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Pan with the computer. How to choose the crock-pot?

of Dream of “the clever house“ gradually become reality. Pressed one button - the machine erases, squeezes out and dries clothes. Pressed another - the robot - the vacuum cleaner leaves from - under a case and tidies up the room. Pressed the third - a miracle - the oven makes a lunch from three dishes and compote. the Last imagination remains to

not realized so far, but - two dishes modern crock-pots cope with preparation of one. It is essential to facilitate house work it is possible already today. It was necessary to choose the crock-pot.

the Pot under pressure

the Crock-pot is very similar

to a magic pot from the famous fairy tale, it only copes not the words “Pot, Cook!“, but the special automated system. In its basis - the microprocessor which for each dish determines the necessary temperature of heating, the volume of the evaporated liquid, a preparation time and other parameters. In it all crock-pots are similar: in fact, each of them is a saucepan with the computer. And further distinctions begin.

Similar devices are subdivided into two main categories: crock-pots which prepare without pressure, and crock-pots which prepare under pressure. A prototype of the first - a usual pan, a prototype of the second - a pan - a pressure cooker.

The crock-pot - the pressure cooker in operating time holds the formed steam in capacity, letting out it via the special valve in case of need. At the expense of a high pressure temperature of boiling of water increases to 120 degrees, so products prepare much quicker, than in the ordinary crock-pot.

However pressure cookers, as a rule, also are more expensive: if the ordinary crock-pot it is possible to buy all for one thousand rubles today (of course, the speech about the simplest model), then the prices of the crock-pots preparing under pressure begin from 2,5 thousand. To buy such there is a sense if you often have a need quickly to make a lunch. Besides at smaller time of thermal treatment products keep taste better.

But be careful when using the crock-pot working under pressure: do not open a cover at all, without having exhausted previously, - it is fraught with serious burns. However, some producers program a ban on opening of a cover in advance if in a double boiler the high pressure remains.

That to crock-pots without the “preparation under pressure“ function, they have relations with time opposite: the food in such “saucepan“ is cooked even longer, than on the gas stove. And if you do not hurry anywhere, then this option - for you. Besides, such crock-pot is safer: even the child will be able to open a simple cover, and without risk to get burn.

the Spoon by a lunch

At the choice of the crock-pot pay attention to quantity of the modes - their quantity at some models can reach several tens. But respectively also the price increases. Therefore think what modes are necessary to you, and do not pursue their quantity. Practice shows that on the same mode it is possible to prepare quite large number of different dishes.

As a rule, the majority of crock-pots have the following modes: “first courses“, “suppression“, “milk porridge“, “buckwheat“, “pilaf“, “pastries“, “yogurt“, “preparation on couple“, “warming up“. Pay attention to the multicook mode - so producers of crock-pots usually call the manual mode at which you can set the parameters necessary for a dish which is not in the list of the automatic modes.

Important function - a start delay. Many users of crock-pots especially appreciate them it. Load necessary products in the evening, establish a preparation time - and enjoy in the morning a hot breakfast which will keep up just to your awakening (and the crock-pot “will work“ as an alarm clock at the same time). After a breakfast wash up a bowl, choose a new set of products - and in the evening, after work, house you will be waited by a ready dinner.

The control panel by means of which the modes are set can be touch or mechanical. It does not influence quality of operation of the device so safely choose that which seems to you more convenient.

the Full bowl

differ with

of the Crock-pot also on material of which the bowl is made. It can be stainless steel or aluminum with an antiprigarny covering - teflon or ceramic. Steel capacity - the cheapest and durable, however the least practical: to it the food (especially dairy products) can burn, it is not really convenient to wash it. Besides “stainless steel“ does not love acid therefore in it it is better not to prepare dishes which recipe includes vinegar or a lemon.

Ceramic and teflon coverings possess good antiprigarny properties. However, over time these properties lose both that, and another - but teflon keeps them slightly longer. It is quite easy to damage these materials: teflon is afraid of abrasive cleaners, and the ceramics does not love differences of temperatures. If you plan to wash a bowl in the dishwasher - choose teflon, it is less fragile. By the way, with the same purpose it is worth preferring the crock-pot with a removable cover of a bowl - will clear it more simply.

Bowls differ also on volume - it varies from 2,5 liters to 10 liters. The choice depends on the number of eaters. To family of two people will be the smallest bowl enough, for a family of three - four people it is possible to take the crock-pot on five liters. The crock-pot of the maximum volume - for a big family or for regular feasts. From such “pot“ it is possible to feed 10 people at once. Keep in mind that total amount differs from useful: in a 5 liter bowl you weld only about three liters of soup, and the rest - the stock necessary for preparation process.

Also it is worth paying attention to the mechanism of heating of a bowl. The heating element is in cheaper crock-pots from below that creates difficulties at preparation of some dishes. For example, at the pie baked in such crock-pot the “ruddy“ crust from above will not turn out. A number of models has two heating elements - at a bottom and on a cover. However state-of-the-art technology - function of induction heating thanks to which the bowl gets warm evenly and a preparation time of dishes is reduced almost by a third.

When you seriously will be engaged in the choice of the crock-pot, you will notice also other details - less important for cooking, but creating additional comfort. A bowl with handles or without handles, the plastic case or metal, existence or absence of the voice guide - considering these trifles, you will be able to choose that crock-pot which will decorate your kitchen and will please you every day.