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How there are road relations? War of floors driving a car of

, most likely, did not remain Presently any more such sphere in which men and women would not coexist together. And driving of the car became for most of women quite obligatory thing for a long time. Having come to courses on training of drivers, among pupils you will see as much women how many and men, or it is even more.

However the road relations between men and women - drivers develop very prosy and sometimes is even sad. We abuse each other, we take offense, we offend and we do not recognize the obvious mistakes which could (or were) the cause of road accident. I decided to understand whether really on the road there is a peculiar “cold war“ where representatives of two parties are divided on a gender sign?

I addressed the friends - drivers (men and women) and asked them a question of how, in their opinion, representatives of an opposite sex behave driving. Girls, that surprised me, caused a stir in briefness and lack of a set of stories about men - drivers. In “man`s“ conversation the real polemic, disputes and a consent developed on the subject of how women drive.

It is necessary to tell that answers of a man`s half both surprised me, and pleased at the same time. After reading of several tens answers of my friends, having stayed some time at driver`s forums, I understood that men in general respect women - drivers. Moreover, the majority of them does not subdivide drivers into men and women, divides them on bad and good rather, and both men, and women can get to each of categories.

Individualists at own will

As showed to

my poll, most of all strong half of mankind on the road the female carelessness irritates. Simple, negligent and frivolous attitude to quite serious and responsible business. On the matter such comments met here:

“If to take female and man`s driving in comparison, then, in my opinion, women drive more accurately, but from it it is not less dangerous. Women have a priori other look and therefore they are less attentive and cannot expect some road situations. How women are painted driving, thought that it is only jokes, did not see with own eyes yet, standing on the intersection as the girl is quietly painted, at the same time it at her normally turns out (in sense of a make-up, but not driving)“.

such statements also occurred Among man`s views of a female manner of driving of the car: “Unfortunately, there are real examples of “monkeys with the grenade“: not only that drives in a pose of “teapot“ (when a chin over a wheel), or goes lying (a pier, look, I am an authority), so still at this time manages to sit in phone or to dig in a bag, at the same time prevents all stream to go, creating for itself not sickly stopper... Today, will allow I was made even to the girl of years 27 - 30, landing was typical: the chin over a wheel, a trunk in 3 cm from a safety cushion, a peak is lowered... Goes and stupidly looks directly, mirrors do not exist at all, as well as other participants of the movement on the parties, and both the word, and business - it needed to be reconstructed, and, of course, it went directly to me. Where you undertake such? “

From personal experience the car owner

Quite disturbing memoirs in this respect are and I, however, as an example had not a woman - the driver, and the passenger in my car.

Somehow I gave a ride to the acquaintance. In minutes 10 after the beginning of our movement it got lipstick from a handbag and the sharp movement which I not that to stop, could not even expect turned on itself a rear-view mirror. Having seen my look which hardened at the same time for horror, surprise and rage, she told: “All - everything, I return into place“ … More I with this girl did not go anywhere.

Also I got into a situation when the girl - the driver showed absolutely not female qualities. Somehow I stopped by in the very narrow yard where an opportunity to pass was given only to one car. Counter transport had to give way. And so, when I practically finished the driving through this yard, towards to me the category car the jeep with the woman of average years driving appears. And logically, it would be more convenient, more polite and more correct to give way to it to me as I did already quite big way from the very beginning of the yard, and it only - only drove to this yard, but the woman with absolutely stone and unemotional face showed me a middle finger in a window and stopped. Absolutely discouraged, surprised, with all the internal indignation, I did all way passed just a backing, having passed the impudent young lady there where it so urgently and strongly should have gone. the Reason for female pride Will be enough


about sad. In answers to my questions children stated also a praise to girls, approval and respect.

“If to adhere to stereotypes, then, probably, to the woman not the car, but the machine (sewing, washing) it is necessary to operate, but in life all in a different way, and there are women who normally drive and can even outdo any man - the driver“.

“Cause full delight of the girl which not just well drive a car, and understand them, their technical component etc. It is not obligatory to be the expert at all, it is better than any mechanic, it is rather simple to show to it interest when do you something on HUNDRED. I consider it very fine when girls have such interest, it allocates them from the general female weight“.

A still I understood that I am surrounded by really wise, polite and well-mannered people. How many discontent I would not hear to women - drivers, all male respondents as one, stood up for the general opinion: “In difficult situations on roads men should remember the main thing: what the woman did, it is impossible to offend her! It is not necessary to dare to stop nearby and to tell: “A sheep where you prt?“ I consider that men who so do show the nonsense and bad manners“.

the Serious spirit gives respect of people around

I Want to add from myself that some women need really to understand the fact that the car, as well as any device, has property to break. Something can unexpectedly fail, something needs to be supported at an operating level constantly, there is a list of certain works which the car owner has to carry out on the car from time to time. It is, first of all, your own safety, safety of your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. If you move on the faulty car from where the confidence will undertake that everything is under control and troubles cannot be?

In discussion also other reasons of negligence of drivers were lifted: “Now everything is too available, and everything can be bought including the rights... And in such situation about common sense driving it is possible and not to speak“. “Recently cases of drunk driving of women became frequent (there were already enough men). Many people do not realize that there are driving means of the increased danger both to the health, and to other participants of traffic“. to

It is expensive. A female look

the Majority of above-mentioned opinions was expressed to

by men. Perhaps, any moments from life of daily practice of the car owner do not remain with girls in memory, men as it was already mentioned, treat everything more seriously and, perhaps, these situations remember much better than girls. A weak half of mankind concerning this subject remembered only cases when wanted to get acquainted with them in a stopper, smiled, passing by, and “winked“ emergency signals after overtaking. Such memoirs please because it means that the girl driving can cause in the man not only fear, desire to drive off far away and somewhat quicker, but also pleasant emotions, desire to get acquainted.

In return I too then cannot remember any unpleasant situations connected with behavior of men - drivers on the road. I never suffered from absence of respect in this area, ordinary driver`s solidarity and mutual aid if that is required. There is a wish to believe that such relation I deserved own behavior as the driver on the road.

The most interesting that it is not difficult at all, the main thing - to show interest and partnership. To understand that you operate dangerous means. That you in the answer for the life and health, life and health of the passengers, other drivers and their passengers, pedestrians. The road - not the place for disputes, games and experiments.