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How to make renovation of the apartment with own hands? Most often renovation of the apartment we do

by the hands. If you do not know what to begin with if you not the expert in the sphere of repair, then read this article. How to make renovation of the apartment is more better, spending less finance? How to process a surface before drawing wall-paper on a wall or a ceiling tile on a ceiling?

So, initially you need to be defined that you will repair? Walls, ceilings, floor? And what you will not repair? If your plans do not include repair of a floor, then you need to lay it a dense cardboard or an oilcloth not to damage a floor surface. Surely attach an adhesive tape a flooring to plinths that at repair of walls dirt did not get into small cracks of a plinth as then it is very heavy to wash up this dirt upon termination of repair. If your floors are laid by linoleum, then you can just lay it an oilcloth as linoleum is washed very easily.

Before gluing wall-paper, to glue a ceiling tile or just to whitewash walls and a ceiling, they need to be processed. For better repair find more time for processing of a surface of walls and ceilings. You do not want that your wall-paper later half a year came unstuck, and the ceiling tile began to exfoliate from a ceiling? Therefore at first moisten a surface (if it is old wall-paper or the exfoliating old lime), then wait for minutes fifteen - let the surface will well absorb moisture, if necessary moisten a surface once again. Then the pallet process the surface moistened previously (you clean off old wall-paper or lime the pallet). If after processing by the pallet you on a surface had any hems, then they can be rubbed an emery paper, having accurately smoothed hems.

Most often on walls there are switches and sockets before gluing wall-paper it is necessary to turn off the top part of switches and sockets, and on their place to paste a special assembly tape or a usual wide adhesive tape - it is necessary in order that there were no difficulties when you glue wall-paper. Upon termination of, just remove an assembly tape or an adhesive tape and fasten switches, and sockets into place. At renovation of the apartment do not forget about windows, jambs and doors. Before painting of windows it is necessary to remove old paint from a surface as after painting the old layer will shortly exfoliate, having pulled for itself and fresh paint.

Renovation of the apartment will be ideal only at high-quality processing of a surface of walls, ceilings and windows. Still your diligence and patience will be required. Send children to grandmothers, grandfathers or to summer camp, whenever possible, best of all (if repair was started in the summer). Place pets (room doggies, hamsters, cats) to the room where repair that they had not to breathe paint is not conducted. Then your work will be quicker argued and to children there will be a surprise, and it is joyful to see updated, I skin the apartment.

Also, do not forget that service life of your renovation generally depends on preparation of a surface before repair, and also with soul you worked or not!