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Jamaica. What it is possible to regale on a miracle on - island?

Jamaica - the tropical solar country, and of course, here are the national dishes. The traditional local cuisine incorporated all charm and fabulousness of the island. Thanks to history at it there are motives of the Spanish and English cuisine (the island - the former colony of these countries), Chinese and Indian (at the expense of immigrants), and also African. Let`s present to

that we are travelers and the first time visited Jamaica. Morning, sunshine get into the opened windows of your number, sea air is filled with freshness, and the foamy surf of the Caribbean Sea is in the distance heard. On the street turmoil, there already began then locals suggest tourists to buy from them coco fruits.

Coconut milk has gentle sweetish taste and contains vitamins of group B, C, E, H. Manganese which normalizes sugar level in blood, the potassium promoting pressure decline and antioxidants is its part. Genuine coconut milk increases immunity, satisfies thirst, the metabolism balances and improves mood.

On the island a large number of coffee plantations therefore, having come into cafe, surely order to yourself a mug of fragrant drink grows. The Jamaican coffee is glorified for the whole world. He is brought together exclusively manually and subjected to damp processing. The very first coffee tree was delivered by Nicholas Louz in 1728, and at the beginning of the 19th century Jamaica became the large supplier of coffee grains. Today the coffee industry occupies not such big share in national economy as it was earlier.

For breakfast it is accepted to eat a national dish from like. It is national fruit which is a basis or an additive in half of local dishes. In 1793 the tree like (or as it is called still - Baligiya tasty) was delivered to Jamaica from the Western Africa. The fruit resembles apple or pomegranate superficially, with is yellow - a red thin skin. When it reaches a maturity, the beige pulp and black as olives, grains bursts and becomes visible.

Immature like it is poisonous, he is brought together only in the revealed state then cook and he becomes edible. You it will be given fried with vegetables: tomatoes, pepper and onions. Such breakfast is similar to an omelet and has nut smack. Still it can be given with fish and fruits of a breadfruit tree.

Interesting fact:

- Jamaica is considered the only place on the earth where eat like and where it is considered as national fruit.

For lunch it is possible to go to a local public catering (he reminds familiar to us KFS or McDonald`s). There it is possible to regale on juicy traditional Jamaican pies - pattisa. If there to come during the lunchtime, then it is necessary to wait in line in which there are more locals, than tourists. Airy, fragrant, gentle pies which and melt in the mouth enjoy mad popularity in all country. The traditional stuffing - meat, but on sale is with a vegetable, cheese, fish stuffing with addition of a large amount of seasonings.

In Jamaica the choice of meat not the widest, generally is a goat`s meat and chicken. The most widespread national dish - dzherek and a kid of a curry. Dzherek is similar to chicken - a grill. Meat is pickled in a large amount of seasonings and left to become impregnated for the night then fry on pimentovy coals (a pimento - the name of a tree) which smoke impacts to a dzherek original aroma and relish. Such dish almost continually is on sale and contains a large number of calories.

The recipe of preparation of a kid of a curry came to Jamaica from India. The dish is public, not really sharp, tasty and, respectively, popular. Meat is pickled with various seasonings and it is obligatory in lemon juice then it is fried. Give it with rice or beans.

On the island besides agriculture fishery is developed. A fish dish, popular in Jamaica, - saltfish. It is a salty fried cod which is served, as a rule, with kalaly (to a kalal it is similar to spinach), boiled bananas and bread.

Walking on the city, it is possible to buy unusual chips which are on sale continually. What unusual is in these chips? The fact that they are made of banana. To them hot or honey sauce separately is served.

Jamaica is called the homeland of the musical directions of a reggae and the Rastafarian. Therefore special attention should be paid also on rastafariansky food. It prepares absolutely without salt, meatless, without preservatives, without drugs and dairy products. It is paradise for vegetarians and something it is similar to a diet. Generally it fruit, vegetables, soy and other grain dishes. It is possible to find the wide range of rastafariansky food in any cafe.

Observing a decline on the bank of the Caribbean Sea, will - bondage you will think of pirates, and piracy loose life cannot be presented without rum. And the Jamaican rum is an integral part of life on the island. Therefore by the number of bars, beer and various bars the country is high on the list around the world. Rum is drunk here without diluting, from transparent glasses with thick walls, throwing only couple of cubes of ice. This strong and in own way original drink received the distribution in the 17th century.

If you not the fan of so strong alcohol as rum, then surely try local beer. The most widespread - ginger. The easy, refreshing drink to you will be served with a foam hill in a high glass. So, in the noisy bar, in the company of musicians and Bob Marley`s admirers it is possible to enjoy drinks and local delicacies before the closing of an institution.

Pleasant rest in Jamaica!