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How the cadet of a morekhodka stole Gipsy Roza? A strange story of love of

We with the husband, as a rule, took vacation in November - December and went to have a rest on camp sites of the Ministry of Defence. In one of arrivals on a camp site to Sukhumi we got acquainted with interesting couple: he is the captain of the first rank, Alexey Ivanovich, and his fragile, but still beautiful wife Roza. There I also learned a strange story of their acquaintance

Roza did not remember the father, and mother died when she was 5 years old. Behind it there arrived the aunt Mirella and took away it to Sevastopol. Elder sister Liouba was taken away by other relatives. When it with the aunt arrived to Sevastopol, from the city it was necessary to reach Inkerman still.

Mirella`s family lived in the big old wooden house where some more Gipsy families lived. Mirella`s husband was called Stefan, at them was two sons. Roza liked the new residence. Especially it was struck with the look opening at the sea. Roza could admire hours as waves it is lazy are rolled through stones, she liked to watch big white steamships and modest gray warships.

Life in Mirella`s family did not indulge Roza a variety. Stefan constantly vanished in earnings searches, two sons were much more senior than Roza, and she had with them no contact. Mirella was constantly busy on economy, but sometimes she got out with the friends to the market to tell fortunes to somebody and to earn a little money for a family.

Roza suited time to go to school. She studied middlingly, whether there were not enough abilities, whether there was no desire to trouble itself sciences. Anyway, it reached the eighth class on the three and the fours what the aunt was inexpressibly glad to. Happening in Sevastopol, to Roza saw that everywhere young seamen in white formenka and peakless caps go, it could not tear off a look from stately boys, they very much were pleasant to it.

Somehow the girlfriend on school invited Roza to go for dances in voyenno - sea school. In the evening on Saturday they moved on this action. By then Roza was thin, small growth, with magnificent dark hair below shoulders and surprising black moist eyes, as at a gazelle. They entered with the girlfriend the assembly hall, there played brass band. Girls constrainingly leaned against a wall, but long they had not to stand. The high handsome in the form of the cadet approached Roza and invited her to dance, she nodded, and they began to spin in a waltz. Roza hardly reached to it a shoulder. The girlfriend too soon was invited by one cadet.

They came back home after midnight. Roza got it hot from aunts for a long party, but everything managed. In the next several weeks Roza visited dances nearly an every Saturday, she already well got acquainted with Alexey, so called the young cadet. Somehow they agreed to meet in the afternoon when at it was discharge. They long walked on the embankment, sat on a small bench at a stone wall. Admired as waves are rolled on coastal sand, and talked. Alexey was 22 years old, next year he graduated from school. He told that he is a hereditary military seaman, his grandfather served in the Russian fleet, and the father took part in the Great Patriotic War. Roza listened and could not believe that such handsome and adult guy spends so much time together with her. She fell in love with him without memory.

Meetings of young people continued. Rozina the aunt grumbled that it is necessary to think not of appointments, and of study at school. Roza turned to everything a deaf ear. At last the spring came. Alexey ahead had final examinations. He was already given assignment to the Pacific fleet to Vladivostok. They could not imagine how they will leave. Roza cried at night, having been absorbed in a pillow, and Alexey turned all night long without dream in the hostel.

Alexey passed examinations perfectly well, the ninth class of school at Roza behind. She decided to run from the aunty`s house together with darling to the Far East. Having left at home all things, in one dress she forever left the house of the aunt Mirella. Alexey packed all the things into one suitcase, so with light baggage young people moved to new life. Alexey was 23 years old, Roza - 16!

On the road they began to reflect, what will be farther. Alexey on arrival on the new duty station needed the hostel. There was a question and where to put Roza? There is a girl, having looked down, told Alexey that she, apparently, is pregnant. The young man very much was delighted and told that now - that we can get married. Nothing will stop us. On arrival to Vladivostok they fast descended in the REGISTRY OFFICE, submitted the application, having explained urgency of registration. Alexey was given the room in the hostel and allowed to lodge together with future wife When we met by

Alexey and Roza, they were already married about 30 years. It was necessary to Roza very hardly, the husband constantly was in the sea, many times he was transferred from one base on another, and it meant that it is necessary to equip anew the dwelling, a lot of attention children who were born one by one required. Alexey and Roza had four children.

As stay on a camp site were long, we together spent our leisure-time: walked on the embankment along the coast of the Black Sea, we with Roza separately arranged rounds on shops. Time flew by quickly, and we should have left new friends. We exchanged addresses and promised to write each other letters.

Several years later the destiny abandoned us with the husband in Vladivostok. It is natural that we decided to visit Alexey and Roza. Such meeting took place to mutual pleasure. Roza was an excellent hostess, the table burst with a food. Then owners showed us family photos where they are depicted are young people and happy, their children, and now and grandsons. This couple managed to carry by and keep the first love through all life. As well as many years ago, they eyes in love looked at each other and slightly bantered. We were happy to visit this hospitable house and to be glad together for such big and close-knit family.

Gipsy the seaman Roza was the devoted and loving wife, remarkable mother and the grandmother