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Why children need to read fairy tales for the night?

Ya think, in the childhood parents read to much for night of the fairy tale: Pushkin`s fairy tales, the Russian national fairy tales about a baba-yaga, about Kashchey Bessmertny, about Ivan the Fool. Thanks to these fairy tales in us the relation to the good and evil, to honor and justice, to courage and courage, to how to be a full-fledged member of society and to try to obtain the was formed in the childhood.

Now, especially since ninetieth years, during an era of promoting of all American, fairy tales almost do not read to children. Most often include the American animated cartoons where the child sees how just like that thrash weaker character, scoff at others and teach children to fraud and cunning. To take in an example even “Tom and Gerry“: a “instructive“ example as it is necessary to treat neighbors how to steal others and how stealthily to hurt another. But even it is not it, and that during the children`s period, especially till five years, at children the relation to our world, to people develops inclinations of behavior in adulthood are put.

Reading to children for the night good kind fairy tales of our Russian writers and classics, the parent acts first of all as the competent psychologist or even gipnology in relation to the child. It thus puts those values which since ancient times were considered the best in human relations at children. The parent for the child “God-almighty“, his words and its suggestion play a key role in development of children at an early stage. Therefore it is important to read the correct fairy tales and to tell the correct comments.

For example : reading the fairy tale “About the Fisherman and a Small Fish“, it is possible to comment on the fact that in life there is no goldfish (or a gold stick) who can give something free of charge. In life of everything it is necessary to try to obtain the work and abilities, it is necessary to read and study more, then everything will turn out and your life will be successful.

If you noticed at the child interest in something - to drawing, singing, playing musical instruments or something else, then it is possible to choose fairy tales with such orientation. And in comments when reading to pronounce the corresponding installations on motivation in this direction or to make necessary actions: to ask to draw, paint, sing or show how he (or it) fine plays instrument.

For example : when reading the fairy tale “Teremok“ it is possible to ask the child to draw this lodge as he imagines it. After draws - to praise and tell that tomorrow he will draw it even better and even more interestingly, and this night that will dream it teremok which he will draw tomorrow. Or to give it plasticine and to ask to stick together this teremok. Options set.

Also by means of fairy tales it is possible to develop memory, logic, etc. at the child. In passing it is necessary to pronounce the corresponding installations on storing: “You remembered now where we stopped, and tomorrow will be able to remind me where exactly, and we will continue the fairy tale from this point“.

Why the fairy tales told for the night give the best effect of development of the child? Before going to bed the kid is in a state it is similar to a trance, and in such condition of installation and suggestion affect any person better. Important all your correct installations on time of reading the fairy tale to fix next day and to check result.

Reading books and fairy tales for the night, you will be able to grow up the child the strong, confident and successful person. Wish it good luck and good night!