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What is the Finnish settlement of Huyakkala interesting by? “Pure tourism“ and human rights on the nature of

the Town with such unusual, picturesque name is located in the Finnish territory near border - between Torfyanovk`s border crossings and Cowberry. It is one of the most available on proximity to border of places where it is possible to have a rest with a family and friends at all seasons of the year, to find inspiration and to receive positive emotions from life.

the Settlement with the developed infrastructure has several residential buildings and hotel, is located on the wood lot near the lake Vyakevyanyarvi.

In this tourist season when unreliability of travel agencies brings to the Russian citizens unpleasant impressions, the organization of own rest by “savage“ became especially actual. We will also talk about it further.

What Huyakkala

is interesting and good Huyakkal`s

is an oasis of tranquility on the bank of the big lake and the pine woods; the settlement as a part of which only 12 houses, it is connected to Lappeenranta and Virolakhti regular bus service on the route 387.

Nearby, in Miyekhikkyal, the museum under the open sky “Salp`s line“ is open. Exhibits of times of “Winter war“ and “Wars - continuations“ are presented (1941 - 1944). And “Salp`s track“ more than 50 km long is especially interesting, having examined which it is possible to gain an impression about system of the defensive works of Salp developed for a stop of the Soviet army at this boundary (which it did not reach).

The smell of pine pitch and clean air as though are specially created for judges of quiet rest alone with the nature. At desire it is possible to remove a lodge here and to spend magnificent holidays in the original atmosphere of ancient wooden quarters, and also to use services of the hotel (like “a bed and a breakfast“) located on the bank of the lake.

On a local farm it is possible to buy the fragrant rye rural bread made on ferment, the first-class goat cheese and fresh vegetables. Among production made on a farm there are also delicacies, absolutely unusual to many of us: unripe, fried and “Lappish“ cheese, and also fresh house yogurt. In the fall here it is possible to buy even fresh moose meat.

Some delusions concerning Finns

In my practice happened cases when owners of hotels do not inform administrators of the websites which are carrying out room reservation remotely on the best numbers. Especially it concerns spacious and family apartments. You come, you are interested (communication languages - Russian, Finnish, English), and it turns out that there is excellent number at reasonable price.

Therefore it is desirable to book a room before a trip, but it is not obligatory at all. If not here, then within hour availability - 50 km, it is possible to remove without effort apartments even in “high tourist“ a season.

There is an opinion that Finns do not cut down own woods, protect the nature. Really, protect. But you can see the developed forest allotments practically in any Finnish province today. Distinctive feature: upon completion of works Finns - woodcutters do not leave on a glade of stubs, they root out them and accurately put “production wastes“ along the road stacks; sometimes such “warehouses“ have length to 100 meters and height - more than 10. with local population it is important to

of Feature of communication to understand

For possible communication with locals: Finns do not love if someone foreign without preliminary permission “enters their yard“ or will begin to photograph. Not to fall into an awkward situation, it is important to consider it both in Huyakkal, and in other places of compact accommodation of Finns. Best of all such option of acquaintance when you already have a mutual friend from Russia having communications with local population works; it is so easier to gain the confidence and closer to get acquainted with local traditions in farmer life.

“Pure tourism“ and human rights on the nature

Gathering berries and mushrooms in Finland is allowed by

to all. For hunting and fishing it is necessary to acquire the license. As for summer fishing, it can be made remotely - on the special website (with itself to carry listing of permission from the website about payment of fees). If the fisherman uses a spinning with a spinner, a front sight or other bait, then two licenses - state and regional are paid. And winter (subglacial) fishing, certainly, is allowed all regardless of nationality and the chosen place. The salmon, taimen, grayling, whitefish, pike perch, pike and perch - most often come across to fishermen in this region.

Cultivation of fires outdoors and even within tourist objects is allowed in the places allocated for this purpose.

Tourists, travelers “independently“, can spend the night under the open sky outdoors, in places with the general constructions (not the private territory), in tent or in the boat on an extent about two days. Longer rest or breaking even small (two - three tents) camp outdoors in other places requires permission of the owner of the territory which can be also a local commune.

At travel on a water smooth surface of lakes which around Huyakkala a little, it is undesirable to stick to the coast near constructions - closer than 30 meters. Under the law the Finn, the vacationer ashore, can call the police, having declared that they prevented it.

If the soul demands bigger scope, then it is possible to visit the supermarkets located in Virolakhti, Lappeenranta, Hamin and Kouwolie; they are in hour availability if to go on the car. But the main thing here not in shopping. Having a rest in Huyakkal, there is no wish to leave anywhere; here in all charm the Finnish saying is shown: “Let`s sit down and we will allow haste to pass by“.