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In what advantage of fear?

Agree that each of us, in the most different situations has this paralyzing feeling. We are afraid to get acquainted with the pleasant man, we are afraid to tell something or to make, we are afraid to address audience, we are afraid to tell “ is not present “ we are afraid to leave unloved work, we are afraid to declare openly the feelings, we are afraid to offend someone, we are afraid of changes, death, an old age, diseases, responsibility, poverty.... There is no account to our fears. And work with fears - one of the most demanded in practice of any consultant, the psychotherapist, the psychologist.

During the long-term practice I had to work with the most different fears. And methods I know a set: it and an art - therapy, both meditative practicians, and kouchingovy instruments of research, and practice of understanding of advantage of fear, and vision of the back of fear - Love, both arrangement receptions, and technicians of the psychodrama. In total and not to list. Here and in a reinkarnatsionik practically in each immersion we face these or those types of fear. And every time opens a new side of this basic feeling.

Today I bring to your attention one more side of fear which revealed at immersion in the last embodiments by a method reinkarnatsionik with Valentina. One of inquiries which she formulated during preliminary consultation was fear of responsibility. Valentina was disturbed by a question how to find balance between the desires and fear to work.

B one of the last embodiments she was a healer, the healer. Also did not manage to help seriously injured as it was grabbed and burned as the witch. Most it is interesting that this embodiment has continuation in the real life of Valentina. Here what she tells about it:

“ If I was burned as the witch from - for the fact that I was a healer and the healer, then now I chose a profession of the doctor. That is it is possible to tell that I chose a profession of antecedents of the healer and healer, only modern “

A further we talk to Valentina about fears which are present at her life. By the way, the fear of responsibility how to find balance between the desires and fears was request for immersion. I transfer Valentina`s words:

“ What terrible would not occur in our life, further we are waited by something the best.

I came understanding that nothing comes to us easily and perfectly, it is always necessary to try, to work, to study something: to something through some books, to something - through some mistakes. Our way, perhaps, not so easy and fine as we would like it. But it is our Way. And these difficulties are given us to show that all of us - Strong. And fears are necessary to us as a certain balance that we did not make silly unconscious acts. And if you are afraid to do inadvertently to someone harm, or to make some most terrible act - that it finely that you are afraid. It means that you live that you exist that you did not lose “human face“ yet. Strength of mind helps to live with fear to us. And if it is fear something new - it is natural, all of us are afraid of changes because we do not know what they will lead to. Also it is necessary to go further, changes to the best or to the worst - it is unimportant. It is changes and therefore you did not freeze “.

Yes, it is valid, the fear not without reason is one of basic emotions of the person. It is valid base which once helped us to survive. And now, at the same time, as ourselves developed, also our fears developed. And having become more perfect (or more sophisticated) they continue to preserve us. To preserve against mistakes. And, when we realize this advantage of fear, we can invite the fear to dialogue:

- What you preserve me against? What good you want for me?

- I want that you made, arrived correctly!

- How I am able to do it? You can be my faithful assistant and the wise adviser?

And the fear agrees! Its main goal not to brake us, and only to promote the maximum development in comfortable and safe conditions!

And in the conclusion of this article I will quote Valentina about advantage of immersions by Reinkarnatsioniki`s method:

“ Immersion helps to understand itself that thoughts took the form. It is very interesting and informative. Sometimes we do not realize who we are is and who is who. And thanks to certain images to us understanding of it » can come;.