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How to cut out a good fishing-rod from a filbert? Affairs of bygone days...

It now - one plasticity around. Or slowly the “glass“ consigning to the past, or more modern graphite, carbon fabrics (coal plastic), or the composite combining merits and demerits of both the first, and the second. And were … There were times when the filbert and fishing were perceived as those twins are brothers. You speak - “filbert“, you understand - “fishing“. And vice versa. You say - “fishing“, you mean - “filbert“.

a filbert - not only a valuable, highly nourishing and digestible nut. Same … Fishing-rods, best in the world! Well, in any case, were the best in those far times when the world did not know plastic yet, and the bamboo was property of the few city vypendryozhnik.

How many those fishing-rods were cut out... Every year. And when - and not on time for spring - a summer fishing season.

First of all it is necessary to posheburshat properly on filbert bushes. To carry out careful audit - as where will approach under a fishing-rod. Then to tumble down the pleasant trunk, being active as it is possible closer to the roots, a knife or the dedovy hacksaw brought with itself (“You look, do not lose, do not forget in the ravine!“). And so - the first, second, third potential fishing-rod …

As will collect them from heels, in the same place, without leaving an underbrush, to put them together and, having densely clamped one hand under the arm, and holding the second for radical part - to drag … Povolo - och down, to the ravine, being active behind as a big, dense whisk, the fluffed-up kroner losing in process of advance down, part of leaves and the breaking-off branches.

Went down itself, moved the precious freight - it is possible and to take rest. To roll about in a dense grass, to be thrown with palsy-walsy in couple of jokes, about quirky Petka and such ingenuous Vasyl Ivanycha:

- To sing. And, to Sing …

- Sho, Vasyl Vanych? - Listen to

, and the wild strawberry creeps?

- Yes you sho, Vasyl Vanych, a henbane ate too much? Or drank too much of self-race? From what it to a perepug the wild strawberry also suddenly will spread?

- Well, in God I smother also Ankin a machine gun! Again yesterday ladybugs ate too much …

I to blow up burst of laughter still before the story-teller finishes:

- Ha - ha - ha … God`s? Tyu - yuyu, durny. And yaky I yesterday in club chuv … Slukhay, boys.

Well, time went such conversation how here without smoke break? And someone already gets from a bicycle glove compartment hidden from a strict adult eye of the father or swear at a pack “Hunting“ and matches. That the first - right there went on hands and when it reaches the last there, - the owner of cigarettes already struck on a sulphurous, brown side of a matchbox, holds the palms put by the boat, hiding in them flickering rocking from neznamo, from where the appeared breeze a spark:

- Get a light, friends.

And in turn, the inclined heads, with the tissue sleeves which are already clamped in teeth - to that spark.

- Where? Where?. The third - does not get a light!

But behind easy chatter and the smoke break which is bringing closer to still unknown adulthood it is impossible to forget about the basic in any way - about for the sake of what, actually, and arrived.

- Everything, rose, boys. Give further.

And what`s next? you Take the pulled-out each of an underbrush a trunk and - forward, gradually moving ahead along it, a knife you clear a filbert of lateral branches and leaves. Here, it is ready. Whether only fishing-rod it? How in a hand? Not heavy? Well, on it it is possible to make also what discount. Through a two-three of days the trunk will dry up, it will become easier. And here how long the fishing-rod turned out? Whether also direct? If short or what obvious krivulina - throw back aside. No, it is no good.

Here on a result also it turns out that from what already cut off - cut and cleared, it is good if couple of trunks approach under the strict fishing standard. And even in general - one and only.

But … What you will make? Yes anything. A knife or a hacksaw in teeth and - upward, in an underbrush again to sherudit on already other bushes of a filbert, but with former severity - “it is good - no“.

And so - a two-three of times. Until in the ravine does not lie cleared, easy - on a hand, equal, the necessary length - that quantity which was required.

Well and as was not in time, - purely your problems. Time begins the people in good time prepared bechevy or a twine to tie the cut-out fishing-rods to a bicycle frame … In total. Be turned. And you should do the same.

Accurately that koml of fishing-rods did not support strongly a forward wheel, and vershinka - were not dragged on the ground. And - it is strong. And that will still be untied from jolting a cord and all your wealth directly on the road will fall out. Well, nothing will break. But even if you will preserve freight, then it is not enough to potter pleasures, anew pritorachivy fishing-rods to a frame and a back feeling impatient looks of all honest company.

- Give, Dove - and - ouch … Quicker! Still, as well as agreed, at the bridge it is necessary to stop, bathe.

And there - you look, and evening.

You drive up to the house, the sun almost went down to the Shmarensky hillock whose top and the strip of a sky adjoining to it were already painted in light-pink. From guessed on easy, waves of the rolling freshness, but still invisible small river important and sedately, quietly exchanging words among themselves, there are geese. And that suddenly will find on them that, will cry, hectares will cry traditional “there are hectares - hectare“, will wave wings, will run promptly forward, trying to fly up, adjusted by vague memories of wild outlaws and those Swedish geese that once flew to Lapland … Only the fuse of it lasts not for long

. Meters on twenty. At most - on fifty. And again - go sedately and important, quietly retelling each other in the unclear goose language the news which collected in a day.

The herd already returned from day pasturage and slowly disperses on the yards.

What Burenka, and what - unostentatiously and tenderly adjusted svezhevylomany hvorostiny in the direction of the house by someone from a trifle or the hostess. Already this slow process is interrupted from time to time on that what of animals stopped and, having raised a broad-browed horned muzzle to the sky, gave out basisty and lingering:

- Mu - at - uu … Came - and. Milk mno - about - oho.

Here also day flew by. Today - any more not to be in time. Tomorrow. Scaffold, hooks, sinkers, floats … Everything, all - tomorrow. Since the morning.