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How many the mankind needed to live? Volcanoes of

Volcanoes. Well what there danger? Tourist attraction! When Etna on Sicily fyrchit a volcano especially strongly, residents of Katanya are simply happy, it is more than foreign tourists - more earnings, life is better. Well, and what sometimes it fyrchit too strongly, and streams of a lava reach houses of people - that more abruptly an attraction, and people should be cleverer. However, the insurance will cover all, and they will build the new house far away.

Volcanoes and geysers of Iceland - base of the Icelandic non-volatility. Both electricity, and hot water. And - again - - the considerable number of tourists. Russians hide the valley of geysers, did not understand still deep sense of capitalism - sell all that is possible and buy on all this that it is necessary.

What else? Well was, was - in 2010 on Iceland a volcano with the unpronounceable name, some “there... kudl“ (sorry, looked, it appeared - Eyjafjallajokull; in what state Icelanders were when this volcano the name was given?) exhaled a heap of ashes too highly and planes had to fly about it. To noise - that was, to noise! Money how many superfluous spent! And but what advertizing! To both Iceland, and routes on this most, as it, well... “... kyudl“ (not in forces to torment the reader, forcing even to try to read this unpronounceable set of letters).

Well still Elena`s Saint banged a volcano. So when it was! And, in all honesty - how many there all suffered? And how many from them was idle gapers - tourists and how many locals? About an insurance for lost at home we do not speak at all. Same USA!

Krakatau - was such volcano in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra.

At the end of August, the beginning of September, 1883 of Europeans some especially bright crimson dawn and declines surprised. News then traveled around the planet slowly (if to compare to this century of instant distribution of information worldwide), but cable messages soon reported about eruption, about explosion, about the victims... You never know occurs in the wild countries! But in about three months in the European countries strange rains began. Water was dirty, it contained the fine ashes which took off from a muzzle of Krakatau at explosion, flew up even in a stratosphere and gradually reached Europe.

People always loved sensations and troubles - especially when troubles occur where - nibud it is far, at other world`s end. And here! Nearly three hundred cities and villages are destroyed! A tsunami of wild height washed away everything on the coasts near Krakatau! The pyroclastic stream crossed the passage, reached the coast of Sumatra and killed up to 2000 people there! Tsunami up to 30 meters high! In Jakarta located in 150 kilometers from a volcano an air wave beat out doors and windows and broke roofs from houses!

By the way, at explosion Krakatau disappeared. Instead of the big island inhabited by natives there were several small islands, absolutely lifeless. And in the 20th century on the place of a failure the island, then the hill began to grow at first... Now there is a small volcano, more than 800 meters high, growing in height approximately on 6 meters annually. We wait for continuation?

Explosion of Krakatau was quite in detail lit in the European press, and here about a volcanic eruption Tambora in Europe not especially wrote much. Though many Europeans living then faced consequences of its explosion - and is very strong.

Vulcan Tambora located on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa on the Lesser Sunda Isles, exploded in April, 1815. And this eruption was about 10 times stronger than explosion of Krakatau.

Just by 1883 in Indonesia there were already very many Europeans and the telegraph was already invented and widely extended. I do not know how in Indonesia - most likely there it was not yet, but to Bombay a line from Europe was already drawn therefore - that Europe and learned about the incident right after India. And in 1815 in Europe there was a war, and news from Asia went slowly, with a ship speed. From Indonesia - to India, from India, bending around from the South the African continent, with many stops - to Europe.

Explosion was such force that it was heard at distance in 2000 kilometers, on the island of Sumatra. The death toll is estimated approximately in 70. 000 people (more people there are simple at this time did not live). From among the victims of everything of about 10. 000-12. 000 died at the explosion. The others died of hunger and diseases - all vegetation died out, filled up with ashes, behind plants animals, and then and people died.

Europe did not learn then about explosion. But felt it on herself. The mass of ashes in a stratosphere caused global weather anomalies. For several years until ashes dropped out with rains and cold weather dissipated, set in. 1816 was designated in general “year without summer“, that year there was a terrible crop failure, in 1817 prices of corn grew many times over, the hunger which caused mass emigration of Europeans to America burst.

Yellowstone . The most famous national park. And in it - a caldera of a huge volcano. Geologists claim that it was thrown up by 2. 1 million years ago, 1. 27 million years ago and 600. 000 years ago. When he explodes next time?

People are photographed near geysers, have a rest and do not think that when the volcano blew up last time, ashes from this eruption covered a quarter of the present territory of the USA, and “the volcanic winter“ proceeded years and years, having caused in the huge territory death vegetable, and then and fauna. Only those who managed to escape escaped.

At the same time, unfortunately, against volcanoes the mankind did not think up anything yet.