spent in the village at the grandmother. As there is a wish to repeat it! Alas, in the city we most often should be content with banal cut long loaf from the next epicure. And to go at dawn to a bakery in three quarters from the house to bring fresh pastries by a breakfast, - not the best option. So why not to buy the bread machine?

to the baker

the Bread machine, or the bread machine - the invention of the American baker who decided to facilitate to himself life. It is impossible to tell that it facilitates life to us, to ordinary citizens (to buy long loaf in an epicure everything - more simply), but what does it more pleasant and more tasty - absolutely precisely.

This kitchen equipment imitates work of the living baker: at first kneads dough, then allows it “to rise“, then again kneads - and, at last, bakes a fragrant roll. All process is controlled by electronics. You need to put only in the corresponding compartments necessary ingredients (recipes are usually attached in the instruction to the device) and to wait a little.

As a rule, preparation of bread, including mixing of the test, takes four hours, however there are bread machines with function of the accelerated pastries - they cope with this task in two hours. If the equipment is equipped with the timer with the postponed start (and I to you would advise to choose such device), you can remove the beginning of process at several o`clock - and to receive hot bread precisely by a breakfast or for dinner.

The bread machine is yet not so popular as, for example, the crock-pot - it is possible therefore not really there is a lot of distinctions between models. And it, it is necessary to tell, extremely simplifies the choice - to understand enough that you want to receive from such equipment.

For a start glance

On taste and color in a purse - that your desires coincided with opportunities. Range of the prices of bread machines today - from 2,5 thousand to 7-8 thousand rubles. Naturally, the there are more functions - the cost is higher. Also the price depends on a ratio power/size - the compact bread machine will be more expensive, than same on power, but more bulky.

Decide on the size. If you have a small family, you quite will have the oven calculated on preparation of 500-700 grams of bread and if you plan to feed considerable number of eaters - be guided by the weight of 1000-1200 grams. The majority of devices, by the way, provide an opportunity to choose the pastries size. But keep in mind: the more the maximum weight of bread which can be baked in the bread machine the more there will be dimensions of the equipment. Consider this circumstance and in advance estimate how many the place in your kitchen you are ready to allocate under such device.

Estimate a variety of the inquiries. If you want to bake only usual bread - do not spend money for unnecessary functions. Any bread machine, even the cheapest, provides several options: preparation of yeast or bezdrozhzhevy dough, baking of bread with crackling or with a soft crust and so on.

Another matter if you are going to cook cakes, Easter cakes, confectionery, - are for this purpose necessary specific modes of work. So, in order that it is elementary to add raisin to pastries, the bread machine has to have special function - laying of additional ingredients at a certain stage by means of a dispenser. Besides, functions of preparation of pizza, products from buckwheat and rice flour (so-called bezglyuteinovy pastries) and even jam and berries and fruit jams are possible. Especially advanced models are equipped with the container for yogurt - good addition for a breakfast.

One more nuance - baking of usual black bread. It can become for the device an impracticable task if it is not provided by its instruction. As you know, rye bread is not really widespread in the West therefore the majority of bread machines is focused on wheaten rolls and French baguettes. If existence fresh “black“ is important for you, take an interest in existence of such function at a stage of the choice of an oven.

Think also: whether you want to avoid completely manual skills, or you can sometimes indulge with house something more interesting, than a loaf of bread? If you choose the last option, pay attention to ovens with function of a batch of the test. Such equipment will help you to make dough for pelmeni, pies or cakes.

Also at the choice of the bread machine it will be necessary to decide on material of which are manufactured the case (metal usually more expensive, but plasticity) and a baking pan is more durable (steel - stronger, teflon - more convenient). And, of course, with design of equipment: if we buy such device to please ourselves, - let eyes rejoice too. And the stomach will be satisfied precisely!