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How to choose cream?

All face and body creams - are irreplaceable for each woman. Creams are necessary for protection of an integument against negative influence of external factors and support of normal moisture content. They contain elements for completion of special requirements of skin, for example, help to reduce expressiveness of wrinkles.


to manage it is correct to i to choose cream in a variety of modern cosmetics, it is necessary to read its structure. Creams with poor quality can lead to big problems. It is important to know that even normal skin can be subject to allergic reactions. Therefore before buying cream, get and test samplers.

Composition of cream

we Will talk about the main components of cream.

As a basis of any cream various vegetable oils, for example castor are used. Silicone derivatives quite often enter a cream basis. The silicone which is a part of cream instantly does skin smooth to the touch and gentle. But you should not think that silicone restores silkiness of skin. Its appointment - temporary effect of smoothing of skin and ease of drawing a make-up. It is also necessary to know that such cream often leads to obstruction of a time. Therefore at the choice it is necessary to give preference to cream without silicones.

For food and the solution of certain problems biologically active agents which are positively influencing processes in skin are entered into creams. Are for this purpose used olive oil and peach. In high-quality and rather expensive moistening creams hyaluronic acid is applied.

Creams for ladies after 30 - 35 surely contain a number of amino acids which effectively protect skin from free radicals. Vitamin C in structure promotes fast regeneration, restoration of collagen and deletes pigmentary spots. It is better for the women having chronic spots and inflammations on a face to use creams with specially developed formula for problem skin. For the solution of such problems are often used salicylic acid and allantoin. AHA - acids are applied in professional problem skin creams. For fat skin the matting is useful. Keep in mind that to use often matting means harmfully, it can lead to dehydration and, as a result - dry skin. whether

Are necessary preservatives?


to give to cream a trade dress, often use chemical dyes. Dyes can be the reason of an allergy. Therefore, it is necessary to buy means without dyes.

Hot discussions are caused by use of preservatives. Actually they are useful ingredients of cosmetics. Without use of the preserving substances it was stored only 3 days. However preservatives happen dangerous and safe. Qualitative antimicrobic agents are allocated from vegetable raw materials. Their safety is proved by numerous researches. Overwhelming amount of creams in usual shops of cosmetics contain such preservatives as urea, parabens in the structure. They can promote irritation of sensitive skin.

Be always attentive at the choice of cosmetics!