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How to prepare the potato grandma? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

the Dormition Fast, only in Orthodoxy devoted to the Virgin, begins on August 14. It the shortest among all others, but almost same strict, as well as the Lent. What the Belarusian peasants waiting for the Assumption Holiday ate? Undoubtedly, the same traditional dishes, as always, but prepared according to special recipes. One of such dishes - the fast potato grandma.

the Village Mikhanovichi - absolutely near Minsk. Despite proximity of the capital, locals carefully keep traditions and culinary recipes of grandmothers and grandfathers. Usually potato grandma, one of the dishes of Belarusian cuisine, most known in the world, plentifully flavor with meat and fat, but on the eve of a light holiday in Mikhanovichakh train the fast grandma with pears and bilberry.

Grandma, even meatless and fat, extraordinary nourishing dish. Therefore in fast days it is given, as a rule, to a dining table. For breakfast cook any simple squash, and for dinner on a table expose boiled potato in uniforms accompanied by cucumbers, vegetable oil and salt.

Though to grind on a manual grater of kilograms of the main ingredient - “potatoes“, certain efforts, the grandma - a simple dish will be required. Except potatoes it requires couple of average bulbs, about 200 grams of dried pears, 100 grams of fresh bilberry, a little sunflower oil (about 70 g) and salt to taste.

Rural pears which prepare for all year drying are a little similar to English “conferences“ and other commercial grades from supermarkets. But dried pears long are stored and possess special taste and aroma. Before using them for preparation of the fast grandma, pears presoak in water to return softness.

In order that “drats potatoes“, food processors are completed with the special disk “for hash browns“. But in villages mostly use the tool checked by time - a usual manual grater. Potato weight for the grandma, unlike a case with dumplings, is not wrung out, leaving all juice in potato.

Onions for the grandma are slightly roasted on a frying pan. On a cold frying pan pour sunflower oil, pour out in it small cut onions and put in the furnace.

Pears dry usually entirely, or cut on halves. Before sending previously wetted pears to the grandma, it is desirable to cut fruits more small. However, quite often they are used in that look in what dried in the fall.

The potato weight rubbed for the grandma is spread in a chugunok, add to it pears and bilberry, pour out fried onions together with sunflower oil, salt mix and carefully mixed. Then the chugunok is covered from above with the same pig-iron frying pan on which onions were fried, and send the grandma to pine in the furnace.

The grandma is baked in the furnace long enough, approximately of an hour to two, excess moisture will not be evaporated yet. If to put a chugunok is closer to fire, the grandma will not prepare quicker, on walls the chugunka will only burn slightly.

The same happens in an oven if to expose too high temperature. Optimum temperature for the grandma in an oven - 180 - 190 degrees. However, the burned slightly grandma is even pleasant to some more usual.

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