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Totalitarianism of capitalism or as the USA it is similar to Oceania

Please, people, do not give to similar things (described below) to occur. Thanks for your attention.

It is a little about capitalist totalitarianism

the Instruction: It is the text of the person who lives in the USA and wishes to transfer essence present them Democracies and Freedoms after reading 1984 it is natural :). In this text there will be Many sendings to the book 1984 for the sake of what and it was written. It will be not so much about Democratic Socialism, Liberalism, the Soviet Union, fascism, and about analysis of forms of totalitarianism, as about our darling with you, companions, the country - USA.

This text is intended for people who treat the USA as to paradise on the earth with social justice and pure democracy. Also, for understanding of the text, reading of the book 1984 George Orwell is very desirable (Otherwise you just will not understand some things which I will not be able to explain you).


Disclaimer: In advance excuse for some grammatical mistakes if they are; I live in the USA already very long. And yes, if you do not like this book, I grant to you the right to hold back it in comments. ===================

As we can observe

, many large Socialist countries as the Post - the Stalin USSR and Denovsky China worked / yut is direct according to Orwell: Productions on war (even if it is absent) start up everything to make without making (cm Goldsteyn War is the world ) .

Only democratic socialism is really viable and really capable to be considered as socialism; in the return case, most often it will become the concourse of bureaucrats spitting on the people from the Eiffel Tower (all for Party, a miserable amount for the people). In case of Democratic Socialism, the people will be able to correct, change, or to overthrow such government, and in case of successful (for the government) totalitarianism - will not want. =================== it is important to

to add

that only democratic socialism, but not capitalism, will be able to avoid the open and/or hidden totalitarianism because the ideology urging be the slave cannot be for freedom ( FREEDOM - THIS SLAVERY ).

And in the theory, Demsots is better than capitalism for those that the oppressed people which are done by the Democrat - the Socialist state fought and struggles with depression, for the freedom against exploiters and is the conscious, devoted people, and they will not give the freedom acquired by heavy work. Practically, I will give to you an example of democratic capitalism on the example of the USA. As the resident of this country, I will sometimes speak we meaning the American state or the American people. Here couple of analogies to the state of Oceania:


Ministry of Love: I do not know

as on the street, did not see `screens` yet, but in it became the international fact that the Internet that includes social networks and e-mail, by phone, on any way of communication which can be intercepted, except unless openings of letters, you can and will trace, thanks to Snowden for an infa for a long time. You can be tortured, based on one suspicions, without any warrant because they consider that you are involved in terrorists, drug dealers, etc., as you already repeatedly happened, even with the famous persons. You can be kept under guard without court, allegedly waiting for court; some people sit in prisons such Makar for years and as a result are the innocent. Your statements can be exposed to censorship or are put forward as full idiocy by even more ridiculous people from the Ministry of the Truth with even more ridiculous statements as we can observe in information war of the USA - the Russian Federation 2014 (cm part about the ministry of the truth). The police works absolutely impudently, with feeling and - the fact indeed that they are higher than the people. They can detain and apply necessary as they consider, measures, even reaching extremes, with impunity, neosuzhdyonno, with national feeling of the duty fulfilled before the country. Generally, the police of thoughts and just police works day and night, trying to discover terrorists or mysleprestupnik as on the Newspeak. Conclusion: USA - police state.


Ministry of abundance. For those who did not know

, to the USA, the highest 20% on welfare (to TOP of 20% as speak in America) have around 70% of all welfare in the USA, and the highest 1% has about a half from what people from the highest 20% of percent have. All other 80 percent of people are distributed on classes and their welfare so further that the poorest 40% are left almost with nothing. This information can be googled easily; it is public information. I do not think that here a conclusion is necessary.


Ministry of the World: War is waged by

for world peace; we make a military ekipirovaniye and equipment for the sake of world (War - it is the world) and to make, but also not to make at the same moment (From Goldsteyn`s book), not to distribute to the people (taking into account our Abundance). Many will tell that in our last wars we, actually, battled for oil, but not for waste of money and so we - try to obtain something in our wars, but is not present, not so - that was. For your data, at the USA is (except Alaska and the oil fields) and there was a huge oil reserve, kept especially for war and/or in case of war. And war is necessary to us what for? the Conclusion: War is waged for the sake of an istrata of state resources and production (on Goldsteyna), and also annexation of territory and imperialism for maintenance of bourgeois interests by


the Ministry of the Truth:

the Official reason of wars, as always, is a democracy rating that besides reminds us our favourite book. There is only one acceptable ideology (or a combination of ideologies) - American, capitalist, democracy (Amkapdem). Not that other ideologies are illegal, but we never had any socialist president and something prompts to me, as will not be. Spasiboo to the Ministry of the Truth which dexterously trains young generation in either absurdity, or crimes of Communism (they will not distinguish from Socialism). At lessons of economy it not to be told about positive sides of Socialism and about scientific and executable Hugo option; only about its utopian versions and they dexterously brand them incapacitated and even not costing scientific studying in any to a measure. And at elementary school children do not learn history of Russia. No, Russia emerges when learn, on an example, about World War II, but on it only business also comes to an end. Only to senior (9 - 12 classes) they are taught something about Russia and teenagers at last learn that communism - this violent evil (Do not even ask why; they do not explain or explain what they were taught at school to what I already spoke about). From this we can conclude that it is watered. put in the USA no, not because the USA allows all ideologies to exist but because undesirable ideologies study as angrily and thus even if there are socialists, they are insignificant, and them to control needs is not present; the majority and so will never support them. Conclusion: The USA conducts impudent promotion of interests of the highest classes which, by the way, and feed them (Wall Street).


P. S. In an anticipation of comments in the spirit of The USA not the only thing the democrat - the capitalist state! I will answer what in Europe of which these people think in the government sits (sat, at least, to recent elections to European Parliament) many left-wing parties, and in France, on an example, Sotsial - Democrats sit for a long time in the government so the most right and the largest, for this time, the country, is the USA (apart from Russia about which you know everything as it is, probably).