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Praise force or whether It is necessary to praise close people?

Each person, anyway, depend on opinion of people around. However, some people completely deny it. Especially, if it is about a negative assessment. But it is worth praising such person, he will hardly wave away from a compliment words: “To me absolutely all the same that people around think of me“.

As they say, the kind word and a cat is pleasant. Remember how caress hearing and load with positive energy the good and kind words told in our address. At work, at home, in the company of friends or unfamiliar people. The mood is lightened, self-reliance wakes up and there is a wish to make only good acts.

So why, knowing about such magic force of a praise, we so seldom award with it the family? Those for whom it is so important and necessary.

When the child grows, we praise him for big and small achievements. But later, when the child begins to make independent decisions which not always suit us, we are inclined to criticism or absolute rejection of its intentions or actions. And it is possible to praise the child for aspirations to new achievements. And already then, if it is necessary, to explain to him that this or that action can lead to undesirable consequences.

The same concerns also teenagers. Awkward age - serious test not only for parents, but also for the most maturing personality. Facilitate this period to yourself and the child. Look more attentively, and you will see all for what it is possible to praise the child even if at first sight it seems ridiculous or insignificant. Noting and approving certain actions and acts of your child, you prove that your praise not an empty phrase. It, first of all, your attentive and respect for its choice and the made decisions.

The praise in the relations between spouses is a special driving force which motivates both partners to new achievements. Begin with small: praise the spouse for an order in the car or for interesting game with the child; to the spouse - for perfectly ironed shirt or its new shoes. Will begin to carry out some routine affairs much easier and more interestingly, knowing that it does not remain the unnoticed loved one.

And, of course, it is very important to assess positively personal achievements and progress of the partner. It concerns both its professional activity, and hobbies or interests. Praises worthy all that helps your family and personally each of you is better to become. The positive assessment we can not only lighten mood to the relatives, but also open in them new talents, help to become self-assured, to see the new purposes and ways of their achievement.

Often we perceive actions of the people surrounding us as something self-evident. Also we do not try to glance in an essence of things. And it is frequent behind many of them there are some doubts, improbable efforts or even deprivations which are overcome by our close people. And it is unimportant that it: the first steps of the one-year-old kid, unexpectedly brought order in the room of the fifteen-year-old teenager or game of the father with the child who came back from a night shift. All this is praiseworthy!

You praise close people for progress considerable and insignificant. Let your praise will be modest, sincere and disinterested. Your approval is an incentive for the loved one it is better to become for you and world around. One kind and sincerely told word can change wonderfully the world around you. Look narrowly, and you will see that occasions to tell such word not so a little!