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The size matters? From the cycle “Shuttle Baizes from Karpov“

my friend called Sim. The full name was Serafima Arvidovna, quite so she was called by pupils at school in Karelia where she taught English. What salary at the school teacher, you know. Here she also decided to be engaged in “shuttle“ business, and at her it became good to turn out. she Began

with purchase of goods in Moscow on wholesale companies, but then began to go abroad where we also got acquainted. Three already passed years since that moment. We understood that together it is easier to turn, here and we are wound on the world together. Somehow time she speaks to me:

- Listen, Roofing felt, the client here one sticks to me supposedly bring to me a beautiful carpet on a floor and bring. What to do?

- Not to teach you to me, but I would bring, of course.

Sima got used to do everything thoroughly. In the beginning she in Moscow on carpet shops went, studied the prices and communicated with sellers to understand where what carpets do. In one of shops on the price tag the country - the producer - Turkey was written. We knew that in east countries rug weaving is traditional trade. But in the same place handwork, and it was interested in carpets of mechanical production. And here it turned out that in Turkey such carpets make.

I saw couple of carpet shops near our hotel in Istanbul and even remembered where they are. Came it is time to visit them that we also made as soon as appeared on coast of Bosphorus. One of shops was near ours with Sima of favourite restaurant, there - that we also went.

Two floors, in windows showcase - the carpets rolled and carelessly thrown lie, generally manual, but also machine are available too. We come. Kovrov - darkness, everything is filled by them as here buyers understand, I could not understand, eyes at once ran up. We did not see buyers, and here the seller sat at a table. We entered, he right there got up and to us went, high, well put with a thin thread of moustaches:

- Hello, than I can be useful to you? - language is pure, almost without accent. But why they at once understand that we are Russians?

- As well you in Russian speak, is Sima conversation of the beginning.

- Yes? Thanks, my name is Moustapha, I am an owner of this shop, learned language on courses in Istanbul, probably, well we were taught and we tried. It is more and more Russians, now we stake on you. What interests you?

- What can interest the buyer in shop where except carpets there is nothing? - Sima after we were presented too told.

- Wholesale or itself home one, what is more beautiful?

- Why one, wholesale is cheaper, - all laughed, and Sima continued. - I want to try new goods, I think to buy from you, Moustapha, carpets “the Russian beauty“. You know such?

- Certainly, in Russia it is the most popular goods. If you look, in that heap nearly one such also lie, - and he pointed to the middle of shop. - The size two on three, color it is desirable red, an ornament ancient Russian.

- The fact that it is necessary for us, - Sima told, turning off a corner. - How many they will cost if I take couple of tens for test?

The Turk called the price. It seemed to us slightly overestimated, it is necessary to consider delivery and customs, it is unknown how these expenditure will be reflected in the final price of carpets after their delivery. Sima tried to bargain, but came across persistent resistance. After long talk Moustapha called us with himself, previously having called someone to the hall, and we obediently followed the owner.

In a big office after Moustapha by phone ordered coffee in Turkish for all, it began the story:

- Belongs to our family one their largest carpet factories of Turkey. My parents acquainted me with family business and opened shop. At this time in Istanbul Russians appeared. We got everything the most popular with you models and started them in production before emergence on them steady demand. We guessed, the first wholesaler appeared at once as on a warehouse brought the first party of “the Russian beauties“. It turned out that our firm was ready to flow of Russians. The Russian clients came, and I in Russian did not know words, it was necessary to employ the Bulgarian - the translator, and to me - to go on a language course. There passed about six years. You consider, I well speak your language?

- Well - it is not that word, I would tell - perfectly.

Here brought perfectly made coffee, a small small bottle of water and a liqueur glass of green mint liqueur.

- Thanks, I learn to read and write now in your opinion, it is difficult, it is easier to speak, than to write. The first wholesaler was from Arkhangelsk. It is interesting that this city stands on the bank of the White Sea, in Turkish “Ak deniz“, but and Istanbul too almost on “Ak deniz“ costs, however, you it call Black, it we have it White. It is symbolical, isn`t it? - and he smiled.

- Well, and now why I invited you here, we could and drink coffee in the hall. Look here, - and it showed for our back.

We turned and saw the truncated pyramid from carpets, about 30 centimeters high, the top carpet was much less on the area, than lower. I estimated that there about twenty carpets.

- The first client was a resolute person, he bought one hundred carpets for test, and in few weeks appeared again and asked a discount as he decided to buy two hundred carpets. Such orders happen infrequently, I decided to consult to parents and the next day told that the price I to it allowed the minimum, additional discount I cannot make, but it is possible to reduce the size a little. “The Russian beauty“ is a carpet of 2 by 3 meters in size, and so, if to reduce each party by 2 - 3 centimeters, the price will automatically decrease by 1 percent. He thought and asked to reduce each party by four centimeters. In this pyramid the full-fledged carpet, on it - with the parties reduced by 4 centimeters below lies, and you are farther understood what was.

- Every time the carpet became less?

- Generally, correctly, but not absolutely so. That buyer brought the size to 190 by 290 centimeters and continues to order such carpet. And in a pyramid carpets of all Russian clients lie, there is a lot of them, here and the sizes there is a lot of. So with what you will begin?

Sima resembled around a pyramid and asked that the batch was same, as well as at that guy, from Arkhangelsk.