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Pizhma. In what its riddle?

whatever you may say, and a tansy - mysterious and very useful plant. My acquaintance on each fishing remembers a tansy and every time forgets to dig in time, at the same time has a vague idea of an essence of its advantage in our life. However this fisher forced me more - to tell less in detail about exotic this plant to a wide range of readers. So, what is it - a tansy … I for the first time learned

From the grandmother Lukeryi of Ivanovna of Baklykova from Kirsanovka to Orenburg Oblast that the nice plant with a cluster of yellow flowers of the peculiar form reminding buttons or a core of a camomile should be respected and collected for treatment for diseases. Pizhma has a high firm stalk, beautiful and intricate leaves, quite tart and pleasant smell reminding camphor. It grows more often in valleys, in floodplains of the rivers, along roads, is closer to ravines, on glades and heathlands in the wood - in the elite it once and for many years places. Brightly - yellow flowers against dark-green leaves cause pleasant feeling for eyes and attract people. Children will surely decorate with a tansy the sekretik, lovers will include a tansy in a forest bouquet, lives near flowers elderly people will be glad. And the plant is poisonous , especially its inflorescences therefore it is necessary to handle with it with care and if to be treated, then under supervision of the doctor . It is possible to apply a tansy and in cookery, but strictly adhering to a compounding.

Draw on a tansy kvass . And recipe simple: To lower 5 g of dry flowers of a tansy by means of a sack from a gauze in kvass (one liter) for 12 hours. Then a sack with flowers to remove, add sugar to taste (no more than 10 g) and to allow mix to be defended within two hours. Everything, it is possible to drink and enjoy life!

And the crushed powder from dry flower baskets of a tansy use for aromatization of dishes from a game. Mix becomes so: plant powder (1 glass) undertakes and mixes up with the crushed red pepper (1 teaspoon). It is useful to add a marjoram and the crushed oak bark to it. This mix can be included in gravies and sauces that will impact to dishes original relish. By the way, in some countries of Europe and USA the tansy is cultivated as an efiromaslichny plant. Pizhma is added to salads, used at conservation of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. The objedeniye turns out!

As easy as shelling pears also fruit liqueur with a tansy becomes : To boil 10 g of dry flowers in water (0,5 liters) within 10 minutes. Broth to filter, add 50 g of sugar, to cool, mix with vodka and to insist two hours. And here the main thing - not to go too far because it is possible to be fond of special taste outright.

If you live in the village, have cattle, then it is necessary to watch that in hay and in a fresh green forage of a tansy it did not appear. Milk will be obligatory bitter if your cow or a nanny-goat uses this grass. And if refrigerators and deep freezes suddenly refused to work for you, then meat from them it is possible to store some time in the cool place, having imposed with the same tansy - so it sometimes use the people of the domestic North. Skilled veterinarians apply infusion from a tansy at treatment of diseases of cattle.

Do dye of green color of roots of a tansy. In the house where the tansy is stored, there are practically no flies, a moth, cockroaches, bugs, fleas. Gardeners save the treasures from wreckers by means of a tansy too.

Essential oil, alkaloids, pitches, tannins are found in a tansy bitter substance tanatsetin. In the people most often the tansy is called a wild ryabinka for similarity peristo - rassechyonny leaves with a mountain ash, and still - a glistnik, for what the tansy can effectively cure askaridoz, relieve of pinworms. Infusions of a tansy can relieve of a headache, an ache in joints, the lowered acidity of a stomach, to promote treatment from stomach ulcer and a duodenum.

In what a tansy riddle? And that scientists cannot “still put it into place“ in a close formation of the classifications. It - and there, and syam, and everywhere. The plants having similar names, but differing on appearance it are representatives of a tansy! I recommend to pay attention to a tansy ordinary with yellow flowers, it grows practically in all territory of our country. She - both the healer, and poison for careless, she is a defender of life of people, it help for the excellent culinary specialist and so on … Be interested in

in the nature, friends!