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Where children of a ladybug eat cutlets and why a mole blind?

Shmarensky hillock. Here the wood only begins to go down to the ravine from hill top. And that is also glad - substituted the grassed side to the tender sun. Here in June people of Earth - ki - and. Berry sea. Know, creep to yourself on a huge soft, warm green carpet and collect.

Three berries - in a mouth. Two - in the three-liter enameled dairy bidonchik. Or in a glass jar which neck is wound by a thin copper delay in several layers. And already the cord - the handle is attached to it.

Two berries - in a bidonchik, three - in a mouth. Or on the contrary. And after that in a mouth, - still a couple. To Vk - orally

A then - to lay down on a back, to stretch hands and to set up the person already to the roast gaining day strength to the sun. To close eyes and to plunge into the orange haze which is rocking to sleep you. Quietly. Only it is lazy the grasshoppers who languished from heat chirr on all hillock. Yes what ladybug, without having understood a situation, suddenly will creep directly on the person and, shchekotno touching pads, will move in research ecstasy on a cheek somewhere.

- Where? durashka? Now I will eat! Yes be not afraid you. Not terrible we. Give here, on a palm having given to

I a hand to the sun:

- A ladybug, depart on nebko. There your children eat cutlets. Distribute to all, and you are not given.

Well, fly! Fly, silly

Will bother to creep on a hillock in search of wild strawberry, it is possible a bidonchik where under a bush, in tenyok, and most down - to the ravine. There, from the sole of the hill to the road further - low, centimeters 15 - 20, the earth hillocks similar to mine waste heaps. Krotovina. The soil that throws out on a surface a mole when it digs underground the holes and the courses.

Necessary thing in economy. If it is sensitive lands from a krotovina to gather in a pocket, and then to strew on a forehead to a neighbour`s Dawn, then she will not butt any more. Vernyak. It is checked by boys. Of course, you should not lose vigilance. If to approach a Burenka, then only behind. You never know. And so - there is always an opportunity to define in what the Dawn mood and whether it is worth approaching closer.

Still it is possible to make a grist of this earth. Suddenly where fire? Then it is urgent - got it from a skhronka and run there where burns. If to throw the earth from a krotovina through the fire, it will surely go out. Here only when it still will light up And you will manage to forget, somewhere hid good.

Therefore it is far more interestingly simple to sit near these hillocks. To lie down in a grass very quietly, biting the broken blade, to observe. krotovin it is possible to determine the direction of underpasses by a chain? and if carries, then here, directly at you in the eyes from the earth as continuation of what already is on a surface, the new hillock will begin to grow, with even the damp, not in time to dry up under the hot sun soil. Now time cannot be lost in any way. Quicker to the fresh krotovena that without delaying, but also without forgetting about care, to rake the earth on the parties. It is better what stick. But if forgot to stock up with in advance improvised shovel, it is possible also hands. As the miner who is mistaken only once. Of course, a mole - not a mine, but claws at it - oho - go! If throws the paw on a palm - will not seem to

carefully, carefully a little About! Here it. A small roundish lump with beautiful dense fur dark-gray, velvety outflow. Short forepaws - shovels with large claws. Tail. The small, extended head without neck. The nose extended in a mobile hobotok. And the eyes closed by skin. Slepysh.

The granny says that the mole dug the earth on a big holiday, than and angered God who blinded him. However, not for ever. With a condition. Like, if the mole digs so many hillocks how many stars in the sky, then sight will return to it. Fairy tales, of course. Yes if so then to dig still to the poor fellow and to dig. How many krotovin on the ravine, and how many those stars? And there is no comparison any Here just to do

with it, angrily hissing and randomly rotating forepaws? If to trust neighbour`s Petke that lives through pasture, then if to hang up the mole skin in a stable, the horse will become strong and it surely will have a foal. Only we have no stable. On collective-farm, perhaps? So there grandfather Mocha. Maybe a whip to whack. Well it, this collective-farm. And it is a pity. It is live. And such Beautiful.

All right. Live, slepyshkin. The swarm the krotovina is farther. Perhaps and the truth, will open when you have eyes?.