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How to choose the smartphone, the laptop or the tablet? Three simple rules

Regularly appear councils for the choice of the new device. And all these articles, and and on profile portals too, differ in absolute uselessness. Cnews, Mail. ru with the heading “Huy - Flew“, “World of the Personal Computer“ and other gadzhetno - the IT websites make recommendations it seems “To you Apple is pleasant? Buy Apple! Samsung is pleasant? Buy it!“. Plus still foggy reflections about “tablets for work“, “laptops for study“ and other general phrases about anything. And three basic rules at the choice of any equipment are known for a long time. Somewhere since 2012 can choose by

the device (the laptop, phone, the TV, the tablet, the phablet) and about two criteria needed. The first - the budget. How many you are not sorry? 15 000, 30 000, 20 000? Just imagine that the device will irrevocably break in few months. What sum you are ready to offer in this case? Any? Perfectly, buy nothing.

The second criterion - subjective, but only true. Choose what is pleasant externally. Not for gigabytes, megapixels and quantity of kernels, and it is exclusive for appearance. The device is pleasant? Meets the budget of purchase? Take! The most powerful smartphones and tablets periodically are buggy. And it irritates in hundreds times more, than slow work of inexpensive analog. Appearance of the device is the most important, believe. If not excellent assembly and a metal frame of my smartphone, then would throw out long ago.

Forget about brands. It years five as it is not actual. Sony and Samsung fail as often as Oppo, Zoppo, Texet and Meizu. In China Xiaomi left in leaders in sales and overtook Samsung. In the five of the most sold smartphones the Korean brand, in principle, only. Other three too local: Lenovo, Huawei and Yulong. Really, why to overpay for an inscription of Sony or “Yabloko“ on a device back when all details are identical?

Decided to choose the smartphone with the good photomodule? It is necessary to disappoint you. Today all smartphones are removed equally … badly. “Pixel soap“ will pursue you on the Texet tablet with a matrix on 1,9 Megapixels, Nokia 1020 cameraphone with 41 - m in megapixel and even on the last the android - a leader of LG G3 (equally, as well as on top models of Apple, Sony and Samsung). You want really qualitative pictures? The SLR camera - your only exit. Just you want to do photonotes for memory? Even the cheapest smartphone will approach.

For a long time it is time for parents to understand that computers in any of forms - a factor (a desktop, the laptop, the tablet) were never created for study. And nobody they for study are used. They are necessary for the Internet, games, viewing of a porn and a waste of time. In total! No eight-nuclear processor with the video card on 4 gigabytes will teach your child to physics, mathematics and Russian (just look on comments on the Internet as they are written and how many there mistakes on square pixel).

Therefore let the child honestly admits why it needs the computer. You remember a golden rule: the optimum desktop always costs in Russia about 1000 dollars without monitor. At the same time it is very desirable to assemble the computer most, but not to buy ready decisions in distribution networks. At the same time the child will master assembly of computers. Ahead crisis years, it is necessary to think of a profession in advance.

The laptop for work? Choose the battery. Only battery and anything else. Here at it capacity is twice more, but the display resolution and the keyboard inconvenient are lower? All the same take! All keyboards are equally inconvenient, permission to 13 - 15 inches grabs also standard eyes. As for the screen sizes, it is quite possible to work also at 11 inches. A certain optimum makes 13 - 14. The cheapest models have 15,6 inches. Is already increase in weight and decrease in autonomy of work more. There is money - take the powerful stylish ultrabook on 13,3 inches, there is no money - take the house-keeper - option with a size of display of 15,6 inches with the most capacious accumulator.

Capacity of the accumulator is decisive factor and for the tablet for travel or trips on the dacha with obligatory standing in traffic jams.

So, two basic rules: • we determine by

the budget of purchase on condition of loss / breakage of the device within 6 months; • we choose by

the most attractive model on appearance.

Ah yes! Is also third ! Ask yourself a question: “How purchase of the tablet, laptop, smartphone, video game console, TV will strongly change my life?“ If the answer or “Almost“, or obvious changes less than ten, then purchase it is better to postpone in any way “In any way“.

By the way, three rules work not only with electronics, but also with cars, apartments, partners in life, a profession and even presidential elections and national idea.