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How to prepare a shish kebab from sturgeon and not only? Traditional dishes of the Don Cossacks

the runaway serfs and robbers escaping from imperial punishment headed a century to lower reaches of the river Don where nobody over them was imperious. The first communities which began to call themselves the Don Cossacks were so formed.

As in the district, and the river Don was rich with various fish, they were fed generally due to fishery and assaults on wagon trains. Further for rich ulova Cossacks began to call tenderly and respectfully the river - the wet nurse Batyushka the Quiet Don.

I want to share with you simple in preparation, but very tasty recipes of fish dishes of the first Cossacks who still prepare in the Cossack families. Ways of preparation of these dishes differ from traditional Russian cuisine. So, four recipes of preparation of fish dishes on Don.

Kilyak (bream) salty boiled

the Fish salted in a root: fish is completely poured by rock salt so that air did not get, it is previously necessary to hammer into gills and a mouth of salt how many will enter. Not less than 10 days are maintained. Then we get from salt, we wash out flowing water, we put in the container with clear cold water for 2 hours. If fish strongly salty, we change water and we leave for 1,5 - 2 hours. Then we put fish in a pan and we cook to readiness. It is necessary to clean and clean it in a ready state. Marinated fish “Russula“

On 1 kg of crude fish to take

300 g of onions. To prepare a brine: we mix 1 glass of sunflower oil and 1 glass of 6% of vinegar.

(Preferably a silver carp, a mullet, a pike perch, a sazan) to cut the Potroshenny and cleared fish on small pieces (to remove the ridge). To salt and pepper to taste, to allow to stand 30 minutes that fish was salted. To mix fish with the onions cut by half rings, to put in a pan and to fill in with a brine so that completely closed fish. In 3 - 5 hours fish is ready. To store in the refrigerator.

the Shish kebab from sturgeon

For the Don Cossacks is very widespread food. The fresh-caught sturgeon is undressed, cut off bone outgrowths on each side, cut large pieces.

On 1 kg of sturgeon: 1 kg of the onions cut by ringlets or scrolled on the meat grinder, 1 g of a coriander, salt to taste and pepper. To mix everything and to put to the cold place not less, than for 4 hours.

In 4 hours we get marinated pieces, we clear of onions, we put on a skewer or we stack on a lattice and we fry on coals of 15-20 min.

sazanye Caviar under marinade

Caviar to wash out, roll in in flour and to fry slightly. To fry onions, carrots and a white root separately. To make a tomato zazharka of 2 tablespoons of the tomato paste divorced with water.

On 1 kg of caviar: 1 big bulb cut by half rings, 1 carrot cut by straws, 1 piece of a white root (parsnip), straws.

To prepare marinade: to add salt to 1 liter of water to taste, pepper black peas of 3 - 5 pieces, fragrant black pepper to taste, a tack of 3 - 5 pieces, 3 pieces of bay leaf. To boil all this 1 minute, to allow to cool down, to add 1 glass of 6% vinegar to the cooled-down marinade, then to mix with a tomato zazharka.

To put on a pan bottom at first vegetables, then caviar. If you have a large number of caviar, it is better to shift all layers. To fill in with marinade so that it covered caviar not less, than on 2 fingers. To zakipyatit all this on slow fire and to extinguish within 1 hour. To cool and put in the refrigerator.

According to the same recipe to mozhnoprigotovit also fish.

For today all. Bon appetit!


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