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Big money. And whether it is necessary to strive for wealth?

According to the ordinary statement, money do not happen much. And it is valid, practically all lack them. And is not enough as wealthy people on requirement who can appear literally from air, and to poor people on the most necessary. Only units are really satisfied with the level of the welfare. In society the tendency is noticed: the more the income, the requirements grow stronger.

If to me were given one million...

Honor with

each of us, looking at life of rich people, dreamed of that, as if there was a destiny if on our bank account one million dollars unexpectedly appeared. Usually the imagination draws bright prospects: to travel, replace a kind of activity, to acquire real estate, to begin to live beautifully etc. It seems that all problems will be solved on wave of a magic wand and happiness, at last, will come very close to us.

However we will reflect whether it is possible to consider these iridescent pictures objective? Statistically, the people who grew rich suddenly by means of a lottery or other ways, in most cases faced serious problems in life. At most of “lucky“ within several years families collapsed, there was alcoholism and other dependences, some died within 2 - 3 years. Paradoxically, but many managed not only to spend a fortune, but also to save up big debts. And only the small percent of the people who received the large sum of money could tell that their life changed for the better.

And we dream of one million … Why so it turns out?

Internal force for possession of big money

Big money are a huge resource which demands responsibility to dispose. It can be compared to the big ship. And whether we can operate it? Whether on forces it to us? If our ability to operate powerful system is not enough, then the system begins to operate us. And most often it can tragicly end, we are defenseless before a set of the new appeared factors.

And how one million? It is a huge resource. It is necessary to have internal force to bridle this energy and to remain a master of the situation. Otherwise, if the equestrian does not bridle a horse, it will be dumped on the earth. Pay attention that all people who have big money and which life does not collapse from it have very weighed and detached relation to the money. Money does not enslave them.

of Danger of possession of big money

If the person has no sufficient internal force not to become the slave to this resource, then numerous circumstances before which it will be absolutely defenseless will rush into his life.

In - the first, his own desires and defects which will be satisfied and develop by means of money and then will begin to operate the person and will be stronger than him. It can be not only thirst for alcohol, but also dependence on an opportunity not to work, hold special position in society, attachment for a certain standard of living or an opportunity to possess material benefits and much, many other. Many destructive tendencies can sleep in the person practically all life, but in special conditions have an opportunity to declare oneself at full capacity.

In - the second, big money begins to change the attitude towards their owner. It concerns also the relations with an opposite sex, and the relations with friends. In most cases the desire to receive an easy money begins to play some role in all these relations. And it is logical - to the rich person not sincere friends, but persons interested “to join“ money begin to be flown. It is possible to meet many stories how suddenly ruined people are abandoned by most of their so-called friends. Remain only sincere and devoted. That is why many millionaires are obsessed with thoughts that they are used from - for money. And it is not unreasonable.

Is it worth dreaming of one million dollars? It is worth dreaming, probably, and at the same time it is important to answer a question: and whether you need it actually whether you will cope with those difficulties which will bring money? And if all the same you dream, then it is important to realize that needs to be changed or developed in itself successfully to pass test wealth.