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At top of Everest or What it - to be perfect?

Not so long ago, enjoying singing of birds in park, I became the involuntary witness of conversation of two women of fashion who discussed article from the glossy magazine. Their dialogue was so interesting that I also did not notice how my attention switched to them. Article was devoted to wealth and volume as it influences human life, at the same time the hero of article told approximately following: “If God wants to punish the person, he does him beautiful, rich and well-known“.

“Aga, now“, - I thought. Excellent punishment from supreme! If I was so punished, I would not be against. Just it would be desirable to try as it - to feel sufferings from surplus of money, to bear burdens and deprivations of beauty, to bear intolerable weight of glory. Before eyes the demotivator from a social network where on a photo there are miners, all in coal dust - just from a face, and under a photo Bridget Bardot`s quote at once appeared: “To be beautiful 24 hours a day - the most hard work“.

Of course, there is nothing more difficult! Work of the steelmaker in a foundry is in general walk on a snow-white sand in comparison with a visit of beauty shop! How in general at such how Bridget Bardot, there can be problems - they are rich, beautiful, well-known? What it is possible to dream of?!

But from this day in my environment people from among those whom God punished at least one of these “terrible“ ways began to appear. And here at a meeting with one of such people, we will call him Ernest, I changed the opinion.

Ernest is rich, beautiful, young, leads active lifestyle, plays sports, reads classics, scientific works ancient in the field of government. But at everything at the same time it is lonely. Yes, at it there are a lot of acquaintances, friends, but it is lonely internally, it has no such person who could entrust the most intimate, to open soul. He lives in the downtown in the magnificent apartment. At its emergence in women`s society of the girl at first faint, and then feel that found wealth in the form of the huge chest filled by gold and jewels. To catch this treasure, they are ready for everything: to dig the earth barehanded! Everyone, without exception, represents how in its tenacious claws there will be infinite riches of the pirate Spad, at least treasures of the sunk Atlantis, that is dream of all women - rich, beautiful, sports, the husband and the lover in one person. All female cunnings and receptions - frank dresses, a make-up, legs, lips, sighs, silky hair, effective hairdresses, expensive branded clothes, knowledge of quantum physics and genetics - go on Ernest`s gain!

First it was even pleasant to it - an incessant flow of women, one is better another. But over time he understood that still that was not born one and only which would correspond to his person. From year to year new girls, more and more more beautiful, but, to its regret grow up, they become cleverer not, and what is cleverer, already lost the trade dress, and besides got a set of shortcomings. Someone steeped in career, and someone just waits for the prince on a white horse and does not use to it any efforts, at someone parents do not hold a high position in society. And as a result, it did not find the ideal.

Alas, the perfect person to be difficult. In my opinion, our life proceeds under the law of unity and conflict of opposites and small shortcomings, whether it be extra kilos, insufficient education - pulls together people: they find what is not enough for them in the soulmate. Therefore ideal people are, as a rule, unfortunate and lonely as they do not see in the environment to themselves worthy.

Here also it turns out that somewhere there, it is high on the mountain, over mere mortals where they appeared after God uplifted them and brought closer to itself - ice desert top, such Everest where it is possible to be only with an oxygen cylinder. The terrible penetrating wind, cold howls, below pathetic people potter about as ants. And when it will want simple human heat, around nobody is not present, another rich, beautiful and well-known - same lonely - is at the next top and carefully protects inviolability of the private life. Suddenly you did not reach the level of my top? Suddenly you are not so beautiful, young or rich? Suddenly your ancestors do not conduct the sort directly from noble surnames? Well is not present, to us, perhaps, you should not approach. Perhaps, we will phone.

Of course, in comparison with any celebrity, whether it be the cultural figure, the politician or the businessman famous for the whole world, Ernest is only a pawn against the omnipotent king on a chessboard. Only women, but not crowds of importunate paparazzi which are equipped state-of-the-art and before which the modern equipment of intelligence services simply smokes aside hunt for Ernest. All rich people are interesting to others while they are rich, they will have no state - there will be also no person who will bring a glass of water. Beautiful people grow old, lose the beauty that leads them to obscurity, and absence of attention from admirers - to a financial collapse. And here they are already afraid to lose “God`s punishment“. Satellites such people choose equal to. The cold desert of top of Everest lit with light of flashes of cameras, spotlights - here it, reality of celebrities.

If it is honest, then I all the same would not refuse to think of life alone onboard own snow-white yacht with a glass of the French champagne the Crystal in hands or know that my name already long time does not descend from the first pages of tabloids Forbes. But provided that I will return then back to the close, cozy, rather poor apartment, to the world of the lovely, imperfect, but loved by me people!